Women experience many internal issues from an early age . Article by Joy wisdom

The Menopause is not an illness, it is the change of life. However, it may feel like an illness for some females. Women experience many symptoms that makes them feel very unwell from menopause. 

Lives can be miserable during this rather long transition. Every woman deals with the menopause differently. Being unique, it will come down to the internal factors, hormonal imbalances or chaos erupted v endocrine performance? How long lived with imbalances or body out of kilter? If we are starting off on the back foot with hormonal imbalances it can be a bumpy ride. 

Women experience many internal issues from an early age. 

Recent media exposure from Davina Mc Call programme has exposed the plight of women once again. Women experience issues from an early age from, menstrual issues, maternity, infertility, miscarriage, birth complications and menopause. Invariably females receive ongoing emotional and psychological issues that come with the adverse experience. Majority are left to get on with it and with no proper structure, lack of awareness continues. Education is mostly a personal education journey. Unaware of the full picture affecting women/girls, which is a long, long list. Unique to each of us and responsible for many of our ills and health issues in life. Essentially, women’s ongoing health issues are basically ignored, misunderstood and left to their own devices. 

Even less for menopause or preparing self for the changes to come. We put all our needs into the HRT basket. A one fix suits all. When it doesn’t! HRT and birth pill has proved a boon for women and given them freedom to choose, liberty of when they want to start a family/ pregnancy. 

When we come to menopause. Everything about us changes in full flood of menopause. We can feel out of control, helpless and hopeless. Efficiency and independence known previously goes out of the window for many of us. For instance alcohol will exacerbate hot flushes. Reducing intake of stimulants, eliminating alcohol is a bridge too for some women. Becoming a crutch at the end of our stressful day !

I have been involved with women’s health for over two decades plus from a personal perspective from my own menstrual, maternity and menopause journey’s. Forty years ago when I started my own menopause journey there was very little help and my quest was a personal tried and tested. As a clinical practitioner I paved the way and helped other women.

On my journey, I found somethings worked for a while, other changes or implementations didn’t. 

I found the best wary forward was implementing different segments to make change as my menopausal journey twisted and turned on the menopause process. It seemed the process outgrew the helping methods applied. We are all unique, and the menopause is not black and white, one size does not fit all. Essentially, dealing direct with hormonal imbalances is a fast way of lasting change. It is the logical way. Dealing with the core of our issues. Hormones. 

Helps by knocking out different hurdles of living, bumpy rides are smoothed out  of menopause process. Unique to each woman.  Some women need more assistance and many changes implemented, while others need less guidance.    Learning about the do’s and don’ts are a guide line. The menopause journey is long and unexpected for most women. Expecting process to be finished in a year or two! When it may take up to 15-20 years!  

What we eat and drink will change and affect us differently. Every level of us changes internally reflecting externally. Skin changes, body shape, what we used to wear no longer suits us. Hair colour lived with for years is wrong. 

A big list of psychological, emotional and physical symptoms will develop. Hot flushes are first signs and very distressing, we feel out of control and embarrassed from the outcome. We have no control as it is automatic from internal hormonal changes. Stress and anxiety levels can go through the roof. What we dealt with quite automatically before will push our buttons, feeling irritated or agitated. 

Meditation, relaxation is part of the jig saw however direct hormonal rebalancing is the answer to faster, longer lasting outcomes. A direct approach. With faster action changes follows.

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Menopause changes around the internal hormonal workings. 

No doubt HRT has made a big difference in modern society and a short term influence on hormonal secretions.  From my personal perspective and experience we need to change on a big scale. Food, drink, nutritionally supplement body support and hormonal rebalancing. A multiple pronged approach makes life easier and wellbeing is improved on a long-term approach. 

Taking a HRT pill  is not the complete answer. HRT does have proved body contra indicators when taken for longer periods of time. More prone to increases heart and stroke symptoms when on HRT.

See the information below the one million women trial 2003.

Millions of women have experienced the menopause. The condition and symptoms vary dependent upon the unique makeup of the woman. Lifestyle, eating habits, exercise and hormonal imbalances. 

The Menopause is not an illness, however it may not seem that way to the individual. Menopause is inevitable and occurs when ovulation stops. Additionally Progesterone/Oestrogen levels are compromised as progesterone levels drop. Peri menopause age is around their middle years, anything from forty to forty five years old. It does not follow if periods started early in puberty therefore menopause will follow early either. 

If a hysterectomy has been received menopause could kick in a lot faster, almost immediately if overtries are removed.  Early hysterectomy happened to me.  Endometriosis, Fibroids, Anaemic from constant bleeding and hysterectomy at thirty three.  Weak from loss of blood over a long period of time I had several iron prescriptions to build me up before operation. Haemorrhaging badly during op, it took me over a year to recover. It was the best option to improve my overall health at the time. I kept my ovaries, no periods and no idea how long I had before menopause kicked in. Which it did five years later. Out of the blue, hot flushes, periods of confusion, and silly incidents of loss of concentration all out of character. I felt out of control. Hot flushes took a while to get under control. 

HRT was fairly new forty years ago.  It seemed to work for a while then doctor stated it could cause contraindicators such as heart and stroke issues. Also showing early links to breast cancer. Patches were advised. A bit like the pill so many days on then for a few days no patches.  It was hormonal disaster. I was up and down with symptoms, constant hot flushes. Male Doctor suggested I stop the patches altogether… no idea of hormonal symptom upheaval I would suffer. How could he, he was a man and no idea of hormonal surges women live with. Theory and living is very different. I had to wean myself off using patches. GP support was zilch. I had to find alternatives myself. 

My menopause was forty years ago. No public information, and male doctors did not have a clue.  Believe it or not it was a lot harder to find information to help yourself in those days.

I had in depth research for myself. It took a while and I compiled all sorts of suggestions to help reduce the symptoms of distressing emotional and mental outcomes. Some women sail through the menopause, while others will suffer more severe outcomes.    

I knew if I had been living a hundred years ago I would have died from Endometriosis. We have seen the scenes, from Victorian times, women who lay on the chaise lounge most of the day, weak and unwell. Not living to old age. Menopause was rare in those times. The women who gave multiple births, ten, twelve, fourteen children, old before their age, worn out, body weary, life was harsh and majority did not live to menopausal age.   

Women live longer today. Menopause is a normal process in the twenty first centuary. Yet little is explained to the longevity of that process. HRT can be helpful for some women in the short term. Yet there are proved contraindicator’s found as in the 2003 ‘Million Women’ study by Oxford University. 

  • 2003 data was published in the Lancet under the title of ‘The Million Women Study’ (MWS).    

Trials were stopped half way through as adverse effects were proved early on. Stroke, heart issues down sides to the drug. 

  • Outside the UK Natural Progesterone cream has been used to rebalance progesterone and oestrogen levels for many years, although there are some doctors now coming around to the evidence supplied by Dr Lee from 2003. Unfortunately, not available on the NHS in the UK but can be imported privately from areas such as Ireland, Jersey and the Channel Islands.

I personally found correcting progesterone depletion helped just as good as HRT. Use natural progesterone cream (made from Yams). I found the synthetic version was not so good for me. 

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