Maternal loss

Maternal loss, couples Therapy is suggested for emotional maternal loss recovery.  

Joy Wisdom Trust has solutions and helping had in distressing times.

After maternity loss
: a woman, finds herself caught up with ongoing hormonal surges still to contend with.  Even though conception has ended, females will continue with hormonal pregnancy process. This is what makes it a longer and more devastating issue for women to come to terms with after miscarriage.


Hormones remind and continue to remind the emptiness felt after miscarriage.  

From JWT experienced view, women require ‘Hormonal’ rebalance after pregnancy loss. To help body complete the process started. In some cases, the imbalances can go on to cause more issues around conception.  Helping to release miscarriage trauma at the same time. Logically it makes sense to realign internal states for conception.


Maternal loss. Partners and family are not aware of spouses internal state or the underlying hormonal issues (unique to each female) a women can suffer.  Partner may be fearful to broach the subject, erroneously believing may upset partner if talks about the event. Misunderstanding continues as  woman thinks partner is less affected due to no communication!  


Little is discussed or understood as to the long term psychological and emotional outcomes affecting couples. Deep emotional scars.  Women can carry deep scars from pregnancy loss and miscarriage… even 20 or 30 years later very raw when talking about the event.  Still living complex trauma. Talking is not enough… we need direct action to dissolve and resolve emotions for couples to prevent health and wellbeing issues that can follow pregnancy loss trauma.  Trauma, devastation and grief can become a barrier to further success.


Joy Wisdom Trust offers miscarriage trauma and maternity loss solutions.

Helping women rebalance their hormones. Helping to reduce the hormonal surges that come with pregnancy.  We can’t change the past, but we can heal it. And it doesn’t matter how long ago. Hormonally and emotionally scars remain.  The scars remain, even if we think we have rationalised it in the mind.


JWT offers radical therapy solutions for trauma and anxiety, to help heal the wounds from baby loss, whenever it happened. Offers practical and educational structure. Lifestyle health checks to prevent and avoid the heartache of pregnancy loss.  Couples therapy after maternal loss is advised to prevent further disappointments. Packages are person centered to suit your needs. Stress avoided means more success in conception.

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