Magic of energetics by Joy Wisdom

I have just completed two-day workshop training on bigger picture of Magic of Energetics, completing 8-weeks pm LIVE digital training programme with a magnificent deep dive of new era skills and applications for correcting and enlivening energetics.


The 8-weeks evening training brought benefits of being able to fit more in to the day, jettison fatigue, cognitive and thinking is clearer. Abundance grows during the pm training, with skills/methods to improve with self-correction, detect flaws in energy. By increasing energy flow, we have our own power pack to support individual 24/7 smoothing daily life.


A wonderful exploration to deeper insights and actions in energetics and how energy constantly affects our mood, health and wellbeing.


The 2-day workshop was amazing profound and students were guided to investigate under power areas hidden from view. The content and reasons were various and examples, 1-2-1 explorations and deep dive factors found extraordinary.


Did you know that each of the 63 levels in nine layers of chakras can be out of sync ?

Having a knock on affect upon Auric interfacing and physicality, individual will, self-worth and confidence, ad-hock dysfunction, bringing confusion, health disorders and  mental health issues.  Affecting daily life and our life healthspan from cause and effect from low energy function. Fact is : The whole energetic system can be functioning at different base lines, with negative influences to Mind-Body-Emotion-Energetic wellbeing. From a health point of view and integrated function, we can be way off line in various ways and affecting health and life detrimentally.


What do you get by attending the workshop?

Solutions include skills to help yourself and clients.

Bigger picture understanding of our energetic systems and how we tick, with and without energetic support.. the realisations can be mind-blowing!

How to identify and correct energetics for self, family, friends and clients.

Manuals x 2 : 19 hours of pm training: 2-day Health and Energetics workshop

Energy is part of our unit giving/adding to system function and support

If we don’t include energetic knowledge into our understanding of health care we are missing a great chunk of information and solutions available to us on a daily basis. Energy systems supports and speed up wellbeing keeping us healthy in so many ways..  We only know what we know until we know differently!  Joy Wisdom


Feedback from professionals who have taken this training say.


The 8-week training, 20 hours have helped to feel renewed and refreshed, stable and more alive with having received deep dive new training. Anxiety and stress has dissolved, because working with energetics makes a difference in so many ways it is incredible how fast we can improve our lives, health and mindsets,  just using Magic of Energetic skills and methods at your fingertips daily.


Cognitive function has improved.

Energy is felt and increased daily using the skills and methods taught.

More aware, spatial awareness has expanded.

I can do more in a day and have the energy to do it.


Energy feels stable, I feel aligned and energised.

More positive and life has accelerated, smoother living and I feel sooo good.

I have a spring in my step with increased energy support and magic of energy education.


Knowledge is power, encompassed  with awareness, use your energy and energy magic knowledge to transform your life for the better. Bigger picture with management skills at your fingertips to prevent and avoid illness and mental health for yourself, family, clients. Interact and use all of you to enjoy better health and wellbeing!


What is there not to LOVE!

Check out website for more information on LIVE digital training and future dates.


I Love the Magic of Energetics


Joy Wisdom




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