Love brings humility - Seven levels of love to learn by Joy Wisdom

We have been on a learning curve of learning LOVE for centuries and Metatron message 2009 told us how bereft we were, shut down to LOVE…… ‘Many of our hearts were shrivelled and small from harsh living, wars, greed and atrocities to man’.

Love in the middle ages was very different to what we understand today. As a society, becoming more emotionally aware over the last two decades. Learning to feel, sense again, opening to LOVE.

Earth is learning love and compassion globally.   A whirlwind of experiences to awaken us to all aspects of love, discernment, humility and compassion for each other. The emotional openness, out pouring of love for the Queen and her 70 years reign has been immense. People are more relaxed about showing their feelings today. Males hug, unafraid to express their feelings.  Unheard of in the 1980-90s. We are advancing in sensitivities and feeling.

We do not associate Humility and Compassion with love, yet it is part of the many packages making up the frequencies, vibrations lived a combination approach, we call LOVE! 

From my view, humility and compassion remains a stumbling block in today’s society. People and even cultures find it hard to say ‘sorry’ and ‘forgive’ their past/present experiences… grudges remain, clinging to old historical wounds. When we live grudges and bitterness, it is us who suffer as it will literally eat away at us from inside, individually, culturally we will suffer physical (chronic disorders such as cancer), mentally (depression, anxiety, stress).  Economic issues, continuing to live suffering/poverty consciousness. The list goes on and see it playing out within groups, cultures, and global dissatisfaction. Blaming others for their own poor choices and situations.  When living grudges we also attract and accumulate karma… Karma means we will continue the ground-hog-day until we stop living negative conditioning give up bitterness and grudges .  Karma is a learning of what not to do. With lack of love we can become very stuck in repetition and karma. 

Learning more Human compassionate approaches
Unfortunately, internet and phone practices, algorithms are machines taking us away from human interaction.  An email instead of a phone call. Text bad news. Break up instead of face to face discussion!  In all responses it will affect the heart! A cold mind calculated response. Not a human response. The more we move away from human interaction, the more we disassociate with life and human feeling. Move away from humility, compassion and LOVE. Isolated, unaware of others feelings or needs, we become blind to life and reality. AI and machines give nothing, cold, numb, no feeling therefore no humanness involved. 

LOVE is a package with volume of parts. Gives warmth and feeling. It allows us to grow and expand with Honour and Respect, Humility and acknowledgement of self and others. We often fall down on giving from/to self. Ignoring self in the mix. Ticking boxes in other people’s lives. Yet not our own.  

Love gives emotions, it is meant to! 
Love keeps us alive, gives us  highs and lows, happy, sorrow, joy and tears from feeling LOVE. When negatively affected, especially close relationships, individuals hurts leave them afraid to remove their guard, fearful of a repetition (a mind condition/repetition).  

Whereas when living unconditional love, we can rationalise, see that the other person has issues, or hurt from love. Numb from love! When connected to unconditional Love, it heals our wounds automatically and allows us to move on. Love gives us ‘ZEST for LIFE’. We realise how precious life is and how we need to nurture everyone, including self to bring about a better world.

Much of humanity longs for LOVE and the inner peace it can bring to each of us. Today, we are continually revaluating love, learning new aspects with realisations of what LOVE really meansThe learning of LOVE with humility is a constant learning and we have seven levels of LOVE to learn and conquer.  The most challenging is unconditional love, especially for the self. 

If we have no comparison in our learning we only know what we know and LOVE can be very misunderstood.

Seven levels of LOVE to learn and achieve gold stars! 

  1. Physical level
  2. Mind
  3. Emotion
  4. Heart
  5. Devotion
  6. Inspiration
  7. Unconditional  Love

Physical Love some believe that sex is LOVE. Individuals become stuck in level one, (sexual) love. The physical act gives feeling and for individuals who are numb and cold, the only way they can feel something physically. Detached, living out in the cold physically. cold hands/feet etc. 

Emotional love makes us teary, with fantasy perceptions, swooning over a boy band or celeb. Emotional love comes and goes quickly, changing our perceptions around who we fall in/out of love with. Boyfriend one day lost interest few days later. Emotional love can be fickle! 

Mind love tends to be conditional. Heart and mind Love is quite different in levels 2-3.
Choices made from a heart centred understanding is quite different from the mind. Outcomes can be a million miles away from each other!  The heart will respond with desire and your interests at heart. Mind will default to conditioning, what we think we should do (taught and conditioned from family, church etc.) instead of what we want to do! 
Mind love can entrap us in illusion and separation. Leaves us cold and calculated instead of soft and warm. We receive heat and warmth from our heart connection; Separation, distance from mind love. 

A good way to test this is when we have a hug… is there feeling and warmth or coldness, a frosty air space between you? Frosty air space means heart zones are reduced/closed. 

  1. We feel more comfortable with people with open hearts living love frequencies. Their presence feels warm and embracing. We feel at ease. When engaged with Heart love it radiates warmth, melting our frozen world and ripples to those around us. 
  2. Frosty prickly energy will come from harsh living, abuse, shock and emotional dis-ease.  Lack of nurturing means we lose our instinct to nurture self. Detached, excluded from heart zones. 

The seven levels experience.

Is a fulfilling prophecy as LOVE grows it makes our world a better place to live. Brings a different understanding, realising Love is a two way street.  We need to feel love to develop LOVE. The more we develop the more we grow LOVE, more support and warmth we live, with abundance. We see the bigger picture with compassion. We see, hear, feel. 

Unconditional love is a way of life a 24/7 practice; a learning curve with compassion, discretion and humility, including the self is a new concept for some. Which our departed Queen used constantly, treating all she met the same. We can all take a leaf out of her humility book. 

Our heart zone frequencies (physical, energetic/etheric heart centres) work as one frequency, that reproduces in our physical heart. Heart Rthyms interface with energetics. Conditional love produces lower rthyms, while unconditional processes gives higher essence and resonance.  Overtime with individual progression, multitasking all seven levels at the same time. High and low percentages achieved. However, 100% experience is required to master self with gold stars! For example achieved 80% physical level one; 60% mind level two; 35% level seven, unconditional love.  

We may have love, compassion for others, but lacking ourself ? A crazy situation.  I find ‘Shell of Self’ living constantly with 1-2-1-clients, students, workshops. Blind to our hearts needs. Nurturing of the self is key to find/live LOVE. Feeding heart daily, unconditionally, to fully receive and develop unconditional love. When we don’t the physical heart will falter and shrivel. Conditional relationships break our heart.  HeART shrivels from hurts and lack received.

Empower yourself to love: 

When we forgive ourselves and others unconditionally, show humility, compassion and give ourselves freedom and liberty. When we find Love for ourselves; Openly learn to receive love from others, we grow LOVE and light within. Naturally support self and others compassionately. 

When living from the abundance of unconditional love we expand and life is sooo much easier. Giving an inner support we grow in love and nurture ourselves. Life experientially changes when we hold compassion and live LOVE from the HEART. 

Give this a try: Make it part of your day, before you go to sleep, sitting watching TV etc., 

  1. Send love to the self by placing our hands on our solar, sacral plexus to begin with, (where we store emotions) and send love to yourself, imagine as a light (as you turn on lamp) or feel rays of sunshine rays, (warmth of sun) filling you up. Feel the warmth and light coming into the body.  
  2. Once complete, move to the heart and do the same.  Practice as many times a day as you would like. The more you do it the more relaxed you will feel.

Our LOVE depletes when using/living conditional love.

  1. Allow negative experiences to limit our choices
  2. Hold resentments – rejection, abandonment, bitterness etc.
  3. Reject love for ourself and others
  4. Block/prevent/sabotage from receiving love or nurturing self.

With understanding we can make a difference daily. 

The more we connect to the physical heart and zones the more love we can activate internally and radiate externally. Send your love from the HeART daily into the world; locally in interactions and soften your world with humility and unity. LOVE is the answer to our prayers and a peaceful world. Practices such as think before you speak. Thinking how will our words hurt another? 

Vulnerability and suffering is a global issue. Make your mind up to be different and move away from poverty and suffering……. Find LOVE in your heart to support you through the day. You will be amazed what a difference it makes to you and those around you. 

Easy as 1-2-3 We can all make a difference today. Simple practices that will change your life for the better…. instantly. 

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