Loneliness and Heart Health

Loneliness, isolation, and Heart health


A study published in the European Heart Journal, found those who had less social interaction and rare family interaction were 26% at higher risk of having a heart disorder. Finding loneliness a factor to heart disorders and heart wellbeing.

A long study of 18,500 participants, over ten years. 


Loneliness is an emotional reaction. Study showed that loneliness has a greater impact on heart health than well known factors such as cholesterol, smoking, poor diet.


A new spotlight looking beyond ‘only physical issues’  

Showing high cholesterol levels, overweight and kidney problems increase risk of heart disease more. Interesting all participants had type II Diabetes however, the authors of the study, believe its findings would apply more widely.


Indicating emotional issues are heart felt and cause and effect happens on both a physical, emotional and mental level when we are living emotional impacts.

We are more than the physical, what has become more apparent in the last ten years is that emotional impacts affect all of us not just parts. It is a whole body impact. And just treating parts will not be effective. Whole body is involved, and we need to go backward to find the heart shutdown. 


By improving our heart function, we can improve our emotional wellbeing, improve whole body systems, accelerating, body-mind-emotional health long term.

Believe it or not physical heart function fed from energetic 4th chakra support in alignment with physical heart. Love hurts, grief and loneliness impacts are vast and close the energetic heart starving the physical of enjoyment, cause and effect emotional decline.

Bigger picture vision on HeART health is required to correct, enhance, with methods easing the hurt, grief allowing the energetic heart to kick start once again.  Ensuring HeART health.


Look after HeART and HeART looks after you.


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