Lions Gate 7-7-7

Cosmic Moments come and go. Please, do not let this Comic Moment pass you by.

Power-of - 3 - 7-7-7

In July we have a massive shift in cosmic alignment not attained previously.

Triple 7-7-7 alignments in July, are opening and aligning to triple 7-7-7 stargates. (Normally Lions gate is aligned to one stargate).


Once a year Lions Gate aligns with Star Sirius pathways. From 27th July -12th August.

Lions gate alignment is considered to be one of the most important Celestial events. Revered by the ancient Egyptians as a profound time of our celestial calendar. Over the last decade the influences from Lions Gate 17/18 day process have become stronger. In 2023 (7-7-7) event will surpass all previous outcomes, transcending anything humanity has ever experienced. 

Dates: 7th, 16th, 25th July 2023. The 7th of July (7-7-7) stargate portal opening literally starts the ball rolling in conjunction with a supermoon in Capricorn.

The three 7-7-7 July dates together with stargate opening is an unusual occurrence. A power blast of Cosmic proportions. Cosmically, universally a larger-than-life engorgement, of power advancement, heralding with velocity run up to Lions gate opening and eventual alignment to Star Sirius frequencies.

Light accumulation will reach a quantum shift in August, Lions Gate opening and Sirius Stargate, aculmination will activate ‘Divine Alchemy’ with surges of Solar energy in its highest form available to earth. During this time Gaia (earth) will instigates her own Solar living programme. Accelerating in Cosmic waves, from above and below. Humanity has not previously experienced such high velocities of solar energy before.

(Those of you who have trained in ‘Spiritual Makeover’ Power-of-3 programme, already have solar energy support, kick started in stage one: accelerated in stage II (Opalescence) and stage III/IIII (Galactic alignment). Dependent upon level trained and human heart acceptance of Solar energies 4th-6th Dimension. Attainment is Unique to all individuals. Where Power-of-3 reviews are essential to manage ourselves through the continuous upshift attainment to our full potential for Solar integration.

During the Full Moon on July 3, 2023, we began receiving an influx of Light from the highest dimensions from Star Sirius. The influx of July and August Light frequencies will be exponentially amplified during the Opening of the Three 7-7-7 Stargates.

Humanity and society will experience higher surges of energy growing experientially from 7th July to themystical opening of the Lions Gate on August 8th  2023. A matrix or apex of accumulation continues between.

8th and 12th/13th August.  Those of you who are LEO’s will feel potent energies and palpable excitement from the alignment.

A potency of Light of the highest frequency, year on year of Lions gate of cosmic proportions, humans were unable to withstand at a cellular level. Previously found it a challenge to accept and integrate Sirius evolved energy. It has been Gaia’s initial frequencies of her Solar Reality graduation helping humanity to receive from above and below enabling us to recognise and accept the new paradigms of Solar living. Made easier for all with earths radiant changes.  

The Opening of the Three 7-7-7 Stargates, numerologically will occur on:
July 7, 2023, = 7th Month – 7th Day – 7th Year (2+0+2+3=7)
July 16, 2023, = 7th Month – 7th Day (1+6=7) – 7th Year
July 25, 2023, = 7th Month – 7th Day (2+5=7) – 7th year

The Light flowing through the higher dimensions of the Sirius Stargate will ignite 5th- Dimensional Crystalline Structures held dormant for eons of time. Kick starting within our human bodies. New kids, and elders of Indigoes, various forms of Crystals, Rainbows, Cosmics, Starseeds will feel the full impact of Sirian light frequencies and Lions gate. 


Physical meets spiritual on every level.

Changing times we live are part of a mission activating the Latent Abilities within our Twelve 5th- Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA. Our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies are literally comprised of multidimensional technology. In the new paradigm we are accessing, we will be recalibrating our nervous system, our energetics, chakras, acupuncture meridians, acupuncture pressure points, so we can safely assimilate the brand-new frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline SOLAR Light, building in momentum and bathing Gaia’s new frequencies day-by-day.

Unfortunately, through life events and trauma, various crystalline structures some maybe out of sync with present-day Aquarian requirements. Our bodies may need assistance as we transend and interface the highest frequencies of vibration.  An integration with subtle changes will be happening. We have many dormant programmes of wisdom and skills not tapped into as yet. Lain dormant for eons of time. With the upshift of consciousness, now capable of withstanding higher Solar frequencies of Light than ever experienced through the Portals of the Sirius Stargates. Our bodies are being quickened. The NEW APP for living has arrived.

The 7-7-7 stargate processes are stages of acceleration, and individuals may often cause stress and sometimes feelings of confusion and anxiety.

Those who have trained with Joy Wisdom and Power of 3 have already kickstarted their crystalline bodies and transition is already in motion. In readiness for these times and future Aquarian advancements. However, the Schuman resonance changes have hit hard for some highlighting out of sync parameters. Corrections are required.  Joy will address this on the 8th of August.  

As we safely assimilate the higher dimensional Solar Light flowing through Sirius Stargate, the vibratory rate of our Earthly bodies are changing beyond conscious recognition.

We will feel the differences. However, analytical minds may not acknowledge.


Cosmic reality has arrived. 

It is time to acknowledge self, take a look at our own health and wellbeing. How analytical have we become? How compassionate and tolerant with ourselves ? Self-awareness programmes are suggested to evolve upwards, spiritual makeovers are required to move on without ancient ways, karma and limitation. The transition is ongoing and we need all the help we can get as new heights continue to push us to a tipping point and beyond.


  1. The number 7 tends to describe intellectuals, deep thinkers, philosophers, and scholars. Those who are aligned and live by frequencies of 7. Their souls are visionary and their way of thinking unique.


  1. Zodiac sign Leo represents sturdiness and pride known as the governing star. Leo people are forceful, autonomous, liberated, energetic, passionate, and exceptionally kind. For Leo people in 2023, number 7 is the lucky number.


  1. In both Islam and Judaism, there are seven heavens.


  1. 7-7-7 is the sign of Divine Guidance. Indicating Time to get rewards for our efforts.


Join me for an Aquarian spiritual makeover with Power of 3 the rebirth of the self.

Aquarian base lines are very different than Piscean age requirements…….. No survival, No fear, no suffering ….. just enlightenment and Bliss


I can’t wait to train you in spiritual advancement. Your makeover awaits.. helping to align to your Aquarian paradigms and Soul group agenda.


Joy Wisdom




Lions Gate evening 7-9 pm - 7th August 2023



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