Lions Gate and July energies

Pushing our buttons to ignite the hidden aspects of ourselves and re commissioning ourselves to receive a new tone from the Universe. Energies of July were focused on the Feminine energy of Creation. The opportunity to explore our unconscious and expanding our spiritual connection. Through ancient wisdom teachings, Cancer was considered to be a gateway through which souls originally entered into physical incarnation. Bringing the potential of ‘rebirth’ or a new starting point. An opportunity to honour the softer feminine principle of creation, influencing our feminine side. A much-needed expansion of feminine energy to restore balance and harmony, as we are engaging further into fifth dimensional UNITY consciousness. Retrograde: Over the last two decades we have had planetary alignments helping us to restore to original selves. Prompting us to dilute Piscean influences from ancient’s past. Each year the intensity is upshifted.  During July 2018 there were an unusually large number of retrograde planets bringing further emphasis of review, reflect and look within. With a strong focus on assessment of our actions and future direction in life, making us review what we take ownership and responsibility for. Giving a greater understanding of ourselves as a spiritual being. We are all engaged in the ongoing process of clearing the legacies of the past. Piscean legacies living in third dimensional polarity consciousness 'I' and all the patterns and emotional wounding relating to this, as we slowly come into COLLECTIVE awareness, to be released and healed. Many aspects of this have already faded into the past, however emotional attachment remains, perhaps through buried anger or fear, (this may be from inherited generational culture and lineage or could be individual). Either way the emotional still persists until the polarised energies are transformed, causing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTS behaviour issues and stress. (As described in book Mirror Image and individual solution via D.A.R.E therapy). Eclipses and Lions Gate, are powerful times to receive greater clarity and adjust in a direction that you might need going forward. Themes were strongly emphasised at the full moon partial eclipse on July 12th and the new moon lunar eclipse, (also known as a blood moon) on July 27th. Opportunity and incentive to attend ONE LOVE, Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing and intermediate stages, instigates New beginnings, clearing legacies via the seven levels of clearing, and key to us all - the HeART, opening the SACRED HeARt, the gateway to Solar Chakra living, giving greater intensity of change and transformation to all. Aligned with Unity consciousness. The HeARt (4thHeart Chakra) has suffered greatly, used as a punch bag daily from negativity and neglect of the self. The well of love and nurturing, being seeped away, left barren and numb in the process. From Quan Yin and Divine Feminine, LiGHt Healing techniques bring sustance and embellish the heart function, allowing a flood of love and nurturing to fill the HeARt and replenish the individual, 24/7 flow that keeps flowing, to sustain daily. August Lions Gate influences Each year, from 26thJuly -12thAugust the Lions gate influences arrives for each of us to receive new beginnings, enhancements to our lives and embellishes core strength. Used each year to bring change and advancement in our lives. In 2018, the Lions Gate is used to help us receive a new tone that will resonate with our 6thsenses, energetics and HeARt. Activations and enhancements set some time ago, (part of the 2012 package of alignment), just coming into fruition from changes in Cosmic alignments, bringing a new tone for us to live with. The new Tone, will resonate and activate within our 4thHeARt Chakra, (reigniting the 3-fold-flame). Helping to unify all three flames into one. Something that happens naturally in the intermediate stage of LiGHt Healing upshift via Opalescence and OMNI HeARt opening. Compared to re-lighting the gas when gone out. The 3-fold-flame is a spark of connection in our 4thHeARt chakra. Left as a spark of inspiration and regeneration when we came into a level of compassion and love. Used to activate and get us back to our real selves. From embers to blaze when we start to give, receive and accept love and spirituality. The affects from lack of love and nurturing closes the 4thHeart Chakra and affects the physical heart too, diluting health and living, in this scenario we become starved of love. ONE Love Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing helps to heal and refuel, bringing love and nurturing feeding the HeARt, a well to draw from 24/7.  What a gift Quan Yin has given us to receive and sustain every day. The yearly three-week Lions Gate portal opens via Leo constellation in alignment with our sun cycle of Leo, representing the Lion. The portal alignment to Leo, is situated at the Sphinx, Giza, Cairo Egypt. A place I have visited often and being in the ambiance of the Sphinx is a privilege and wonder.   Why we are often drawn to visit one of the wonders of the world. This year it coincides with the Three-fold eclipse series. July 12th partial new moon Solar Eclipse and 27th July blood moon and finally August 11th, with a new moon solar eclipse. Reflecting the 3-fold flame re-alignment. Each year the Lions gate runs from around 26-27th July to 12th August each year. A phase in and out of magical energies, used for greater transitions energetically, bringing marked changes within consciousness. Seen as a time of new beginnings in Egyptian times and heralded fertility of the Nile and adjoining land. The peak of Leo energies intensifies around 6-8thAugust. In the changes incorporated with planetary alignments 2018, powerful energies are extended to the 16th August this year, incorporating a New Tone being received on earth from the Universe, bringing an upshift and switch on for our Millennium children. The Crystals who have been coming to earth in small numbers with the Indigos in the late 70s-early 80s, with larger numbers arriving at the Millennia (2000). A time when children could come with a more sensitive outlook and tolerance to life, aligned to Christ Consciousness. The Crystal children continue to come, different groups of intelligence, consciousness and needs, each group different from the last. Some of us earlier Indigo’s also carried crystal elements to embody and activate when our consciousness or activation from planetary alignment was appropriate to each of us. The first few handfuls of Crystals came into life, late 1940s, 50s, 60s, with sprinkles in 1970s, paving the way for the Millennium kids. The earlier sensitives have found it tough in life, many have lost their way and retreated within. This is where the LiGHt Healing programme is a life line to help back into life with greater degrees of support and nurturing that is craved via the heart. The new Tone will be a mass awakening. It is meant to be so. However, it will push our buttons if we have been left wanting in life. Some of the symptoms can be felt as listed below. This is not a new phenomenon and very much felt in the 1990’s and early millennia by those awakened earlier. (As described in my new book Global Reach Earth Inspired. 2019 launch). Symptoms include: Headaches, feeling disorientated, nausea, up-set stomach, light headed, woozy, restless sleep, no sleep, excitement and/or dread, pressure around the head, 3rdeye, chest, and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Varying degrees will be felt and continue during and after the lions’ gate, as we each transition at our own pace. This is where LiGHt Healing programme helps to jettison and align faster in one-stop-shop. We who came before, are catching up to the millenniums highly sensitive level, and the 2018 New Tone will set the pace for on-going things to come. Upshifts have been constant since the mid 1990s, unfelt and unrecognised over the last twenty plus years. In 2018 we are all feeling the upshift, as it is in our face, helping all receive high levels of attainment spiritually, culturally, with our own and earths evolution. Transitions of you as individuals, to awaken to the real you and will be different stages for each of us. Our individual makeup is different and hence our awakening to the new age of Aquarius is transformational in our time. Sweeping us along with the times of change. This can be easy or a challenge, we make it so. With that transition we will feel it on an emotional, psychological and physical level. We will feel different, but it depends how we embrace those changes, is it exciting or dread or overwhelmed, can’t cope? We are living in exciting times although not embraced by all, due to our individual heart connections or disconnections, lack of love/nurturing or spiritual needs unmet. Holding us back, we are unable to reach out and receive. Essentially, a lot of the above will be how we have been conditioned, loved, bonded or not, inherited great, grand or parental conditioning. Not necessarily us, but limited just the same. The Allonus LiGHt Healing programme is very different to other modalities, it is aligned to sensitive needs and offers a full support system for Empaths, LiGHtworkers and sensitives. Which means majority of the population. The LiGHt Healing programme helps individuals to receive in a new way, supports and meets needs in their transition. As a parent of the new children we need to clean up our legacy from culture and lineage and the Allonus Light healing programme works from inside out to help individuals to attain faster, ensuring a safer environment for our delicate children. We are the clean-up teams, here to remove generations of lack, helping to clear the way from the Piscean legacies of harshness into the Aquarian age of LOVE, abundance, peace and tranquillity. I was sent a quote recently, that said. ‘Go easy on yourself, you are clearing thousands of years of outdated conditioning’ How true and in alignment with what I have been saying for the last decade. Daily, I find people hold historical issues that are not theirs but live inherited emotions, behaviour and choices just the same! I have developed tools called D.A.R.E that are affective on a one-to-one basis,  in removal and dilution of inherited historical issues, emotional and psychological imbalances, that makes it easy to eliminate other’s past influences in this life. Clearing the way forward for our children to live in a better world. Essentially, the Universe and planetary alignments are telling us, the buck stops here with us. Our children are not going to do it for us, however, they will push our buttons to get it right. Allonus LiGHt Healing programme is open to anyone. It is a unique support system for the ongoing transition of planetary change as it is aligned with Aquarian changes and needs of the people.  Incorporates consciousness change, from Unity, Collective to Galactic Consciousness. What a gift from the Divine Feminine. No previous experience required. All you have to do is turn up and receive. Eradicate the pain and embrace life, with expansion of the HeARt. The HeARt is the heart of the matter, key to our enjoyment and peace in life. Without the heart we cannot receive. Check out website & facebook for further dates. See website for D.A.R.E training. Books are available from website, Amazon and good bookshops. E-Books available. Founder Joy Wisdom A leading LIGHT for the Aquarian age. Paving the way for improved Health, Happiness and future Destiny. Author, Transformational Tutor, Inspirational Speaker, Talks and Seminars. Founder of Allonus LiGHt Healing programme & Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) practitioners Body/Mind/Emotional Therapy programme.
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