Lions Gate and Diamond InGuz LiGHt Healing.

Lions Gate and Diamond InGuz LiGHt Healing. 

August is a definitive time as the yearly ‘Lions Gate’ activation opens around the 21st July and closes anything from 7th to 14th August dependent upon the volume and cosmic extensions required. Ancient Egyptians knew this cosmic period was a pivotal time and aware of great changes that could occur during this period of the gate opening.

Over the decades I have noticed many changes during the gates opening becoming stronger each year. Notably energetic advancements, which have been and continue to be transformational. In 2021 we are experiencing amazing advancements from the work and planning arranged previously and we have come a long way since we entered the twenties (2000) kick started many processes some of which are still playing out and compared to a domino effect brings acceleration and speed of transformational times. 

2007 - 2011 were pivotal time as we entered into new territory from the activations of the Diamond Grid. Changes would be profound and enlightening from new exciting energies from the past forming into our future. Exquisite energies which would rebirth us to new living.

On 12th August 2009 Celia Fenn shared her channeling from Archangel Michael  ‘Rebirthing into the Diamond LiGHt Activating the Cosmic Christ Energy on earth’.

In 2009 Celia reported the Seeds of Diamond Light were activated within the hearts of the human collective, the goal …each individual would receive ‘Grace and blessings of the Cosmic Christ Energy’ into their being. Those who held an open heart received automatically. Those who held a closed heart chakra or disconnected/ shutdown from trauma, shock grief etc., (living from numbness) challenges would occur. One of the reasons why Power-of-3 fist stage Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing  was brought to earth plane to support and help accelerate awakening, aligning to the Divine Plan and Soul living.

Diamond LiGHt activation of 2009 came via Ascension portals on earth, activating Crystal Grids legacies of ancients Avatars leaving seeds of consciousness carrying Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Creating energies of Harmony, Unity and Oneness with energies of Joy, Peace and Unconditional Love. Manifesting support, for the New Aquarian Earth age and creation of the Cosmic Bridge or Star Fields of LiGHt. That flows from the Universal Cosmic Heart to earth through the Cosmic portals of heaven and earth.

Reading Celia’s message in 2011 made me realise Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing, which holds the Diamond LiGHt Flame was being entwined in many ways as we connect individuals to the fantastic energies of Diamond Inguz LiGHt Energy (DILH).

AA Michael goes on to explain – “The Diamond LiGHt increases intensity into the individuals LiGHt bodies allowing transmition of spiritual LiGHt like a brilliant cut diamond. Activating and stimulating the Pineal Gland, making biochemical changes within.  Having a knock-on effect to the Pituitary gland allowing LiGHt quotient increase within the nervous system. Once Diamond Light has been received it allows rewiring of the Sacral and Heart Chakra’s as the Diamond Light will blast through any stuck or repressed emotions. A process of deep clearing and purging for energetics and physical body helping to eliminate baggage and barriers held within.   The energy goes on to align personal and creative energies of the HeARt.”

Exactly what DILH does – clears and transmutes negativity filters out and stops absorption. High vibrational frequencies help to dilute absorption within. Diluting negativity compared to the waste bin overflowing makes space new acceleration accumulates (as we clear emotions in DILH course time). By emptying emotional baggage heldwithin, the vessel (physical), changes allowing more space to receive new (LiGHt), making way for new positive emotions, feelings of Joy, Peace at a deeper level. A sense of wellbeing Aliveness follows, the Heart energises, fatigue dissolves, singing from DILH frequencies, new support to daily living. 

On a physical level individuals start to shine as fed by high vibrational frequencies integration on all levels.  Biochemical changes take place as the conversion automatically enhances nervous and endocrine systems (including the Pituitary and Pineal) realigned and activated to new levels of working with the LiGHt quotient v DILH connections held within. 

The more LiGHt we receive and embody has a knock-on effect, activating Chakra Love crystals and plasma. Bringing new internal consciousness that kick starts processes lain dormant for eons. Awakens and supports us from inside out. Feeding LiGHt (instead of earth/human energies) internal energetic, emotional and physical changes received daily. As explained, in Allonus Induction programme.

Our unseen Solar Chakras switch on allows alignment of the Heart and alignment to SOUL, allowing integration to start their alignment and merging, living as ‘ONE’.  We have waited eons for this time where we could have the Soul residing within the physical body again, as we did in Atlantis. DILH brings a foot on the ladder to being able to reach our dream and goal of ONEness.

In 2011 between the 12-14th August we had a new moon and solar eclipse and between the 13th -18th August, I with others were involved in anchoring the Planetary Cause of Divine Love into the physical plane of earth (within Gaia). Bringing an expansion of the Heart Flame to each individual, a frequency of activation igniting our 3-fold flame (held within our 4th Heart Chakra) a connection back to Source. In reality meaning all working from the heart and energetic systems would embrace a new upshift within, expanding our evolution for humanity.  Working from the heart.  

10-11 September the ‘Divine Matrix of Universal consciousness creating reality aligned with our Soul purpose’, I was in Ireland teaching DILH, indeed an auspicious time, as special energetics were laid within Gaia.

Pivotal changes happened with huge shifts on 11.11.11 on this day as I and supporters launched OGP fund raising  which was very exciting. Great changes were on their way opening up for 2012.  With it more changes came through those who were Earth keepers and holding the DILH and Opalescence energies – indeed very exciting times.

I am happy to report that all who held DILH and Opalescence had an automatic upgrade over the months. Unique times and unique quotients as to what we could sponge up and embody.  Continual upgrades came thick and fast from the actions of 2011. Opening a door to new consciousness and advancement in human life. As levels of Cosmic consciousness flooded our planet; Power of 3 students received automatically without the student doing anything. all received the upgrades and upshifts instantly, some recognised on a cognitive level while others felt it v 6th senses and energetically, an inner knowing, all received and benefited from the ongoing enhanced energies.  

What a gift.  I don’t know of any other modality that does this!

DILH is a mammoth gift to humanity.  A gift we don’t really understand or appreciate at the moment but this will come as more are awakened.

The more I and DILH trainers, teach this phenomenal skill the more we realise we are a very small cog in a bigger wheel – a great honour to be involved.

I welcome and honour all those who are stepping forward to be pioneer’s in this new modality which will take courage, tenacity and inner focus to take this forward. 

While we learn to allow our Soul to sing and be happy you are on the right path – spreading the word for Source……

Love from the ONE HeARt 

Joy Wisdom 

Founder of Allonus LiGht Healing programme 

August 2011

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