Life is Precious - by Joy Wisdom

The present-day pandemic is pushing us out of our comfort zone. Catapulting us into unexpected events that seem biblical in action. Through 2019-20 we have globally experienced flood, fires, locust swarms and now disease. History tells us it has all happened previously in ancient days, each time it happened great change followed and humanity advanced.  

Certainly the experience of the pandemic has shown us that touch and contact is important to us.  An innate need to have human contact is born within us. We thrive on human contact and it feeds a need within us. We have sensors all over the body that responds to touch. Linked to activate internal response biologically v hormones; oxytocin when a pleasant/positive touch and cortisol when it is a negative experience. 

Globally, beginning to realise that life is precious.

All over the world we are becoming more aware of how family and loved ones are important.  Isolation has brought home how much we need to connect to others in our life.  Appreciating family, siblings, partner and spouse. Awakening heart levels of compassion, kindness and LOVE.  Realising remote viewing won’t fill that need. What a sobering world it would be without LOVE, compassion, kindness!

Indeed kind deeds and appreciation of those around us have been inspired through kindness with offers of help to communities and neighbours during this period. A coming together and ONEness has developed. Certainly, beneficial to continue.

Through life, many have lost the art of compassion and tolerance unaware of others plight. Sometimes it takes a world catastrophe to awaken the most logical, moral and natural abilities to come to the fore. As intolerance and bigoted views are being highlighted in USA, olde ways have to go…. Respect, honour and equality is the new living. 

Across the world we have all been going through a great purging and awakening, to kick start a new paradigm of living and realising we need to nurture and love ourselves as well as others. 

We can have all the wealth in the world, yet without good health we have nothing. Without love and compassion our world is bereft. Teaching life is precious, appreciate life, respect and honour each other. 

Transitions and realisations have been coming thick and fast over the past three decades and much has changed. However, changes are head driven and not HeART based.

The present world changer is grabbing humanity’s attention; forcing us to stop the repetition of old; changing the focus from same old self-absorbed mundane way of doing things, to a new Heart-based way. Changing perception to include global views;  realisations of state of our environmental decline from man’s pollution advancement.  Each one of us are guardians of the planet, previously slow to respond, as if we have been asleep in the melee of smog!

Pollution reduction has been one of the immediate effects of the pandemic. Enjoying clearer skies pollution reduced… all happened very fast.  In parts of India the skies cleared, and villagers saw mountains and skylines unseen previously.  One elderly woman remarked she had lived with unseen view all of her life. Unaware it existed due to pollution of her environment. Crazy to think what we are prepared to live, in grime and toxicity affecting health and decline, reducing life!  Killing ourselves without consciously knowing!  Putting ourselves in danger. Aware of health decline yet not putting all the ducks in a row of realisation where it is coming from… us!

The Universe has put the break on!

Transformational change has been ongoing for decades, slowly and resolutely our world has changed enormously.  The present pandemic is world-changing, our world will not be the same again. Nature has taken control, the universe has kicked back and although we think we are sophisticated and know so much, we don’t see the obvious or observe the earth as a living and breathing element that man has almost killed off. Choked oceans/seas to death with so called advancement from science and plastic. 

We will learn to do things differently.

We have to if we want to survive.  Adapt to new ways that includes awareness of each other and what we put in place affecting nature and planet. 

The spiritual revolution is in full swing.  Meaning each one of us is involved. Time to awaken to ourselves and heart-based thinking. Compassionate spatial awareness.  A bigger picture of being grateful for life instead of punishing and suffering. Surely, we have seen enough suffering to last lifetimes with this global pandemic. 

It was said that during WWII people prayed for the killing and suffering to stop. That was when things did start to change.  The WILL of the people heard. During the great wars, social unrest we did close to heart living. Numb from fear, terror and adverse trauma. Today we have another opportunity to create more heartfelt living.   All life is precious … it is how we look after life, our own and others around us.  Are we heartfelt or head driven, blinkered to suffering even our own!

Universe and planets aligned:

Cosmically we have the same zodiac cycle as The Spanish Flu and The Great Plague repeated in 2020. In 1345 a planetary alignment occurred; Triple conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in the 40th degree of Aquarius. Each associated with specific bodily humors*. (*Medieval speak, four elements of the body imbalanced). 

There is evidence of weather pattern changes, damaged and failed crops; people went hungry with over population. In those days people were undernourished, hygiene was none existant and living quarters overcrowded. Easy enough for air-born virus to spread!  History advises (1347 to 1665) lasting 300 years before plague was completely eradicated, taking out 50-60% of  population across the world. Today’s diagnosis, plague was Ebola or versions of it. Or a mix of several viruses, theories are very confusing around disease origin. As it is today.

Saturn-Pluto meetups took place at the beginning and end of the twenty-first century: 

  1. 1914 - Start WWI 
  2. 1918 - Spanish Flu - killed more people than WWI. Lasted 36-months, 1918-1920, infected 500 million. (A third of the world's population)
  3. 1982 - Unemployment rates spiked highest level since Great Depression.
  4. 1982 - CDC put a name to AIDS virus, reaching epidemic levels of devastation. 

When we consider the four elements imbalance.  

Humanity has evolved and imbalance remains as it did in the Middle Ages. 

Four-selves = Physical, Emotional, Mental, Etheric or spiritual. Relating to our energetic and physical: Negativity reduces the function of all four-body’s: Decline in our wellbeing and health: accumulating within causing imbalances and physical decline. Physical decline equals organ and system disorders. Emotionally and mentally, feeling isolated, depression and anxiety will occur.  We live disjointed life including behaviour and poor choice. While separate, we live isolation instead of ONEness. Integration of the four-selves is part of our spiritual journey.

It is the Souls goal to integrate all parts of the self and enjoy ONEness. To attain individually, we need to open and live from HeARt based thinking and action. Being mindful of what we do and how we do it.  Essentially, while we are separated, we are living a mismatch of self.  Living is hard, suffering is felt and affects emotionally and psychologically overwhelmed.  

The pandemic has forced isolation and separation in a big way. Suffering in the process. Mirroring in reality what we can project and sobering to realise.

Start the detox of separation.

Begin purity and happiness follows. We hold all we need internally. Appreciate our precious life; be grateful for all life and being alive. Be spatially aware and enjoy earths abundance. 

On a daily basis connect to the heart; when we make the journey internal  awareness is awakened. Start by visiting the 4th HeARt chakra, heart  blossoms, glows and we appreciate every day of life. A new paradigm shift that embellishes our 4th HeART Chakra, ignites the 3 -fold-flame of spiritual adventure and we enjoy the journey.  Stop striving for materialism….

For there is More to LIFE from within… weaved with ABUNDANCE and happiness.

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