Inner Gold ‘Intuition & 6th Senses’

Intuition is more well-known in Eastern traditions used in Yoga inner awareness and Marshall arts. In the West, we are still on a path of full awakening to the knowledge of 6thsenses, as not tangible, nor understood by many. Often described as gut instinct, or body language. The effects of intuition can be felt physically, such as butterflies and/or dread in the gut. But do we understand the full extent of what can be obtained? What it means and what ‘Inner Gold’ can be received from using inner awareness? Do we use daily with ad hock use? Or do we use it as a friend to assist daily living, helping us to avoid repetition and guiding as the most important internal Sat Nav and radar 24/7? Intuition is: “The immediate apprehension of an object by the mind without the intervention of any reasoning process” (Oxford English Dictionary) Native traditions have known and used the ability of “seeing” and “Sense of Knowing” for eons using and being aware of their higher energy fields, internally in tune. This abstract awareness is more subjective and does not involve the normal level of mundane consciousness which is mostly concerned with self-identity and left brain thinking. When we talk about gut feeling, instinct, hunches, we are talking about our psychic intuition area developed through our right brain and feelings. Intuition is a Right brain activity, giving us instinct that has no experiential element to it.
  • Synchronicity occurs with intuition. Truth is immediately known by the moment it is presented. Intuition brings instant wisdom and insight
Intuition does not work alone. Intuition is just one of our 6th senses and works with our energetics, Chakras, Auric fields and other sentient 6th sense abilities. Intuition has a biological function and needs activation to develop and use to full potential, initiated by us as individuals. It is not an automatic right but needs to be developed with our right brain. An important interface that is largely unknown or acknowledged. Sixth senses are a whole programme of added radar and guidance system, that interfaces with physical and energetic. In today’s language, it would be compared to a new App. Upgrading your internal systems to new upshifted technical programme of awareness, giving a bigger picture of life. For instance, it is a pineal and pituitary alignment that activates 3rd eye, telepathy, astral planning and Clairvoyance. Intuition is an all-encompassing system that works with our other 6th senses. For instance, Intuition is enhanced when aligned to 3rd eye perception, giving feeling, inner knowing and sight to a situation, choice or event. Intuition is aligned to our emotions and works through our Solar and Sacral plexus (around the Gut area). Where we can feel butterflies if excited or have anticipation, something good is happening. Negatively, the gut is where it hits when we are emotionally hurt i.e. criticised we feel we have been punched in the stomach. Not tangible however, felt instantly. Solar and Sacral plexus also store all our emotional hurts, involved in social activities, criticism, tolerance or not, especially involved in relationships. (stores no longer required, something that is explored and jettisoned in ‘SECRETS’ workshop) The Solar Plexus gives us intuitive awareness. It is the area that is connected to our emotions it has its own intelligence. Holds all our fears, anxiety and stress. When stressed restricting gut function and (over time) can generate IBS from emotional overload, slowing down and interrupting gut function, switching on and off physical systems in body due to adrenal hyper-action! Resulting in loss of Intuition, Solar and Sacral chakra blow out and shut down from emotional bombardment! The Chinese say the abdomen is considered one of the body’s principal energy centres in Chinese medicine
  • We think with our head
  • Feel with our heart
  • Sense with our abdomen (Gut feeling)
*‘Clair’ element is the higher sentient of sixth sense attributes that can be developed once intuition has been initiated fully. The awareness of our ‘gut’ will generously support our clairsentient (Intuition), clairvoyant (3rd eye), clairaudient (hearing) and healing abilities. Intuition is connected and works through the physical body in two primary areas.
  • The Gut: The abdominal area, where we receive our gut instinct and feelings.
  • The Brain: (Limbic and Neocortex right brain activity) becomes the main frame that the gut works in conjunction with, to activate intuition.
We all have different levels of Intuition working with us, it is compared to a ladder of achievement and development, we can be on the ladder but how effective is the level operating? Our Vagus nerve is operating system of intuition, interfaces and directs information from the brain to gut, and feeds transmission to our auric fields. People are often amazed to learn our 6th senses need switching on, physically and psychically. The higher level of intuition called Clairsentience works in alignment with our Solar Chakras, (from 9th chakra upwards and higher selves). Full operation needs to be switched on biologically, where we are aligned to our inner Gold to higher degrees. I find that we all have the ability however, many of our 6th sense attributes are lying dormant, unused to full potential, waiting to be activated and Go, Go, Go! The point is that intuition can be a good friend when we listen and take note, when we ignore, not listening to the higher level of perception. Knowing it is wrong but doing it anyway! This is subjugation or abuse of ourselves. I have come across many who do this and wonder why their lives don’t work out! In workshops and with client’s intuition advice is clearly given but the mind overrules. We ignore because the head rules. It may be the advice head doesn’t want to hear, continuing Ground-Hog-Day repetition of previous defaults, feeling vulnerable to change. This is where our intuition and 6th senses are not fully engaged or aligned and in tune with you! We all have our own level of interface with 6th senses it is compared to a ladder we can be on different levels, the first rung or off the ladder completely. Workshop interactions help to push the individual up the ladder of competency with internal connections to ensure positive use. Ignoring our intuition and 6th senses can be to our peril! I knew a man once who had a thought of calling into a service station while driving on the M1. Driving into a parking space, then thought ‘NO’ I don’t need a coffee and reversed out of the space back on to the M1 straight into a pile up! His car was a rite-off and he suffered neck and spine injuries. Oh, that he had listened to his intuition…… those few minutes saved his life…but not enough to stop his injuries and car costs…… years of operations and pain followed.   Intuition can be a good friend when listened to and it can be that critical, advising to save you! We can’t always see the bigger picture but our 6th senses can. Each of us has a different level of operation of our Intuition and 6th sense alignment. Dependent upon our emotional state, energetics and internal development. Essentially, we can easily close our Intuition via emotions, shock and trauma hitting our gut area. Once closed it can take time to get back to what was once available without expert assistance. Clairsentience, a higher level of intuition we can tap into, giving psychic and sentient abilities unknown, developing senses to understand other’s feelings i.e. feel people’s emotions and pains. Often known as Empaths or psychic which can be a gift and a curse for some without full control. The good news is that we can all tap into our inner Gold with the right guidance and direction living life in a new way every day 24/7 our sixth senses do not sleep but watch over us to keep us safe…. what GOLD indeed. If you want to learn more and be aligned to the higher perspective of sixth senses, Joy runs SECRETS of life workshops to awaken inner gold and jettison historical influences. Book ‘Shell of Soul’ explains much more. Induction workshop for the exciting new Practitioners ‘Dissolve and Resolve Emotions’ Intuitive Body/Mind programme. See website for dates and more information to find out more information and attend SECRETS of Life exploration with inspirational answers, new ways of living and jettisoning past generational influences. Joy Wisdom Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015 Awarded Therapist of the year 2018 Author, one-to-one Tutoring, Teacher/Trainer and Founder of Allonus ZEST of Life programme, includes Allonus LiGht Healing & Dissolve & Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) Practitioners Intuitive professional rolling programme.
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