Infertility, IVF and Miscarriage

Article by Joy Wisdom

Any loss is devastating for couples in maternity. 

A successful outcome is all we want, and millions of successful conceptions take place each year. However, there are a large percentage who find conception a trial with no particular reason or understanding. Expectation dashed, disappointments and anxiety can be part of the unsuccessful outcome. 

Today, Miscarriage happens to a large percentage of the population and a global issue. In UK we have exceptional numbers of women who miscarry every day. Estimated 10-20% of all pregnancies will end in miscarriages in UK alone. Charity Tommie’s estimated 500 miscarriages daily in 2020. The word ‘miscarriage’ is defined as a spontaneous loss of pregnancy before 24 weeks.  

There are many reasons for infertility and miscarriage. Unique for the couple, biological and unknown. See website for more details. 

Previous generations of women have suffered centuries of miscarriage, taking their trauma to their grave. The long term mental and emotional issues around Miscarriage, are underestimated and unacknowledged. Volume is mammoth, especially if non pregnancy situations continue to exist without resolution.  Little has changed in diagnosis as reasons for miscarriage. We may understand more clinically yet, numbers of couples experiencing miscarriage are growing, not decreasing.

Fertility levels remain unique for each of us. It is not black or white. As we receive our fertility from our parents, foetal origins form in the womb. Supplied with the sperm and egg dominance for life. The internal state is unique to each couple and lifestyle decline can add to the weaker situation. Improving biological structure and lifestyle/stress is key a smoother journey of conception. Individual choices in lifestyle can reduce fertility.

  1. Stress is a big factor. 
  2. Age over 35 or under 16: 
  3. Leaving parenthood until later in life is a factor, with higher risks involved.
  4. Womb condition
  5. Low egg quality: sperm quality/ low sperm count
  6. Lifestyle, Alcohol, Smoking, and drug consumption are negative factors to hinder conception

A Netherlands study showed that a history of miscarriage was linked to future pre-term births. Extreme early morning sickness was associated with a higher risk of premature delivery and low birth weight.

Undoubtedly, several decades of IVF assisted conception has been seen as a boon for couples who find it a challenge to conceive. However, success is not guaranteed in fertility. Miscarriage is an outcome from IVF too. And to some extent the roll out of IVF can be a traumatic roller coaster for couples. With ongoing IVF cycles, costly and unsuccessful.  The drive for the outcome is all consuming and from JWT perspective  the internal state of the woman is still imperative to get right to be 100% for fullterm success. 

Having witnessed trauma and devastation of couples who go through IVF loss is staggering.

Some women have described the outcomes as ‘surreal’, ‘war torn’, ‘running several marathons’, ‘running on empty’, to arrive at their goal of parenthood. Feeling despair, helpless and hopeless, out of their depth in the IVF process. 

Even when success is finally achieved, the ravages of miscarriage can take its toll. Long term underlying depression, trauma and anxiety can continue while pregnant, afraid of loss again.  

Joy has helped couples over two decades of specialist help. 

JWT suggests. Plan, prevent and avoid disappointment with couples health/ lifestyle check before IVF or conception. Get specialist help in correcting hormonal imbalances before conception. It will save a lot of heartache.

Couples need to get fit for conception especially if they are leaving it into their 30-40s to start a family. Physically and internally, biologically in tip top condition for conception. Plan ahead and get the best possible outcome first time.

At JWT, we would reduce your pain and heart ache with guidance and solutions that can smooth the way to success.  Stress is the biggest issue in natural conception and miscarriages. De-stress with whole body D.A.R.E solutions.. Find out more about biological dysfunctions, whole-body education and couples maternity training. Make your IVF cycles count,  learn how to prepare, educate, receive skills and guidance for increased outcomes. 

Save yourself thousands of £ pounds in the process.  

Don’t struggle on, when simple and effective changes can be found to assist couples of all ages. 

JWT has the human approach with compassionate ear and trauma awareness programmes.

Joy Wisdom

Founder Joy Wisdom Trust.

JWT a not for profit organisation, supporting families in Body-Mind-Emotional need. 

A nationwide online service providing a network of self-help ,professional/couples educational support and therapy solutions. Cutting edge approach with combined holistic solutions for Domestic Violence, Abuse, Maternity/birth trauma scenarios, Couples programmes, Miscarriage, Infertility. Mental health disorders, PND/PTSD.

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