How to think from the heart

Much has changed cosmically since January
Planets are aligned that haven't been so since 1962
We expected nothing less in 2021. 

Pandemic continues to highlight division in culture and government and intolerance across the world with discrepancies staring us in our face. 
Out of the blue changes and surprises are continuing throughout the year. Sleep deprivation continues with odd aches, pains, headaches and muzzy head have been reported. The new Lions gate frequencies brought new shifts in consciousness with focus on thinking from the heart. The key and focus is our…Energetic HeARt performance.  

Full illumination requires alignment of physical and energetics forming spiritual oneness/unification. (Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental auric fields). Mind skews and limitations are being revealed in many ways in life.   
The mind has dominated through eons of life and it is time to live from the heart.
The heart won't give us anxiety but the head will. Heart will not cause us stress or over analyse. Automatically, our subconscious defaults to mind and status quo living undermining Heart change and grace and ease living.

For peace and liberation of self living from the heart is the answer.


Power of 3, is a support package that puts us back in the driving seat of life.
Allows Tri HeARt operation with advanced practices. Awakening dormant self: 7 levels of clearing help to embrace HeARt true essence unity. Align to Solar frequencies and fifth gear living.

The New vision quest Soul living, bliss, LOVE, UNITY. We live in exciting times of evolution, and we can have it all...with Divine intervention from Quan Yin. The illumination and vision quest of 21st centuary drives ONEness acceleration, UNITY, HeARt and Soul union.
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