Home is where the HeART is, but where is your heart. What does home mean to each of us? Some of us would say it was where we lived in our daily living space. Is your home your sanctuary? Sanctuary can be anywhere we feel comfortable. A place where we go to meditate. Walks in nature can feel home for many of us.  Enjoying the natural environment is amazing, where we can feel at peace.  Gives us a feeling of home. I love where I live in the mountains of North Wales, it is my sanctuary and I feel blessed to live in nature. However, when I visited Egypt for the first time in 1994 tears ran down my face as I stepped off the plane onto Egyptian soil. I had come home. A feeling I had not felt before in all my 44 years. Luxor was new to me and yet I felt this overwhelming feeling of home. My husband disliked the pushing and shoving, pestering from people, which is the Egyptian way.  It did not bother me at all, it was all part of the flavour of Egypt and their normal behaviour for thousands of years. I reveled in the heat and felt bliss on the Nile trip my husband had organised, visiting ancient temples and the land of the Pharos, familiar and not familiar.  Karnak Temple was phenomenal I felt so blessed to be back there. I have visited many parts of Egypt since 1994, but nothing gives me the buzz that Luxor does. I feel nothing for Cairo, where the energies are very male and dominant. I find Cairo bullish, male orientated I enjoy the Pyramids, and find Sakkara magical with ancient Holiness.   Whereas, Luxor has softer energies, more feminine, welcoming, gentle and the people are gentle too. Less aggressive than Cairo. Alexander is another place that holds a piece of home in my heart. I felt glee when I visited Alexander for the first time in early millennia.  Magical, serene and all fed my heart. The energies are absolute feminine. Serene is the only way to describe the feminine energies. This is the area where the Aswan Dam was built.   Where Death on the Nile was written by Agatha Christie.  Sitting in the evening with sweet aromas, large moon I could almost touch, I bathed in strong lunar and Alexandrian energies, soaking up for life to come.  Magical memories are made of this. For me, many magical moments have happened in Egypt and continue to do so whenever I return. Reliving happiness of returning home that I have not found in other places visited around the world. Certainly, the homecoming we feel in different parts of the world is unique to all of us. Visiting places, we feel very comfortable, while others are uncomfortable, and we feel detriment. I have experienced all of the above. In Ireland recently, they had the referendum on abortion. I was amazed to see the exodus from other parts of the world go home to Ireland to vote.  Travelling great distances to make their mark on legal issues. The aim to bring Ireland into line with the rest of the world.  For each of the individuals who made that journey, felt strongly about what was going on in their home. Great homecomings were celebrated. And although a controversial subject with religion dogma out of date with present day living, great splits within society were exposed during the campaigns.  Ireland incorporated old laws being inadequate for society’s needs.  Each one who voted made their point and made history changing laws to incorporate free choice.  We talk about liberation for women.  And what happened in Ireland was monumental for many women.  Who have been discriminated for far too long. The passion of the Irish won through and I applaud them, being driven from the heart. Certainly, where a piece of their heart lies which was evident at this historical time.

There are energetic elements to coming home.

How does the drive to be connected to home work?Our energy point of origin’, which has a direct connection to our energetics via our earth Chakras. ‘A wave link, a bilateral flow of energy‘A new theory from Francis Nixon. (As written about in Book: ‘The Vivaxis connection’ by Judy Jacka). The Vivaxis is held within five chakras. Francis Nixon proved that energy lines throughout life connect us to our Vivaxis sphere.  Our life force rotates about this central point. Nixon suggests that the Vivaxis is a little sphere the size of a foetus, usually formed in the last few weeks of pregnancy, when the soul has finally touched base. A connection that is amalgamated with the body of the unborn. Nixon advocates that it usually takes 21 years to thoroughly groundour soul connection into the physical body, which is why we celebrate the coming of age 21. At this point the Vivaxis sphere is released into the earth and fixes there, generally at some spot where the mother lived or spent time in the final few weeks of gestation. Remaining, however far its owner travels from the site of its location.   The Vivaxis Chakras link with the: - Crown ~ Heart ~ 3rdeye ~ Throat ~ Base From my experience some individuals do not completely form or ground the Vivaxis, hence they feel out of kilter. Out of sync with life, leaving the individual childlike and often involved in mismatch of planetary alignment from the time of birth. i.e. shock, trauma and birth intervention can be involved here.  Self-esteem and self-confidence can be hit and miss when alignment is lost or broken. I also add to Nixon’s theory:I feel that the Vivaxis can also stay in one place from reincarnation, those lives where we felt secure and loved. Happy lives that give us the feeling of coming home. As described in my Egyptian visit.

Solar Plexus and sacral plexus are not Vivaxis points

The Solar/ Sacral Plexus are centers of desire and involved in our journey of awakening. They are connected and affected outwardly. Outside events affecting internally.  Centers of desire ruled by fire and the sun, associated with Zodiac, Gods, Goddesses of courage, victory and will power (generating the fire in the belly) for personal power. Connected to the lower aspects of the sun and the moon, therefore not receiving high frequency spiritual emanations from the stars as other Chakras do. The Solar plexus is linked to all our emotions and accordingly stored, which is why the gut and belly is affected emotionally. Holds the force of the pioneer, igniting fire in the belly of the questing soul and life’s agenda. A large network of nerves link Solar and Sacral plexus and are associated with the desire of nature and nurture. The first three Chakras are the hardest to balance for a human individual.  Sacral and Solar Plexus are centers of realisation, building self-awareness to make change. Ø  Holds the Sacred Feminine is emphasized in the 2ndSacral Chakra
  • And the Sacred Masculine is emphasized in the Solar Plexus
Hence a battle can go on in these areas fanning the flames of one to another when out of kilter. The etheric connections to the Vivaxis is not seen or tangible to the naked eye, however it will give us stability in grounding and being part of the world. Emotionally and mentally a knowing we have arrived, a maturity that comes with 21 years of life.   Home is where the heart is, but which life and place would that be? In my one-to-one sessions I have found parts of the individuals etheric heart left in time zones and events long gone. Where individuals have given their hearts to others in romantic relationships. Promises and vows have kept in status locked into words and agreements, leaving parts of themselves behind in time zones. Shame, guilt, grief, curses and banishment have proved equally as detrimental. Memories and emotions remain. Instead of my experience of bliss as described above, living negative outcomes.  I found my clients and students lived partial living, having lost in some cases, vast percentages of themselves, becoming a ‘Shell of Soul’. Which can be corrected with specialist D.A.R.E therapy. Enjoy homecoming without pain, embrace bliss and wonder expanding the HeARt. Wherever your home maybe. Joy Wisdom Awarded Inspirational woman 2016 & Therapist of 2018 Author, Tutor, Humanitarian, Inspirational speaker; Founder of Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) Body/Mind Intuitive practitioners training: Allonus LiGHt Healing programme.
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