Holistic explained

The term of ‘Holistic’ can be confusing..

The name ‘Holistic’ is characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. Oxford Dictionary.

We have been on a learning curve for some decades educating society about holistic approaches and individual homeostats. The ‘Holistic’ belief is that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole physically, energetically, biochemically and emotionally. If we miss parts of the whole then not much has changed. And suffering pain and emotion remain. The holistic approach includes Body, Mind and Spirit: the interconnection or interface of energetics to body-mind is a living organism, shock absorber, transmitter and receiver for improved health, wellbeing for the ‘whole’ operation or function of the individual. 

Over the last three decades we have been tentively, moving towards ancient Eastern beliefs and  new visons on wellbeing. The Ancients knew a thing or two and we are catching up with their philosophy and ‘Holistic’ out of the box thinking and knowing.  Holistic therapies have been seen as ‘New Age’, flaky, weird, the work of the devil .. certainly I have been seen as and called all the above over the last thirty years since I trained in alternative methods. Misunderstandings exist, suspicion, missing the real point of advancement seeped in ancient wisdom.  As a society we are slow to change, indeed understanding and education is required on all levels to open minds to a different and more effective approach.  

We have awakened to the fact we are more than the physical. In western medicine focus tends to be concentrated on the ‘result of’  i.e.: trauma, stress and pain etc…instead of the cause; we end up with a mismatch of results when just deal with the outcome or result of. 

I class this as a plaster approach to health. With many jig saw pieces of the scenario not dealt with. Long Covid is a good example of a picture I see constantly, we all have the same body systems yet all unique in the operation and function, disparities are found and weak areas are common.  If want to achieve wellbeing for our clients we need to square the circle and look at all elements involved instead piece meal approach… otherwise only a percentage is achieved and the client is left in despair and continued suffering.

Today the enemy is emotion and what it converts unseen by the naked eye, internally to new biological and hormonal states 24/7 - 365 days a year. Changing balanced hormones to chaos and biological systems into decline. Logically disorders follow.

Focus in Western approaches is treating the symptoms of disorders. The Western approach to Mental health had a lot to learn. A lot to be desired as the numbers of mental health rise daily to epidemic proportions. Liverpool University recognised and reported two years ago!

From a holistic view there is a far bigger picture to anxiety and depression that goes beyond the physical make up. Medication has proven fatal for some. As addiction factors from pain killers, antidepressants and Opiates bring more torment emotionally and biochemically to the individual.

Unseen ‘Stress’ hormones bombard biologically and cause inflammation within the body and scientifically known to cause clinical acute and chronic disorders such as heart attacks, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and Cancer. As proved in A.C.E trials 2 decades ago!

When stressed or in adverse trauma. A constant stream of stress hormones will bombard the individual becoming a base line for living. Changing, internal systems with inflammation dominance and decline physically. A merry go round of cause and effect from emotions. 

Emotions affect our solar /sacral plexus (gut area) where we store all our unhappiness and criticism, vulnerabilities and overwhelm drives. The decline of the gut and solar plexus brings a depressed state emotionally, overwhelm and underwhelm will be fed from here. 

Solar plexus is linked to our will, confidence and sensitivity. The Vagus nerve connects the brain and gut. Vagus nerve is linked to our major organs and tells the gut when to churn and when to excrete. The nervous system becomes compromised from Vagus nerve and gut decline or weak performance. 

Getting the bigger picture of the domino effect as we drive further decline in wellbeing and health outcomes. The benefit of the holistic approach is vast. Less intervention and works faster as we are dealing with direct and indirect factors to break the chain of events. By working with the whole of the person we can identify and correct stress hormone drives and reduce the ground-hog-day outcomes. Stopping decline in its tracks. The affects are faster than the normal route of western approaches and talking therapies. 

D.A.R.E is a ‘Heart Centred’ combination approach. 

New radical methods of clinical, energetic, healing and quantum; historical factors from lineage, culture, utero formation. Dealing with the whole and unique combination you are or have become. All our systems and brain pathways respond in a positive or negative way to nurture and hormonal stimulus: positive and negative stimulus converts us daily into another state, from emotional impacts etc., we change and become a mix of what is being stimulated instead of who we are. 

There is no black or white. The spectrum of colours are vast and each has their own hues of pastel and strong (weak and dominant characters) subconsciously drive us daily. 

We are the biggest secret and although we all have organs, systems and a brain, each one of us has developed systems in a unique and complex way. D.A.R.E practitioners are taught to find the hidden factors with compassion, sensitivity, methods help change subconscious drives, reduce  and liberate the client from further decline. 

Preventative is also part of practitioner training. How to involve clients, to engage to help situation, bigger picture understanding, guiding solutions and tools at their fingertips to help themselves in a new manner. 

Do you D.A.R.E… to get your life back …Amazing starts here. 

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Joy Wisdom 


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