High energy for consciousness

Back in early millennia Quan Yin told me I would see 'No suffering' in my lifetime.
I did not disbelieve her, however the state of the world in 1990's and early Twenties was a different world 20 plus years on. I did realise that big changes had to happen for this exciting prophecy to come true.
For over two decades I have been advocating consciousness is key for permanent change:  It determines how fast or slow we would be moving forward.  Of course the frequencies and radiance of the physical and energetics, all part of consciousness for individual and group.

For decades, through generations, we have been living suffering and fear consciousness.  Indeed anchored within the very core of us.  Mind endurance to duty and service has been the drive. To survive… and generations have transferred this behaviour and mindset in their DNA and womb formation, rewiring mind, hormones and biology to continue the status quo morphing to greater degrees with each generation following this path.  

Education is blind to our living lack of love and nurturing. A big NEGATIVE factor in our world stopping us from raising our vibration and speeding up frequencies to high states to knock out illness and disease. Yes by rising our vibration and energetics, consciousness follows, and we have the ability to stay well… to knock out disease and suffering!  What a goal and achievement this will be for all of humanity. 

When our bodies and energy are living in LOW vibration, we continue to develop disease and poor health. Psychologically and physically we are doomed to live the same ground-hog-day out-of-order. When we are awakening, improving, moving out of LOW energy and behaviour, we improve our biology and vision of a new life. 

Essentially, we hold all we need for good health internally and energetically. 

Unfortunately, most of us on planet earth are still disconnected, living a ‘Shell of Self’. In life a big hill to climb, a big casame to traverse. Missing out on opportunities and prevention, our base line energetic rooting systems are misaligned, to better health, it cannot support the physical and decline ensues. Nothing aligned for us to get back to LIFE; 

However, when we do have realisation, we can make change and  physicality will work with us . we have a chance to rectify and fight against illness.  WE start to GET our LIVES BACK.

The new cure and vaccine is injecting ourselves with positive energies to help heal our bodies and take us beyond suffering.  As we do this, we change our inner biology to PURE thoughts and emotions which infuses positive frequencies to live from, filling us up to capacity of inner power and 5th gear living.  INNER Purity is essential to be healthy.  The more Purity lived the higher the resonance we can attain… GOLD is banked.  Inner GOLD will give us abundance. 

We are aware of what we put into the body can be harmful.  We detox and diet to lose weight.   When the weight is from emotions and negativity. Which will damage our cells and deplete systems.  Over time gut issues and chronic illness is formed.  Mentally depressed, suppressed and oppressed. Blind to what emotions and mindsets do to us daily. 

On repetition and ground-hog-day scenarios… nothing much changes.  Blind to the real changes required. Blind to our present reality.

When we rise our frequencies to high vibration it will dislodge, eliminate negativity from our bodies and mind. This can be in segments of elimination or faster approach dependent upon what we can internally generate or hold and percentage we are weighed down by. 

Our bodies will change to what we feed it, energetically as well as what we put in our mouth to digest.  Digestive systems also deal with emotions, what we can stomach or not! 

High frequencies and resonance provide a positive environment to wellbeing, feeling healthier.  

Energetics work with us to provide positive environment for us to live. 

Feeding 24/7 to upshifted frequencies, allows us to enhance, becoming better humans. Direct and indirect outcomes follow to improve life.  Electrons will vibrate to higher resonance to provide elimination of dis-ease and/or dis-orders.  

HIGH energy is the key : HIGH frequencies infused within us creates higher resonance for the individual… It will PREVENT and help to negate emotions and negativity bombarding us daily.   We need more than a detox or exercise to attain. 

The KEY is the HEART and receiving for the self.  Remove suffering and illness from our world… only we can do this… there is no pill… no jab… just you.

And you can do it. …………Receive the CORE of PURITY for life 

Purity has been a long term goal of the SOUL

Transforming and transfiguring the inner self to the outer self 

Empowering ourselves and our planet at the same time.

Changing consciousness forever………. Into the hands of Aquarian age and prevention for our future generations. 

We have waited for decades. The time is now to receive. 

Kick started with the POWER of 3.

Do you D.A.R.E to take control ?  DARE to enjoy life and live abundance? 

Shush! … it’s the best kept SECRET…. We wouldn’t want too many enjoying life…. would we?

Secrecy  for who?  …….The marketing has been good. The false news and duping unbelievable!

Time, we burst that bubble …….

Kicking out fear, slavery and suffering once and for all

The first big step is acknowledging our world and reality of what we live… Consciousness will start to change… we change. Stopping the olde ways of suffering and embrace individuality, tolerance and acceptance.  

We all belong in the same world, TIME to remove divisions and live empathy.   

We need to take part, acknowledge ourselves and enjoy positivity…. 

Bring it on! On our way to purity, embrace whole HeARTedly. 

LOVE from the ONE HeART. 

Joy Wisdom


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