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A huge amount of anti-ageing research has taken place over the last few years. One of the big shifts is focus on a wider approach with “healthspan” instead of just “lifespan.”

Health span is the number of quality years you live in vibrant health. Fact is without good health aging can be a poor experience. Long years in constant pain and riddled with health problems is unpleasant and wearing. Not the option anyone wants. 

Health care professionals are realising our emotional health affects our physicality and vice versa.

Pain needs a whole-body-approach to find real answers to reduce pain and improve wellbeing. Stress, Trauma, and Anxiety causes vast amounts of stress hormones released biochemically. Pain can be caused from emotions and biochemical reactions to stress, causing strain within skeletal systems. One reason why pain killers won’t work. Why pain does not go away with medication.

Bones hold memories just like the rest of the body. By releasing emotions, stopping skeletal stress, strain with specialist D.A.R.E therapy*, allows internal changes to take place, instigating internal biological change reducing pain. Bringing a better quality of life and wellbeing.

‘Healthspan’ is the number of quality years you live in vibrant health. Act now to ensure you get the best ‘healthspan’ available. 

*Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) is a ``Body-Mind-Emotion-Trauma’ therapy, specialising in mental and emotional health issues.

1-2-1 therapy options. Professional therapy training programmes.

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