Grounding and spiritual awakening

The world turns and evolution is in transition, pushing us forward for a better way of living and enhanced development. This is not new we have been on this path since the mid 1990s it is just things are accelerating and there is an urgency in the air. Spiritual development has been in the air for a few generations now, realisations we are more than the physical. Eastern philosophies embraced, with Yoga, meditation awareness around food and life style has become a way of life and accepted. Unfortunately, with the great push we are realising that a lot of us are not in body enough to instigate change for the better. We can talk the talk however, in reality not much has changed. We need more than yoga to remove the deep imprints inherited and carried forward from past life traumas. As we come into life, we bring adverse events with us to live out again in the present-day life script. Additionally, we have transference from lineage and culture that also leave their imprint of living, conditioning and a treadmill to live to greater proportions than we logically appreciate. Becoming a cocktail of past and present-day life dogmas, mirroring once again. We don’t pour new wine into old bottles, due to contamination, however we contaminate ourselves in life adding to the cocktail of adverse living, not wanting to feel, we numb out. In Fight or Flight situations we become numb and freeze from the trauma received. When we freeze, we shut down to feeling. Additionally, in many cases, leaving the body for safety. People who have been raped will often say they were not there when the event took place, leaving the body automatically, looking down on the happening. Unfortunately, it does not mean we are not producing biological actions to trauma. Automatically chemical reactions will take place v hormones and bombard physical and energetics accordingly. Feeling or no feeling the action and reaction will happen just the same, at the time of trauma. Flooding the body with stress hormones. When unhappy, in trauma or shock we feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and look for ways to remove or separate self from feelings, an automatic safety mechanism, including leaving the body. Being not present the physical and energetics struggle with life. Habits are formed from not grounding or degrees of lack of presence. Systems don’t work as well when we are not present. We live from a foggy brain, lose energy, feel fatigued and fluctuate in memory. Our memory becomes swiss cheese, losing whole swaths of events and information. Knowledge is not stored as we find it challenging to concentrate. Knowledge lost, we forget easily, and we do not grow in evolution. Essentially, we become a faded aspect, a ‘Shell of Soul’, overwhelmed with life, any human feeling is cold and detached… when not grounded. When I ground people and reconnect them, they start to feel warmth again, their body heats up as they come back to the self… realigning more of themselves to live life in the present. I have known people who have lost their business from ungroundedness, had car accidents through not being in body. No one home, ‘Space cadets’ is another term used for those floating in the ether and astral planing and can’t get back. It is a big problem in the spiritual journey, Hilarion channelled in 2008, people are living in La, La land… life passes them by. I have had several clients whose children copy and mirror their parents in this way too. Babies and toddlers become frantic when mum or dad leave the room v ungroundedness. They are looking for their parent but no one there… body is, but not the essence of the parent. Not around to supervise or hear their children’s cries for help… numbed out from life their children follow suit… what a world we are creating.  Additionally, with cyber, individuals are zoning out with phones and internet attention is focused 1000%, another form of ungroundedness and not being here…! People look for escape when unhappy and turn to drugs and drink, Iowaska is another mythical substance that has been championed to leave body and enhance visions.  Unfortunately, another myth, the terror and gut-wrenching substance is harmful to both body and mind. Hallucinogenic can be a harmful substances and I have personally found elements still lurking in the brain causing numbness, cognitive abnormalities, dysfunctional behaviour and actions within client’s years after the experience. The fear of feeling has been numbed by the substance, however the damage goes on and on from not being in body…! We need to be aware of self, take control and responsibility of self. Which is being asked NOW spiritually and though our critical time of evolution. Logic tells us we cannot evolve if no one here to do so. When individuals start to come back into body, they are angry, upset and don’t realise why! All the adverse experiences have been logged, still there to be dealt with, even though the essence has not been at home! We have to deal with the reality of the situation and meditation won’t do it… it is a far greater issue inherent and logged biologically and subconsciously…and needs a therapy that can deal with the unknown and hidden with behaviour to match. Unknown by the individual but their reality. In some cases, ungroundedness has been passed down as a way of living, mirroring and conditioning.  Past life abilities lost through ungroundedness and lack of presence. Ground-hog day exists at home or playing away. Hilarion suggests look at a gauge 1-10 and see how grounded you are? Pull yourself in (compared to a balloon string) Alternatively
  1. Put on etheric metal boots in the morning to help ground
  2. Feel roots going into the ground (compared to tree roots) connecting to earth chakra 12 inches to 3 feet below the feet.
  3. Hold finger and thumb together and breath in, hold the breath, say ‘I AM’ outload,
  4. breath out; say outload ‘Present’  repeat x 7:
A.C.E study In the 1970s there was an American study that looked at adverse events in our life. They focused on traumatic events for children. Proposing a list of events that would and could affect a child, as below. The study focused on adverse events on children. Named adverse Childhood experiences of A.C.E. Proving biologically are affected by trauma and stress. Causing disorders and diseases to follow in later life. A study that highlights emotional trauma causes chronic disease, such as Cancer, Inflammatory diseases, Diabetes and Heart issues, etc. Of course, adverse events happen to all ages, therefore we can add trauma and compound adverse events and hormonal reactions. Suggested events that cause children adverse trauma from A.C.E. study: Divorce or separation of parents; Neglect; Shock; Trauma; Abuse; Domestic Violence Common finds as far as Dissolve And Resolve Emotions therapy(D.A.R.E) is concerned. We find these scenarios in sessions and the good news is we have a Therapy that can help to eliminate. Clearing via workshops or sessions, don’t wait to accumulate, read more about grounding and A.C.E study in Mirror Image book. Joy wisdom Awarded Excellence in Training 2019 Inspirational Woman & Commitment to Excellence 2015.  Therapist of the year 2018 Author, Transformational Trainer: Tutor, Inspirational speaker and leading light for Aquarian age Pioneering new approaches to mental and emotional health issues improving health and wellbeing Founder of Allonus, 'ZEST of Life’ D.A.R.E Body-Mind-Emotion Practitioners specialist training & Allonus 'LiGHt Healing’ programme: Clinical Body Mind practitioner -specialising in psychological issues – Women’s and Children’s Health 01691 718927/ 07951283495 Follow us on twitter and Face book View new video ‘Glastonbury symposium’ Joy explains about the Impacts of Generational trauma
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