Genetic code by Joy Wisdom

Genetic Code … Time to remember the VIP living that awaits. 

by Joy Wisdom 

Finding our authenticity is compared to walking through a jungle with no compass.

We can hold thousands of years of inheritance and repetition, like overcoats it weighs us down and we lose track of our identity in the process. We have become frustrated and lost our way trying to get back to the real self.  Our soul reminds us to ‘remember who you are’… lost in the mists of time, it is only when we dismantle, eradicate, and remove the overcoats that we start to remember. The jungle represents the accumulation of influences from lineages, cultures, and the baggage we brought with us from past life living. 

It is time we ditched the overcoats and lightened the load, reconnect to our VIP life. 

Go easy on yourself, as diversion, mirroring, conditioning, disconnection and disassociation are outcomes from the conditioning and conversion we live today. In reality we are clearing thousands of events, living outdated thinking; via genetic code transference we carry emotions that are not ours!

Dependent upon our life experiences, and how many lives lived, various accumulations remain in the jungle, to locate and eliminate. With many lives lived we can carry vast quantities of genetic codes, a cocktail passed down from generation to generations. 

Plus, and minus weaved into us genetically, held at the very core of subconscious, DNA, and nervous system.  Leaving a base line of beliefs, emotions, lack of self-esteem/ confidence, fears, trauma, and health weakness. Remnants of previous living ours and not ours passed on to live again.  It becomes a challenge to know and understand, memories fade and all the while we lose our true identity. Loss of self is inevitable. 

Setting the scene for physical, psychological, irrational emotional defaults and status quo living. Chipping away at our authentic self. Diluting and leaving us to live a different example of self. Changing and adapting to who we have become instead of the magnificence of who we truly are. 

Time to return to our original Blueprint… the blueprint of our Soul Agenda. 

Our original blueprint was infused with gossamer LiGHt, cultural and lineage low vibration genetic codes erode the sacred geometry we held, defusing as we fell from grace and LiGHt.  Individually we have been modified by genetic codes of olde. 

Universe has cleverly provided a pathway back to our authentic and exclusive self. Secreted through our 3-Fold-Flame held in a chamber within our heart Chakra (4th Chakra). As we connect to our internal self our heart expands and the 3-fold-flame ignites with awakening through our 6th senses and energetics. Initial switch on pours new life into low embers. Light and essence ignites, expands, bringing a unique reconnection with flames of Gold, Pink and Blue, spreading as we slowly receive inner warmth and strength. Awakening heart (4th chakra) and ‘I AM’ presence. A direct line of switch on from 4th HeART Chakra – 3-Fold-Flame going upwards to ‘I AM ‘spark of connection 9th Chakra. All needs to be ignited to receive the full spectrum of LiGHt available to us. 

The real essence of self is held within our HeARt Chakra. As there are three HeART Chakras, to awaken, different segments of self are brought alive, bringing a trinity of pure HeART frequencies to awaken more of the authentic self... uniqueness expressed with stability and authenticity growing from within, deeper levels of coming home expanded to greater degrees as each level or segment of heart awakening comes online, our true self. 

You can’t buy this awakening from outside of yourself. Or pick it up off a shelf, with potion or substance will not attain. It must come from within, with your will for change. An internal awakening where many attributes come together to create the switch on of authentic self. It does not happen wham bang. It is a process, a process that can be short or long. Some of us have been on this journey of finding our authentic self for many lifetimes. And it can become weary for the Soul. 

As we speed our way into the Aquarian age there is an urgency to find our authentic self… however what we perceive as authenticity may be a very different picture to the soul’s goal. 

Guidance and education can speed up the process. Jettison the unwanted genetic codes for liberty and freedom. 

The chipping away of our true self includes confidence, self-esteem, limited outlook, and choices. Genetic codes can go back as far as cave men survival living; life impressions are from that age and continue to cloud our judgement of who we can be, living intolerances, anger and frustrations from a time long gone. Effects our social and personal relationships, our fertility, entrapped in ancient fears. Reducing our attainment of abundance from the Aquarian age, the time frame we live now. Essentially, we live a mismatch from our subconscious, mind blowing and confusing lost in the melee of cause and effect.

It is staggering to find how far we have retreated from who we were. Shocking to find so much of us offline and confused in life.  Blind to truth, voice clamped unable to speak, not heard… as it was and continues to be. 

It is time to reclaim our authentic self. 

To be the wonderful self-sufficient being we are. We hold the pathways, inner sat nav, and spirit guides us to reclaim. A long slow journey of various lives to reclaim our true essence.  The journey of remembrance can be scary and lonely. By holding your hand, guiding through the jungle to personal development and purity, we can achieve in no time at all… to remember ‘Who you Really Are’. Living BLISS and nurturing of the self.

A wonderful way to live… no stress, no doubt when we are back to living our authentic self. 

Amazing starts here!

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