Future so rapidly become the past - article by Joy Wisdom

Never before has the future so rapidly become the past

Arnold Glasgow quote San Francisco Chronicle.


By eliminating the past we open doors to new horizons for life. Start living new outlooks with Joy, with eye opening new education and out of the box thinking.


So many people are stuck in the past without knowing. Anxiety and stress keeps us on a treadmill of past life events.  A pill won’t do it, in fact it only suppresses.


We need to go beyond CBT with more direct methods which is what ZEST of Life programmes to give you. Informative personal and professional education and what not to do. For a smoother less dramatic life.


Learn new tolerance methods, stop literal thinking that only gives us grief.

Develop Emotional intelligence.

When to stay out of the mind. 

Learn new mind control methods that takes away worry! 


Power of 3 gives the Ultimate Make over opportunities to speed up life, giving you tools and skills to change how you function and engage with life.


Life is what we make it, and no one is going to do it for us.

Learn new skills and thinking for a smoother life with Joy Wisdom and ZEST of Life Training.




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