Empath gifts – How are your gifts serving you?

Being an empath is a special gift.  It means we are compassionate and aware of others feelings and distress. Seen as an excellent tool, however some see this gift as a dilution and curse to their life.   The gifts of an Empath are many and I come across gentle souls who are overwhelmed and out of kilter due to their gifts. Empaths are healers, therapists and carers, empaths are all around us and come from many different backgrounds. Often we don’t recognise we are empaths. It is just the way it has always been the feelings and sensations we have lived all our lives. I realised I had empathic ways when I was taught Reflexology and I could feel others pain, distress and anxiety. I used it as a tool to help me know how they were feeling. I could also feel this when I was healing others. As a practitioner myself I know that clients would dump their negativity and troubles at my door. Unfortunately, this was not taught in my training. I had to find ways of removing for myself and clients. I am very aware of the ups and downs of being an Empath and found out the hard way of what to do and not do, to help myself. Today I teach the unique Allonus LiGht Healing programme, where students are taught how to use specialist techniques that incorporate deflection of negativity. As Empaths we are often overwhelmed by what we tap into and feel, in many cases unaware they are empaths or use empathic skills. Empathic skills come from and are aligned to our 6thsenses working together to bring another awareness or insight. And dependant, upon the operation of the 6thsenses it can be an add hock affair. Being an Empathic has its positives and negatives. We can receive feeling and Empathic sensations from anywhere, in the home on the street, public transport, workplace and just standing in the supermarket checkout.  In most cases individuals do not understand the impacts, action and reactions to an Empath.  When using empathic gifts, we are receiving the transmission from one to another. A gift of understanding, generating compassion. The skills help us to know if we feel safe or secure in our environment. And are in motion daily. On the downside it can cause decline of physical/ energetic performance. Even psychological and energetic impacts can be felt.  When awakened, we can take on other’s feelings and distress in a nano second. We can absorb others emotions that affect us. Making us feel sick, wobbly ungrounded and nauseous. I have known people who have declined rapidly taking on emotions from others, family, clients etc., leading to mental health disorders even to the point of feeling depression and suicide! Although not recognised by our medics, influenced within society today, depression is associated with Empathic issues, under and overwhelmed with society and our environment. Essentially, when we take on additional energies around us, (from our environment, family, friends, etc.,) we absorb, we blend our energies together. Melding together, we live, take on board whatever (the energies we have taken on) they are feeling at that time. Logically, this can be a mix of positive and negative. It is so easy to absorb other people’s emotions and in doing so live blends of someone else. Diluting us in the process, dumbing down our skills and advantages of being an Empath. We become a shell of self, a shell of soul! For instance, in the womb we can absorb and receive transference from our parents and grandparents etc.  I call this IGTA (Inherited Generational trauma and Absorption): Recently proved by science that transference exists. Explaining that we can receive from long distance cousins and great grandparent issues, emotional impacts and mental attitude from long ago.  To live again without interaction or creation.   Science has proved this exists before we are born, held for generations within our parent’s DNA, held and transferred without our knowing or conscious awareness.  However once arrived in you will take over and dominate the individual in behaviour, thinking and choice. Health issues and cognitive awareness can also be impaired from IGTA. It is a global issue and the more sensitive the more we readily mirror and take on board. Essentially, we are a mismatch of our linage and culture. We can absorb daily other people’s imbalances and dysfunctions can make us feel unwell.  Out of balance and chaotic. Headaches, migraines, aches, pains and feeling lethargic are some of the symptoms.  (As written in new book Mirror Image). Symptoms I find all the time. Within my students and clients.  They have become so far removed from who they are, absorbing from others around them. They become a concoction which deflects them from themselves.   By blending energetics, we become an aspect of those we have blended to.  Diluting us in the process to smaller degrees. Additionally, we can become chaotic in the process. It happens subtly, and we are not aware of the changes, however it happens.  Whether we are aware or not!   We pick up others energetics, emotional and mental attitudes when living and sleeping with them. Being around someone who is emotionally impacted will certainly affect us for better or worse.   Being a Healer, carer or Therapist, we are in front of the firing line with client’s issues and fall out.  If we don’t know how to protect ourselves it can become an issue. When I was training in Reflexology in the late 1990’s our tutor instructed us to put our hands in cold water after a session, as it would remove negativity picked up from clients.  I questioned this advice at the time and later understanding more about energetics and empathic influences I understood that putting our hands in cold water did little to remove negativities as they were already absorbed to greater proportions. I advocate that we can stop absorption, interference to our daily lives and still have our automatic empathic actions without interference.   Due to the above, as empaths we need help to generate a normal frequency and not be affected. And we can have that every day with LiGht Healing programme, 24/7 help and support. Transmuting negative absorption around us, but still enjoying all the positive emotions around us. Bringing ONE LOVE to all empaths and sensitives by Quan Yin and the Divine Feminine to help each of us to restore normality without interference.  A package of support upshifting Empathic gifts without interference from absorption. I also offer workshops to hone and fine tune Empathic gifts, 6thsenses to advanced degrees. Cutting edge applications are taught in ‘SECRETS of Life’ programme, to help Empaths, Sensitives, LiGHtworkers and Starseeds. Allowing accentuated Empathic and 6thSense skills at your fingertips. Improving Health, Happiness and Future Destiny. For when we are not using our gifts to optimum levels we decline inside too, only working on a percentage of what is available to us. Our Inner Gold… Are your Empathic gifts serving you or not? Joy Wisdom has vast knowledge to share and help advance humanity.  To find out more about LiGht Healing programme, SECRETS of Life and Induction to Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) Practitioners Intuitive Body/Mind Therapy programme. Check out website for dates and rolling programme advancements in training. Joy Wisdom Author, Tutor, Humanitarian, Founder of Allonus & D.A.R.E NEW Revolutionary Therapy: LiGHt Healing programme: Awarded Inspirational Woman & Therapist of the year 2018. www.allonus.co.uk  info@allonus.co.uk Follow us on Facebook and twitter
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