Miscarriage and termination is fully understood. Certainly, the US supreme court changes of Row v Wade has shaken women to the core.  And it brought back my feelings and loneliness. Receiving descension within my family with no understanding of why, from my own termination. 

My experience of a termination came from medical reasons, in 1979. It was a harrowing experience. I was treated like a leper in hospital. Staff seemed to make up their minds I was out of order due to their own beliefs and skewed religious perceptions.

I had received radium treatment (deep heat) for two months for an infection in my ovaries. When I found out I was pregnant, common sense told me the foetus was badly damaged. The doctor immediately offered a termination. A challenging heart felt decision for my husband and myself. Due to the damaged circumstances, we felt we did not have any other option. 

I was told I would stay in hospital overnight. However, several hours after the op, groggy from anasethic, feeling the floods of emotion of losing a child, I was told I had to leave. ‘Ward wanted the bed’. My husband half carried me out of the hospital. No wheelchair was provided.  I was ill for several days and had a migraine.  I suffered from PND/PTSD for two years from that experience. I could not bear to hear a baby cry. I would walk out of the room if babies / baby crying was on TV. I lived in PTSD torment.  And I had two young children to care for. 

Years later I became a practitioner helping other women in pregnancy, birth trauma, miscarriage, IVF, and infertility. I came across many areas of Mental health issues such as PND/PTSD a common outcome from miscarriage, birth issues and termination/ infertility. 

In my training I realised that maternity processes and hormonal influences do not necessarily return after a miscarriage or termination. Which made a lot of sense to me and my own tragic journey.   

I included my story in my book Pregnancy and Birth a new generation where I explain a lot of the hidden factors affecting women, with tips how to prepare for pregnancy, with care and forethought, we can reduce and avoid the pitfalls of miscarriage etc.   

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Just because we receive the morning after pill or termination pill as provided today, does not mean they will not be in chaos and PND. Regrets, grief, and sadness floods to our very core.  


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