Easter celebrating rebirth

Easter is a Christian tradition celebrating the re-birth of Jesus. Who died on the cross from cultural religious difference and intolerance over two thousand years ago.


I am sorry to say, not much has changed in two thousand years no matter which religion followed or attached to. Division and intolerance remains, ancient ways continued with the bad habits of olde. Causing personal and professional wellbeing outcomes for individuals.


It depends on what you take from the Easter ancient event. Traditionally, the message was RE-BIRTH a reminder how we can move on from atrocities experienced in life. The message has been skewed through the ages with personal and cultural bents added.


Re-Birth of self comes from individual letting go of bitterness, hatred and emotional consequences from intolerance. Letting go of cultural mind torment and sub consciousness perfectionism drives.


The message still stands. Achievement can be yours and you don’t have to belong to any religion to do it. Be guided and mentored to freedom of ancient ways, with mind and emotion specialist Joy Wisdom.

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