Ditch it Don’t Live it !

by Joy Wisdom

Mindfulness is a popular concept in modern times

Amazing to hear Breakfast news announcing Parliament holding a mindfulness gathering. Explained as meditation and breathing.

How far from the reality and truth of mindfulness. I consider this a small passive element of mindfulness. Why do we keep diluting the real concept?

I have been teaching mindfulness since 2005. Mindfulness is about the choices we make and how/why choices will manifest in our lives. About how we are conditioned to behaviour and thinking that is not ours, creating behaviour to suit, serving us or not. How choices of parents and lineage continue to haunt, limit and handicap. Mindfulness is thinking before speaking. Activating innovation into life. Considering outcomes to self and others, thereby avoiding ramifications and consequences.

We continually find ourselves in repetitive situations, events and Ground-Hog-day defaults. Driven by tradition, culture and parents.

Our brain pathways are formed from the womb. Transference of likes, dislikes, positive and negative locking in base line living from parents, lineage and culture. Sacrifices, vulnerabilities, promises and vows are all mixed in with mindfulness, mindfulness is not as simple as it seems. Mindfulness affects us in health and energetics. As does Inherited Generational Trauma (IGTA). Requiring fundamental action. 

Jettison the old and embrace transformation

In 5-days jettison repetition and IGTA influences. A compassionate transformational workshop combination of skills for life and interactive education with emotional clearing daily allowing liberation from limits in day-to-day scenarios and relationships.  

Includes a big agenda with comprehensive education, interactive with skills and understanding of how to avoid and embrace new ways of thinking, improving self-worth and core strength.

Learn about transference and absorption, hidden Inherited Generational factors, Addictions, Karma, Promises, Vows, allegiance’s that go on to control our lives subconsciously. Involved in lack of self-esteem, poverty consciousness, causing mental health issues, depression and vulnerability.

Transformational Programme SECRETS of Life and D.A.R.E Therapy induction –

A transformational package 3or5-day option: Days of wonder, emotional release and inner change giving structure and re-formatting to understand yourself, family and loved ones.                      

Open to anyone no previous training required. Includes, manual, certificate, x 3 CD’s for home continuance: CPD approved

Mandatory Induction for professional D.A.R.E Therapy Training

Founder Joy Wisdom – Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015

Allonus Innovation for Health Happiness and future Destiny

Book: ‘Shell of Soul’ gives more information – Website, Amazon and E format

NEW Book: ‘Mirror Image’ facts and solutions to Inherited Generational Trauma – Website, Amazon and E format 

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