Disorders suffered from infant to adult

Digestive disorders are suffered from infant to adult.

By Joy Wisdom


April is IBS awareness month and you will have seen articles and blogs on the subject throughout April. Our gastrointestinal system is a practical function to eliminate waste, we all take for granted yet involved in so many other significant functions that can effect underlying health disorders. One of the prevalent disorders is called ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’, commonly known as IBS. Anything to do with the digestive system going hay wire is debilitating and has a great impact upon our life no matter what age we are.


Irritable bowel is often a collection of factors and affects up to 30-40% of society suggests John Hopkins university. The impacts are variable and can affect from mild to severe. More than a food disruption. Anxiety, stress and emotional impacts are part of the disorder, with physical outcomes, causing gut disorders. With groundhog day living repetition.


John Hopkins university says a higher-than-normal percentage of people with IBS and functional bowel problems develop depression and anxiety. Important data, because a large proportion of the population are affected. Estimated at 30% to 40% of the population has functional bowel problems at some point.


The gastrointestinal system main role is controlling digestion, from swallowing to the release of enzymes that break down food to the control of blood flow that helps with nutrient absorption to elimination. Clinically linked to changes in gut microbiota, visceral hypersensitivity, altered gut motility, genetic variants, and dysfunction of the gut-brain axis. Gut brain axis is the mind-emotional impact. The enteric nervous system doesn’t seem capable of thought as we know it, however neurons and Vagus nerve communicate back and forth (gut/brain axis) with profound results.


Irritable bowel syndrome affects primarily large intestine (often described as bowel) where colon becomes irritated. Several factors may be involved. IBS often forms over time. Breakdown happens within digestive system, deteriorating colon action and function. Cause may be a mix of outcomes creating irritability, affecting how stomach digests, accepts or rejects food, with knock on physical effects, digestive function becomes weak.


Any dysfunction or impacts to Vagus nerve can result in nervous outcomes for the individual effecting all of the nervous system, outcome forms of anxiety and stress.  Biochemically the body will release stress chemicals and hormones to impact further. Long term outcomes are various, with gastrointestinal system communication breakdown, dysfunction of systems, aversion with emotion = rejecting food. Emotionally hold on and become bunged up. Fear, anxiety or adverse trauma can be involved.

Or can’t stomach with reject and excrete. It can be a combination of and variations on a theme.  With no rhyme or reason in some cases. However there will be a reason.

Everything is connected nothing is separate and the digestive system is part of our elimination system, keeps us safe from toxicity and with excretion.


When we have challenges in gut system there are many knock on effects. ONE of them is ECZEMA. Having had decades of experience with children disorders often suffered skin or allergies which will have a direct corelation with gastrointestinal malfunctions. 


Logically, digestive issues need correcting before skin will respond. A combination whole body approach is the answer and child responds faster when gastrointestinal issues are resolved.


Adams Story.

Adam was six months when I saw him, his mum said over the last four weeks Eczema started on his tummy, then moved to face, arms, legs, all over. All jus tout of the blue. Adam was in torment and very unhappy. Mum breastfed and when I enquired about Adams excretions mum replied every two-days was the norm for Adam since birth. Adam had a long and arduous birth, birth trauma was evident with lack of excretions, a common factor as trauma hits stomach. He was clingy to mum and sleep was intermittent and fractious. All indicators of Birth Trauma.


A combination of factors were affecting Adam’s skin disorder.

Unfortunately, majority of parents underestimate the health issues that can form, caused from infants lack of excretions and gut disorders. When children don’t excrete toxins and poison may build up causing skin issues, such as Eczema.  (as it can be for adults too/any age can suffer the same outcomes).


From my perspective the digestive issues are the result of not necessarily the cause.

After his first D.A.R.E session Adam had a large pooh release, with several repetitions over the next 48 hours.

I suggested children’s liquid Zinc and Vitamin C to help strengthen his skin.

Trauma from birth process was found in the gut hence, hanging on to content for days on end. Water intake was low, which didn’t help his situation. By improving water intake, helped to flush toxicity out of his system. Within days his Eczema started to reduce. Skin looked less angry and red. The heat had gone out of the rash.


D.A.R.E sessions can feel like a magic wand as whole body investigations help systems to respond. Correcting imbalances and improving, kick starting system actions/functions.

His fractiousness and light sleep improved to deeper sound sleep with Birth trauma, shock, with D.A.R.E Emotional Release methods.  

Adam was exhausted from lack of quality sleep. He needed to catch up with sleep too. Less distress with Eczema keeping him awake. Adams Eczema disappeared over the next month.

Excretions returned to daily, and he became less clingy to mum…. Mum appreciated the new sleep patterns. Although it did not stop infant teething…!


All ages including children can benefit from whole-body D.A.R.E system investigation. Easy to apply and Adam slept through his sessions and mum said she had ‘never seen him so relaxed’. Adams disorder wasn’t just a digestive issue. Physical cause and effect will affect all of us, including mood and emotions, as described above. None of us want our children or anyone to suffer from gut issues… there will be an answer that is not often seen, yet underlying system performance.


Prevent and avoid long term issues, find your underlying reasons with D.A.R.E Therapy.

Corrections can take place within a few sessions, as it did with Adam. Instant help and improved wellbeing go hand in hand. However, we need to realise that the gut is often the result of and not the cause as in infant Adam’s story. (name changed for confidentiality).


Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) is a combination approach, helps to eliminate emotional pain and complex trauma involved in many health disorders. Adverse trauma such as birth trauma, PTSD, etc., underlies, affecting physical outcomes such as gastrointestinal mal function, as explained above. And issues can start early in life as it was for Adam. Our systems are unique in function and action, and need personal integrated therapy such as D.A.R.E tailored to the individuals unique needs.


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