DARE never before by Joy Wisdom

Never before has the future so rapidly become the past

Arnold Glasgow quote San Francisco Chronicle.


Everyday life speeds up and gets faster.

Some cope well, bend and weave with life, while others find it overwhelming and can’t keep up.


The Reason Why - All depends upon our coping base lines. Formed in the womb and builds with experience or NOT in life. LOVE, bonding and nurturing makes a huge difference to our coping strategies, our confidence and tolerance. Giving a bigger picture perception on life.


When living vulnerabilities, lack of self-esteem, literal thinking, lack of confidence we struggle with life. Waiting for the critism, intolerance and back lash.  Vulnerabilities, anxiety and stress brings drama and misunderstanding in life.  Coping is a daily chore.


Emotions such as anxiety and stress, affect us deeply. When we can rectify and reduce emotions, we can make change. Stop the cycle and circle of worry-anxiety–stress, thinking and life changes. We see a different perspective of life and ourselves.


Coping strategies can change with education.

Healthier mindsets, management of self and ditching emotions allows worry to be a thing of the past. Putting you in the driving seat of life. Eliminating vulnerabilities, life becomes less about coping, moving to more living and happier days.


D.A.R.E Therapy 1-2-1 is amazing in rectifying the cycle and circle of anxiety and stress.


Additionally evening digital online workshop training can help make the changes you are looking for.


Contact for a 15min FREE ZEST of Life call to find out more.


Joy Wisdom Training Designed to be different for personal and professional new approaches and perspectives.




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