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In our practitioner’s day we hear a lot about the pain people suffer. Long term issues that don’t seem to go away even if they have medication. Individuals can find no relief. We have pain management clinics the issue is so bad. Pain management is about managing or learning how to block out and ignore pain. A Mind over matter approach.

Pain killers are commonly given to manage pain.  However, do the patients get relief? In the majority of cases no, they don’t. Yet no one seems to have an answer or investigated how or why this is?

Pain is challenging to remove from a medic’s point of view. From a D.A.R.E point of view it is historical and will include emotional/psychological factors. There is a core reason for pain and of course pain killers will not remove from emotional and psychological premise! 

We believe we are advanced in medical treatment and in the pharma prescribed drugs given out liberally in today’s society. Individuals will ask for pain killers from GPs, when not prescribed they buy on internet or over the counter without any challenges. We are beginning to realise and become aware of the addictions and suicide related incidences from pain relief, medically prescribed and/or received over the pharmacist counter. 

Unfortunately symptoms of pain become normal over time. Individuals have long forgotten how it feels to be pain free. People dream about being pain free… yet in reality pain is wearing, individuals are emotionally drowning in the discomfort and lack of ability. 

Chronic pain will make the pain victim feel fatigued, low in energy, sleep deprivation exists, frustrated, anxiety and depression kicks in very quickly. Lack of movement brings, other disorders such as Diabetes, heart conditions and stroke. Prescribed pain relief brings its own contra indicators, such as constipation and gut issues, foggy brain, low mood, eating and drinking dysfunctions, addictions to more of the same sea saw of ups and downs. Emotional and psychological deprivation, helplessness and hopelessness. 

Some would say the answer lies not in your diagnosis or your problem, but your relationship to it.  Relationships are the golden key to healing. Relationships with each other, Relationship with yourself. Relationship with the world around you. And certainly their viewpoint is valid we do have a relationship with disorders, disease and pain; archetypal relationships as the victim, myrter, manipulator, etc.,

We have become a nation of a quick fix and demand drugs to solve all our issues. Pain is due to a variety of issues: worn joints, muscle pain and cramp. Accidents and broken bones. But nutritional issues can exist with pain and disease.  

The gut will also be a factor and dehydration, a big cause of aches and pains. The bigger picture is often hidden from view as we investigate from a D.A.R.E perspective.


Lack of drinking water is a big pain creator: Causing dryness in the joints and skeletal body.  Dehydration will cause digestive issues, headaches and aches and pains. Dehydration is a huge issue and global population.

The body needs water. Water to keeps skin supple: enhance bone and cell growth : water is required to help brain function and essential for converting internal fluids to cleanse and remove toxins v Lymph and Cranio Sacral fluid. Dryness in gut will cause reduced digestive tract action. Involved in constipation and gut issues. Reduced digestive function will lead to chronic skin issues, long-term chronic disorders and disease including cancer if not corrected.

Gut issues can also be affected by medication.

Depletion of vitamins and minerals will also be a factor. For instance Magnesium is a multi- faceted mineral that can reduce muscle cramps, improve sleep and assists in many body functions. 

Pain killers and Opioids

Everyone has a different pain threshold.  Formed from previous experiences and past life events. Pain thresholds can be formed from Utero and birth experience. Formed as a memory from formation/womb transference from the mother.  If the mother has a low pain threshold then the child will mirror that level. The memory of pain is excruciating and will be logged in the brain and hormonally linked. Emotional pain will be formed from adverse trauma received. All experiences of pain are stored as memories and can be stored all over the body.

Torture, punishment and slave entrapment will also be linked to pain logged in the mind and body.  Coming from the individual and their own creations or interactions. Self-punishment and sabotage can be masochistic in nature; numbness brings other factors of needing more pain to feel …. ! Giving mis-interpretations to self-behaviour and actions, seen as having a high pain threshold when reality is the opposite. 

Women used to have higher pain thresholds than men due to childbirth and menstrual pain. Today that is not the case. As pain killers mask pain. Muscle strength is different today than it was with a more labour-intensive society. For example scrubbing floors, working in the fields. No pain killers were available in times of history, we gritted teeth and bared. Some would agree we have (as a society) become soft from medication. 

The daft thing is – medicine has the ethos that we must not feel pain… kept from pain with pain killers (especially morphine-based Opioids used today) masking pain and numbing the brain; it does not stop the hormonal and biological affects: feeling gives internal instincts to tell us to stop...! Pain relief will continue to damage tissue and muscles with numbing… therefore longer-term suffering is increased in the numbing actions of heroin-based Opioids and morphine-based pain relief. Morphine based medication is first line defence for pain. Given daily in hospitals. Morphine side effects can include holucigenic and nightmares.

Pain Killers were expanded in the 1980s. The false sense of security goes back to 80s when papers were written advising no long-term addiction with Opioid medication. The advice came from trailing Opioids on cancer patients. 

“Addiction rare in patients treated with narcotics 1980s” a paper written by Dr. Hershaw Dick: Concluding that the development of addition was rare. Unfortunately, a short-term medication used on cancer patients…. Long term had not been assessed! Additionally it was not research but an observation paper.

Many jumped on the band wagon, repeated x 600 times in science journals as fact! One journal specified ‘The pain population with no abuse history, literally no risk for addiction. Driving use of Opioids!

Hear it enough and we believe it is true. Pharma groups funded pain research and aggressively marketed opioid use. Marketing videos were used denying addiction and not strong at all. promoting encouraging medics and GP’s to prescribe. The original author written by Dr. Hershaw Dick in 1970s wrote ‘I am essentially mortified that that letter to the editor was used as an excuse to do what these drug companies did’

Unfortunately inaccurate advice proved to have taken 200,000 drug abused lives in USA alone.  Contra indicators remain from pain killers. 

An epidemic of suicides and ongoing addiction proved to be staggering globally as individuals became hooked on prescribed pain killers, then turning to heroin or stronger drugs as pain killers… unfortunately they did not ease the pain. It is estimated that in the USA alone 4 out of 5 Heroin users have become addicted; addicts from prescribed Opioids Heroine-based medication. 

Innocent to look at yet Opioid based.  What does that mean?

Opioids are made with morphine and heroin derivatives : acting on opioid receptors in the brain, numbing the brain. Signals sent to brain receptors block pain and lead to feelings of euphoria.

90% of Opioid takers find medication is doing nothing for them!

Opioids numb pain; Essentially 1 in 10 will get relief from long-term pain taking medication : a clinically useful result. As with so many of our medications etc., the marketing is good and the product not up to scratch. Apparently, there was no great evidence they worked in the first place! 

More than 100mg of morphine a day is a health risk to point of overdose and death;  patients are not aware of the risk they are taking when receiving medication. Certainly, from my own experience, morphine is the first call for pain after operation, fortunately for me it did not agree with me. I vomited for 24-hours rejecting the poison received from morphine. It did not stop nurses wanting to give me more! I could be asked three or four times a day. I refused each time.  However, other patients would willingly take morphine and would ask for it as dose wore off. One nurse explained (after me quizzing her about morphine) suggested medication tonight did not contain morphine. After taking the drug, I had hallucinations and nightmares. I told the morning staff ; reply was ‘Ah yes that converts to morphine in the liver’

Hence staff I surmised not all staff were aware of what the drugs did!

Paracetamol was the other default for pain:  Which is also an Opioid base drug.

I could have personally taken 20 paracetamol in a day every day, with additional morphine derivative drugs. No wonder people get hooked! I would rather have the pain than have the affects from drugs… no hallucinations, gut issues or foggy brain!

Not enough information is available or discussed with patients. I questioned; however others took expert advice as right. Surprised when risk is explained, believing that medication was safe to take…! No wonder many a patient has become hooked on the effects of Opioids (living with numbness) and taken the short term, to long term use without prescription… the decision to self-medicate without medical support. Where addiction grows further.

  1. Chronic pain is classed as a continuous condition over a period of 3-4 months

A disease in its own right: The fact is that chronic pain changes internal states:
2. Chronic pain burns internally leaving branding of pain in the tissue; imprints, triggers and patterns of pain (PPITs): the individual can go on to feel pain when no longer a physical injury. 
3. Acute pain to teach you not to do something – a purpose 

Pain is challenging to remove from a medic’s point of view. When prescribed drugs not numbing pain, doctors are moved to give higher doses and doubling prescribed meds. Patients live with contraindicators and side effects; masking with no real pain relief by numbing pain receptors it kids everyone into thinking pain is gone. Truth is Opioids are just dangerous and addictive and does little to quell pain ! 

People take it …as easier to get through the day… buy more over the counter …opioid based drugs are plentiful. All mask addiction :

  • Solpadine Max
  • Veganin
  • Nerophen and also in Paracetamol. 
  • Migraleave 
  • Paramol
  • Syndol
  • Co Codamol can cause addiction and is not prescripted.
  • Codeine  - a class III drug. 

Codeine could conquer the world upbeat warm buzz… quilt a nice feeling. Numbing out.   Chemist visit is essential, can I buy at chemist before work at lunch time going home. Purchase chemist and internet buy whatever you want. Buy from outside the UK easily. Some addicts can take 50-70 per day… overdose levels with no idea of the damage to themselves.

From a D.A.R.E point of view emotional pain is historical

Emotional pain is historical, memories are made of this; including emotional/ psychological factors. There is a core reason for pain and of course pain killers will not remove it from the emotional and psychological premise! 

  • Emotional pain does exist. Emotional pain = physical pain 

As found in D.A.R.E training we store emotions anywhere and everywhere!  Where there are emotions there can be aches and pains. From emotional and physical impacts, for example physical, verbal and mental abuse.  Pain is stored all over the physical and energetic body.  From this life and previous historical events. Often finding pain stored in the head from adverse trauma and stress. 

Emotional Pain starts from Utero and formation too. When I work with newborns from traumatic births, I will find their stress and trauma already formed in the head. It is immediate storage of memories of pain! Hence nightmares, sleep deprivation, gut issues and PTS from early days….! 

The fact is emotional pain is far greater than any physical pain. Although memories will exist in physicality from injury, bruise and accident break, deeply embedded within tissue and facia. Certainly, with each impact of bruise, break and injury there will be emotions weaved with adverse trauma. Additionally, shock and stress to physicality and energetics.  And the more sensitive the person the bigger the shock impacts. The net is wide and bigger picture of pain is misunderstood; not dealt with from my observations and finds with D.A.R.E clients.

From my own experiences of injury (broken Femur) and subsequent four operations to correct the bumbling of original diagnosis and inappropriate surgery. I felt I was bombarded from drugs that equalled reduced recovery. Blood transfusions were dire for me. I felt I was dying from being pumped with others cr*p: the shock and trauma for my body was off the scale.  I could not quantify shock and adverse trauma and my own daily clearing and correction to energetics and shock went on for months. The more shock I removed the better I felt. Slow to start and needed daily action to kick start. Fortunately I had skills to help myself however, in a poor state physically means I struggled for nine-months to get back to any resemblance to myself. I was very grateful for the help of several other D.A.R.E students who helped remotely. The above were the outcomes from the original injury impacts and operation. I then went through three more operations and each time the above shock trauma and drug influences were endured. Taking more and more time to recover. I came to the conclusion the barbaric acts and recovery in hospital were killing me inside. I refused blood transfusions and morphine, speeding up recovery as I prevented some of the fallout from original experiences. 

The truth is todays pain is the tip of the iceberg we can find shock and trauma from past lives that are just as horrendous from injury, war and slavery beatings!  Experiences received hundreds of years ago, still carrying the scars of emotional pain. Causing weakness in body function and deuteriation. Poison, disease and disorders are factors carrying emotional barriers to organs and systems. Keeping the function low, consequences ongoing, the imprints and patterns brought with them from eons ago. And we wonder why some people suffer more than others…! All we need to do is look at their past life influences driving todays emotional pain and poor health !

If we want to remove pain, we need to find the core issue (emotional) and then we can have a chance of eliminating all areas of influence. Freeing and liberating the individual from pain.

Pain is the result of… not necessarily the cause and we as D.A.R.E. practitioners look outside the individuals thinking and medical beliefs to find the true cause. Resulting in a magic wand of pain reduction without drugs….

Founder of Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) Therapy 


Joy Wisdom
Founder of Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) Therapy 
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