Covid affect on Mental Health 2020

As Covid continues we are finding more people going into depression : Oxford university analysed 70 million US health records and found within 3-months of testing positive 18% of people were diagnosed with anxiety, depression and insomnia.  Professor Paul Harrison of Oxford university concluded that due to Covid  more were vulnerable to mental illness than flu, or a fracture of bone. Indicating that Covid directly affects the brain and mental illness issues. Neurologically adversely  affecting individuals. Of course the pandemic and restrictions are a common factor too. The long term effects of Covid is unknown as yet, we are still learning at the moment and physical weakness and even ME type of symptoms are being shown. Fatigue is a common factor. And I also see the same symptoms of glandular fever when it comes to the weakness of physicality. Core strength is not there. It strips away to underlying weakness or burnout that may have been there all along!  

Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression can be a common factor from accidents, bone/femur breaks and common after operations. The extreme events and restrictions to physicality does form as depression down the line with patients. One Australian trial found that people over fifty were more at risk of fatality a year after a femur bone break. As long term recovery is a challenge and wears down the individual in biological internal change. Other factors ensue such as poor sleep, insomnia, self-worth and self-esteem is diminished as reduced mobility causes further strains on the body. Antidepressants would be the normal prescription for these situations. However we have to ask does it help over long term?  Or does it create other factors such as addictions? I find shock to all systems are vast and a main factor. From my perspective shock is not dealt with effectively and remains a core issue. Once the shock has been reduced systems can return and individuals will feel the benefit to recover at a faster rate from previous experiences. 

I have learnt over two decades of administering therapy for depression, anxiety and stress, that depression or anxiety does not just arrive.  I have found the majority of victims of mental health issues have  lived underlying levels of anxiety, stress and depression most of their lives.  In some cases going back to childhood. When asked when they noticed the symptoms of depression or anxiety a large percentage will tell me ‘always’ or ‘ever since I can remember’!

It is not unreasonable to conclude this started early in life and in some cases while in the womb. A common factor in large number of cases of depression, anxiety, underlying stress  and burnout. Coping strategies are formed in the womb and hormonal/biological base lines are set accordingly. And it does not take much to disrupt the normal base lines to excess if formed this way. Easily pushed over the edge of overwhelm/ underwhelm. Coping strategies are formed and taught to deal with depression etc. A lot of people look to outdoor activities to smooth out some of their stress by getting out for walks and gardening etc. Taking them out of the four walls of home, occupying the mind with an outdoor routine or project. Obviously restrictions of movement v pandemic will affect deeper aspects of underlying depression when out of routine feeling anxiety from entrapment and lack of choice.

Do we exercise for the pleasure or the need to keep us going? I have met many who use exercise as a way of stimulation for anxiety and stress. 

However, their internal systems were found to be exhausted and under par. Stress hormones automatically secrete when anxious and stressed.  When continually stressed hormone secretion is bombarded 24/7.  Hormone secretions for every positive and negative emotion and thought, stimulating internal biological changes takes place, changing the structure of cell and nucelli DNA. 

Energetics are automatically affected; burnout is found to be a core factor having lost energetic and system support.  We all have a physical body however the difference in performance of systems and cells are unique to each of us. Disparity will occur over long term and without solutions to underlying stress and strain, the body will not support when the likes of Covid hits.  As found with so many long term Covid affects in so called’ fit’ people. Exercise may make us feel better however continued stress hormone secretions will paint a very different internal picture. Assuming systems are perfect when fit is a fallacy, in fact in most scenarios declining instead of supporting. Immunity will reduce with under par systems unable to fight off and protect from viruses such as Covid.   A bigger picture of health and mental health that is not acknowledged in our pandemic outbreaks. 

When foetal origins are involved,  womb creations are unique. A biological/hormonal issue that will need addressing to realign and balance. As foetal formation and mental health issues are formed from the emotional and biological state of the mother at the time of pregnancy.   Brain pathways and cognitive development can be impaired at this time. Causing all types of disorders of mental health and emotional states continued. Irrational fears, and odd behaviour included. The type of birth and neglect in life will add to the distortions formed from formation. From young to old it does not go away unless directly tackled and can grow to enormous proportions. Including attachment disorders and psychological/psychotic dysfunctions.

Transference is gaining recognition and certainly a major factor in mental health

Indeed some trials are discovering it starts way back in the mother’s life and even from her own birth and childhood a template passed on to her own children via ovum and sperm. Dad adds his own cocktail of emotional and mental base lines into the mix. Culture and lineage dominance is already set and added to by parents and so on. We make our own additions in life and continue the cocktail mix passed  to other generations. And we wonder why we feel so mixed up!

Transference also includes vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as zinc and magnesium that are factors in burnout and cognitive dysfunction.  We need to look at the full picture for the individual nothing is black or white.  We are all unique in our formation and makeup, no two are the same even in the same families variations are present.  

When depression, stress, anxiety, forms of mental health issues are foetal origins, medication and cognitive methods are not successful. No long term effectiveness for the individual as masks the real core issue.  Individuals suffer with further consequences when treated this way believing there is something wrong with them! As treatment methods are not working.  I have seen clients who have had twenty years of counselling and still not cured! With suffering ongoing and a lot of life wasted in the process. Surely we need to look at the situation and if it has not worked after twenty years, it won’t. To look at the bigger picture for solutions to emotional and mental health disorders. Talking about the issues only prove negative for the client as stress hormones will be stimulated causing the status quo in bigger frames. 

Essential we look for alternative solutions to individuals issues. Foetal origins, adverse trauma, PTS have proven positive and new radical D.A.R.E Therapy solutions, found to be successful giving long term release. 

 Transference is in its infancy of diagnosis.

However it does exist and has been around for eons. We have a lot to learn regarding mental and emotional issues and bigger picture frames need to be included if we want to deal with all aspects of mental health.  

Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E)  is a new approach that deals with core issues of transference and foetal origins. We find transference as a bigger factor than appreciated giving client resolution and realising it is not their fault.  Finding low levels of depression, anxiety lived, tainting and affecting people’s lives detrimentally.  

Additionally, living with someone with clinical depression, anxiety, stress rubs off, absorption from family members and close relationships are other aspects of mental health rippling through generations of innocents. As found in trials at Queens university Belfast.  Irelands population with high levels of suicide in young people as young as eleven years old, who did not live in the times of troubles, yet live the emotional and mental injustices passed on through transference to future generations.  

The writing on the wall has been here for generations and we still don’t want to see it!

As discovered and proved (Haifa University, Israel) with Holocaust victims investigated, finds showed continuing second and third generations suffering their grandparents horrors, with underlying depression and anxiety daily.  In the mean times suffering is vast for those who live it and my heart goes out to their unjust torment lived daily, 24/7…. 365 days a year!

D.A.R.E has many methods of solutions to offer. My quest found talking about the condition only generates more hormonal bombardment and a bigger repetition of symptoms and perpetuation will follow.  From my quest around mental health I find it is the last thing people they want to do is ‘discuss’ their situation.  Weary from discussion. Cognitive therapy will not dissolve depression in these situations, neither will meditation or Yoga. It proves to be a biological and cognitive template lived. And needs direct solution intervention to reduce and resolve. Each case is unique and unique solutions are available to dissolve and resolve for each person.

Studies show medication does not work for millions who have emotional (constant) pain.

As compared to emotional pain, it feels like real pain, yet emotionally driven again hormonal bombardment is involved. Pain killers will not relieve their emotional pain.  From research pain killers are addictive and I am grateful that this year 2020 has at last been acknowledged after decades of evidence.   How long will we have to wait for medics and science to wake up to emotional pain and emotional drives causing depression, anxiety etc. There is no pill for this solution hence nothing happens!

As with Mental health are we leaving sufferers in dire situations due to our lack of understanding of how it affects each one of us.  Astonishingly mental health numbers were astronomical before Covid. And we have never had such high numbers in our young children suffering from mental health, depression and anxiety before. We must be doing something wrong…. And need to find solutions fast…Foetal origins and transference is a big part of the picture and the sooner we include in our solutions to better health and well-being, otherwise the numbers just keep growing! 

Read more about transference in my book ‘Mirror Image’ and/or ‘Pregnancy & birth a New Generation’ in paperback and E version. Website has more details.

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