Covid and cosmic alignments

They say history repeats itself.

Looking back on history it is sobering to realise that there are colorations between other pandemics or great disease throughout history and what is happening and/or repeated in 2020. Astrologists are telling us cosmically planets are in the same alignments as the eras of Spanish Flu and Black Death or Plague.

On March 20, 1345 a planetary alignment occurred; medieval scholars believed it caused the Black Death, otherwise known as the plague. At 1 p.m., a triple conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars occurred in the 40th degree of Aquarius. Each of the planets were associated with specific bodily humors*. (* in Medieval speak, the four elements of the body believed to be imbalanced). 

In the 1300s it was a time of expansion, times were plentiful, good livings, population grew, trade expanded across continents into the magical East.  There is evidence of weather pattern changes, damaged and failed crops; people went hungry with over population. In those days people were undernourished, hygiene was none existant and living quarters overcrowded, houses situated close together. Easy enough for the air-born virus to spread! 

The first recorded plague pandemic spread from Egypt to the Mediterranean and North western Europe (Plague of Justinian). The second plague pandemic spread from Central Asia to the Mediterranean and Europe. ... historically from 1347 to 1665,before the the Black Death was eradicated, responsible for around 25 million deaths in Europe.

Plague was believed for a long time to have been spread by flees and rats; yet history tells us plague started in Mongolia (Asia) where great swathes of open ground existed. It took around fifteen years to reach Europe where it spread swiftly, taking out 50-60% of the population across the world. Still in discussion today, experts can’t agree, who had the correct diagnosis. 

Today, DNA testing is being used to discern who is right. Today the thinking is the plague was Ebola or versions of it. It could have been several viruses., no one knows for sure.  The black death or plague crossed continents without planes or trains, where transport was limited and from today’s standards smaller settlements. Even arrived at Greenland where there were no rats!  Therefore, theories are very confusing around disease origin.

Astrologer Jessica Adams states …How seriously should we take the Corona Virus in astrology? Coincidentally or not, on the same zodiac cycle as The Spanish Flu and The Great Plague. 

Spanish Flu - also known as the 1918 flu pandemic, a deadly influenza pandemic after the first world war. Populations were malnourished and lived harrowing times during the 1914-18 global war.  Pandemic believed to have killed more people than in the war. Lasting almost 36 months from January 1918 to December 1920, and infected 500 million people – about a third of the world's population at the time.

First observed in Europe, United States and parts of Asia before swiftly spreading around the world. At the time, (as today) there were no effective drugs or vaccines to treat this killer flu strain. Citizens were ordered to wear masks, schools, shops and businesses were shuttered. As lockdown programmes were put in place.

The symptoms and affects are very similar to Covid; flu, is a virus that attacks the respiratory system and highly contagious: When an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks, respiratory droplets are generated and transmitted into the air, and can then be inhaled by anyone nearby. Additionally, a person who touches something with the virus on it and then touches his or her mouth, eyes or nose can become infected.

Astrology shows there is a connection between the year 2020 and 1918. In the Spanish Flu crisis, astrologically the North Node in Sagittarius and South Node in Gemini. Over a century later, seeing the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. Astrology did specifically show a key word for ‘virus’ in the world horoscope and date-stamped 10th January 2020.

2020 isn’t the first time Saturn and Pluto affected the health of millions — Bacteria and virus simply taking place in its newest form as COVID-19. Astrologer Mela Luna, highlights examples of world-changing Saturn-Pluto meetups that took place at the beginning and end of the twenty-first century: 

  1. 1914, with the start of World War I and the redrawing of Europe’s borders 
  2. 1982, as unemployment rates spiked to their highest level since the Great Depression.
  3. 1982, CDC put a name to AIDS virus as it began reaching epidemic levels of devastation. 

As seen throughout history virus outbreaks take the weak and less healthy from us, hidden from view,  attacking as any weapon, germ warfare passed with breath, close contact and sneezing. 

Today we have a science education and microscope view of viruses giving us more of a clue of what is happening internally.  Even with today’s knowledge it is proving impossible to save everyone. This time we have worldwide travel spreading the pandemic at Lightening speed !  There is no doubt that lockdown has saved lives. We have yet to find out the full outcomes of nature’s way of correction and what lengths she will go to, to correct world population once again. 

Covid 19  Facts of biology 

WHO announced March 3rd, that COVID-19 causes more severe disease than seasonal influenza. Globally many people have built up immunity to seasonal flu strains, COVID-19 is a new virus to which no one has immunity. That means more people are susceptible to infection, and some will suffer severe disease. Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu today generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected. 2020#:~:text=COVID%2D19%20causes%20more,%25%20of%20those%20infected.

Corona viruses are tiny, a couple of trillion together would fill a pinhead. The virus holds spikes or knobbly areas, giving the appearance of a crown or coronet under the microscope. Hence the name Corona.

Viruses can be wrapped in a protective coat of protein or/and envelope of fat, that invades living cells. When at a cell level they will replicate. They need a host (individuals) cell/s to replicate. Why it is desirable to keep washing hands with soap, as it destroys the delicate fatty envelope surrounding the virus giving it no protective package to replicate.

When infected by Corona virus trillions of microbes will be carried by saliva; when the infected host coughs, sneezes, talks or even breathes heavily, hosts unknowingly emit droplets laden with the virus. This is why the virus can spread so widely. Therefore wearing gloves and social distancing is essential to reduce the pandemic.

What is concerning is the length of time the virus hangs around within the area and latching on to surfaces, unseen by the human eye.  

A study on Covid 19 from University of Nebraska Medical Centre, found those infected can spread the virus far and wide: air born landing on glasses (specs), I-pads, phones, kitchen counters, furniture surfaces, bedside tables/nightstands; all found to be ‘live’ in clean environments. The invisible virus covered the whole floor, air samples taken from the hall showed two thirds of the area were infected.  Walking across infected areas will spread the disease to virgin ground. Shoes will carry and transport virus in these circumstances. 

The virus can survive for several hours when air born. Different time frames dependent upon the surfaces. A study published April 2nd, in the journal ‘The Lancet Microbe’ revealed how long COVID-19 virus lasts on various common surfaces. 

Printing and tissue paper -                             Three hours.

Wood and cloth fabric  -                                 Two- days for it to leave. 

Glass or paper money -                                   Four days - no longer detectable. 

Stainless steel and plastic -                             Three to Seven days

Surgical masks outer layer the virus lasted longest  - Seven days 

Those exposed to infectious person/s medics etc., (infected will be shedding virus continually); virus can land on carers clothes and/or top of the shoes — Therefore it’s advisable to leave work clothes and shoes outside when home. 

Virus ActionThe virus particles enter the human body via eyes, nose and mouth, latching onto cells in the respiratory tract. The spikes on the invading virus latch on to certain receptor sites like a key into a lock and take control of cells. The virus then quickly replicates itself in healthy cells. Dr.  Schaffner of Vanderbilt University says the intruder virus order the inflamed cell ‘help me multiply’. 

The Incubation period can be anything from 2 to 14 days. common time scales are typically thought to be five days.  Although factually it can be two-days or as long as two -weeks for Covid to develop. 

  • Symptoms include fever, dry cough and fatigue 
  • Kings College have added symptoms of loss of sense of smell and/or taste as recorded symptoms
  • Age 60+ and those with underlying health issues are most at risk: Ethnic groups seem to be hard hit with fatalities (stats showing 30% of deaths are ethnic).  
  • The key factor is how well the immune system can react. The positive reaction and action of Cytokines, the alarm beacons, to recruit immune T-cells to kill off the infected tissue to save the rest of the body. Confining to infected area.  With all flu viruses and infection, the immune will dictate the outcome.

80% of people who develop Covid 19 recover without needing treatment, with heard immunity gathering pace. 

  • Screening programmes have been proved to be 30% less accurate than first thought. 
  • Iceland and parts of Italy screening data have suggested that at least 50% of those infected show no signs or symptoms of the virus. Becoming carriers of the virus and will unknowingly pass on unaffected. Perhaps explaining the virus swift spread globally.
  • Iceland screening highlighted those infected could be hosting two or even three different viruses at the same time (including Covid 19). The alternative version is that it could be morphing continually without symptoms showing in host; unknowingly becoming carriers!

Indicating morphing Covid 19 is a challenge to detect without testing: actively morphing into new states.  Essentially, we don’t really know and it will take time to  amass global data to find trends and differences across the world. 

Source: Iceland Prolific Covid19 Testing:

In mild cases the infection stays largely in the upper respiratory tract. The immune system makes antibodies, activating killer T-cells that neutralise and clear the virus. The individual recovers in a couple of weeks.  In more severe cases it pushes on into the lungs, causing inflammation and damage to the windpipe and lungs. 

In chronic and severe cases, the air sacs ‘Alveoli’  in our lungs (air sacs sends oxygen to blood and removes carbon dioxide).  Breathing with Covid 19 becomes more difficult, as cells die the body outpours inflammatory fluid and white blood cells into the lungs, which in turn causes more damage. Causing Pneumonia, drowning the patient, which leads to both secondary infections and acute respiratory distress. i.e. Lung failure and additional multiple Organ failure. Estimated to be the outcome in many common fatalities (1-3%) in cases of infections.

The crash typically happens seven days into the disease. Leading to a sudden deterioration. Medics are offering supportive care with paracetamol, antibiotics, fluid replacement and oxygen is all that can be offered around the world. We have yet to investigate further the full process and actions of Covid 19. Medics do not fully understand the process and morphing of Covid 19. Treating advanced forms of the disease with ventilators and powerful anti-inflammatory drugs to combat it. 

As yet no specific drug can knock this out… With Iceland findings it could be a hit and miss event to find a specific vaccine if two or three viruses are piggybacking on each other. 

Underlying disorders are proving fatal in majority of cases, with Diabetes, chest and breathing issues causing most concern for obvious reasons. 

From a D.A.R.E Therapy observation it is a much bigger picture with underlying long-term organ weakness and weaker natural immune system as base lines. Passed down historically causing dysfunction to chronic states as found in one-to-one sessions continually. 

Heard immunity knocked out long ago !  

From past pandemic historical outcomes it is going to be a long period of safety management, screening and travel restrictions to move out of the extraordinary times we live in 2020.

Keep safe and respect each other’s space

LIFE is precious nurture each other. We are learning to be more compassionate and loving to each other in our times of need. 

Joy wisdom 

Founder of Allonus and D.A.R.E Therapy pioneering new approaches to mental and emotional health.

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