Corona virus

Due to our present lock down situation by the pandemic and government suggestions Allonus has regrettably suspended training : Summer dates (June and July) are available. 

D.A.R.E practitioners are working from home and unavailable for one to one sessions due to government restrictions and commons sense actions. However, they can be contacted for skype and phone sessions while restrictions remain in place. 

Joy Wisdom is available for skype and phone sessions or enquiries from practitioners and public on a regular diary basis contact direct for more information. 

We truly understand how distressing this is for everyone. Allonus will continue to support as best we can during these unprecedented and uncertain times. Personal and bigger picture lessons can be learnt. Acts of kindness are heard and seen daily as we open our hearts to others in distress.

As most of us in the alternative Therapy profession are self-employed times are tough financially, look out for Government assistance being announced daily.  Use social media and offer our unique training as a remote services to assist our clients and society. A phone call, text or email is welcomed in these trying times, boosting moral.
Please, use your training to assist, support tools are bountiful: stay safe with your families, network  through Light Healing programme and D.A.R.E professionals .  Look out for Joy’s information emails, articles, tips and messages on web site and Facebook.

Love from the ONE HeARt


Founder Allonus


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