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Joy and Allonus Team are wishing you all a wonderful festive break. We are taking a well-earned break, closing 21stDecember until 7th January 2022.  

Whirlwind of Achievements goes on into 2022. As we end 2021, looking back on our year seems to have been a whirlwind of achievements and changes with pandemic living. Looking for new solutions and innovation in life. The new innovative concepts of Allonus ‘ZEST of Life’ programmes are ever growing and expanding with radical approaches for improved health and wellbeing. Achieving tremendous outcomes for many, incorporates faster acting personal mentoring, cutting to the chase of core education and health issues, unique approaches to training, learning new ways for treating others and personal development. 

As we embrace the digital age further, all training has moved to LIVE online courses and education with 1-2-1,  live mentoring and guidance. The VIP personal experience is the same as at a venue, with high active energies the digital experience is as we were in the room together, there are no discrepancies in training, clearing or transformation, personal touch received in every workshop, seminars and one-to-one experiences. Personal development has experiential potential and transformational changes for health improvements, career and relationship interaction, embracing new skills for daily life while receiving new concepts in education. 

Over the last decade of eleven years we have brought new evolutionary standards to Healing with Power of 3 and clinical approaches via D.A.R.E.  A HeART based approach, compassionate practitioner training includes all aspects of health reducing pain and suffering. Wisdom keeps pushing the barriers and opens doors for so many students and client’s, helping develop new awakening with life changing Quantum shifts helping to upshift purity and wellbeing on many levels.

The long awaited ‘2 New downloads’ in the summer were incorporated into our shop. ‘Head and Heart’ meditation is highly sought after and enjoyed. ‘Quan Yin’ seeding unconditional love is a wonderful asset to anyone. You don’t have to believe in healing to enjoy the benefits of either downloads. Also available Chakra CD, (plus download) and Free downloads of introduction chapters for all books. Also launching a new practitioners download section on the website in 2022, giving video and audio refresher mentoring and workshop options.

D.A.R.E Intermediate Practitioners programmes have been run throughout the year. There is so much to learn with long-term health disorders, Long Covid, etc.   Bigger picture approaches to underlying factors are essential for better health. Digital and visual training brought bigger picture to Abuse and Mental health, PTSD, depression, shock and trauma depths, bring unique bespoke clarity to complexities of clients issues. Students found solution based concepts mind-blowing, realising first-hand the effects of depression and trauma to the brain and mind, undermining life to astonishing levels. 

Joy weaved ground level client experience in training, bringing a whole new picture of clients distress from psychological disorders. Practitioners perceptions have grown with  new solutions to Mental, Emotional Health and Adverse Trauma through D.A.R.E intermediate education.  

Live Webinars continues with acceleration days, seminars individual themes of health - In November Joy launched New monthly ‘Improve your Immune’ a series of  ‘Live’ webinars that will continue in 2022. Looking at ways we can each improve our health and wellbeing, an education programme open to anyone. No previous experience is required.

Eleven years of Allonus training and personal development programmes ‘ZEST of Life’ does not stand still with New heights and experiential trends delivered via Power of 3 and Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (BODY-MIND-EMOTION Therapy).  Advancing over the years with high calibre wellbeing approaches holistically delivered. The second arm of Allonus Light Healing packages, have certainly pushed barriers in 2021, opening new pathways in mind and hearts. Mental and emotional health improvements achieved. 

We will be celebrating our Twelfth year in February with special event. 

The whole 1-2-1 new experience is profound and life changing.  The solution approach from D.A.R.E practitioners is a different experience. Very often the label or diagnosis is the ‘result of’ and not the whole picture of cause. For long term health and wellbeing we need to look beyond the ‘outcomes’ and check out the cause, including all historical decline, system parameters and ongoing consequences, not just the symptoms. The support given to clients and practitioners is game changing, with a listening ear and kindness; throughout the year students have enjoyed monthly get togethers, LIGHT Healing and D.A.R.E practitioner Therapy, enhancing methods, gaining confidence, supporting each other with a win-win support programme for all students.  

All at Allonus look forward to sharing radical and unique concepts with you in 2022.

Joy and Allonus Team wish you a happy and safe environment. Wishing everyone, happiness, best of health and remember to find happiness in all you do, respect each other and live from truth and HeART purity as we move into our golden age of awakening, looking for new answers and solutions to life.

 Love from the UNITY HeART


Joy Wisdom, Author, Mentor, Humanitarian; Founder ZEST of Life, LiGht Healing and Dissolve and Resolve Emotions Therapy, bringing unique innovative focus and solutions to health. 

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