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ZEST of Life Celebration Day 12th March 2022

Hello Wisdom Searchers, 

I can’t believe it is over a decade since I launched Allonus in 2010 with the LiGHt Healing arm, ONE LOVE Diamond Inguz LiGht Healing on the weekend of LOVE 14th February 2010.  The same year I launched Dissolve and Resolve Emotions F1/F2 foundation and second stage Opalescence LiGht Healing quite a year of new HeART based approaches in Therapy and Healing. 

Approaches where radical and the two very different approaches dove tailed in progression individually and professionally. A very new approach pioneering new humanitarian solutions for better life and wellbeing.

My first book was also launched in the same year the largest of my books with 700 pages of Pregnancy and Birth a New Generation. 

Expansion of both arms has been exceptional. With 12 innovative intermediate stages of D.A.R.E including advanced and specialist approaches, covering some of the most chronic health and psychological disorders of our time. 

Diamond Inguz and Opalescence have integrated into Power of 3, with advanced additions of OMNI Heart and OMNIverse. Lotus Flower and Atlantis NEW Kids (ANK) followed and great swathes of extraordinary attainment of self-discovery and spiritual advancement of our time.  As consciousness advanced to Soul agendas, Soul & Soul Psychology brought a new addition to Soul guidance and integration. Allonus does not stand still. Twelve years, brought VIP structures, guiding onwards and upwards, making Spiritual and Holistic history since 2010. 

Both arms delivered in 2010 have accelerated astonishingly fast. Those who joined me in 2010 will recognise it is very different programme today. The advancements have blown many a mind with attendance. As barriers and limitation on all fronts were dissolved and resolved. Cutting historical chains from reincarnation and transference liberating all concerned.  The bigger picture view and attainment has been mind-blowing.  It is us who hold and limit ourselves due to lack of self-esteem, unworthy views from olde! We have much to embrace and all is available. We just need to step up to receive.  Easy in saying, however dinosaur thinking still hinders our accelerated pace available today there just for the taking!

2005/6 when I started to envisage what I would be required to deliver. Overwhelmed I would not have believed it if someone had told me I would be founding such advancement. Achieving twelve years of acceleration and deliverance with cutting edge programmes, books and advanced education/training. Pioneering and founding new advanced approaches to health and wellbeing! I wouldn’t have believed it in my wildest dreams! 

The quantum shifts have been unbelievable, and I have been very honoured to guide and lead individuals in accelerated learning approaches on both healing and holistic arms of consciousness. The shifts for the last twelve years have indeed been quantum. 

At times I have felt as though I was on a quantum warp speed and urgency has been pushing me forward to deliver and leave the legacy available to all of humanity. It has been a whirl wind of change and exceptional outcomes for individuals and students. Many students can testify as they held on to their hat in the process.

My humanitarian approach has been very new to many, Allonus was described to me as being 30 years ahead of the crowd. Over twelve years peoples thinking has advanced, becoming more aware of our reality, environment and morals. Allonus brings Innovation to health education, personal wellbeing with practitioners advancement with NEW pathways opened as consciousness rippled through humanity with planetary alignments and Grand Cross processes. 

More are starting to understand ZEST of Life cutting edge lifeline and rescuing HeART based approach incorporated in everything we do.  Lifting individuals above the parapet of human suffering into consciousness and grace and ease living. We have accelerated therapy outcomes. Speed of LiGht and quantum approach is incorporated. And compared to the many other modalities I trained in as a professional therapist, ZEST of life is  LIGHT years ahead.

Allonus ZEST of Life is a lifeline of abundance for each and everyone. As individuals testify regularly.  Phenomenal changes happen, Body-Mind-Emotion-Spirit upshifted and balanced. Students and individuals leave without chains of ground-hog-day living, tangle of veils, emotion and detriment dissolved and resolved from reincarnation and transformation.  Returning to their original blueprint with internal shifts and changes, better alignment as dormancy is ignited with life changing outcomes received. Small outlay to what is received.

Sounds too good to be true…. But it is true and can be your reality too.  

Time for suffering is over.  It is time to live in wellbeing and happiness. And what twelve years of cutting edge vision has done for so many. Given them hope and life improvements.  And better wellbeing comes automatically as eradication of old patterns, ancient ways unanchored. Liberation on all fronts can be enjoyed. 

It was lovely meeting you all on Celebration day.

Find out more, be curious, ask questions, hear testimonials with social proof of change.  We only know what we know …. Until we know differently. 

I advocate – ditch suffering, don’t live it!

Joy Wisdom 

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