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Fear is a powerful emotion and often creates irrational reactions of behaviour. Fear is from lack: Fear is used to suppress; Fear is used to bully and abuse; Fear is living life on survival. Fear is something we will experience in small increments and large dollops in life depending our individual situation, all experiences will create in our Quantum field for us to relive and continue the status quo and ground hog day living. In some cases entrapping and rippling out to bring more unwanted experiences and emotions into our lives.    All the above can come from different experiences of life but also from the womb and foetal formation determining our lives resulting in irrational behaviour and emotions without knowing.   Creating stress, anxiety, depression, influences affecting us daily including the choices we make, affecting our interactions and social behaviour with others. As a base line FEAR = lack of LOVE and nurturing Holding fear will determine what we receive and give to others i.e. Nurturing and love accepted or rejected.  Fear keeps us entrapped and disconnected from our heart and receiving LOVE.  Love is a deep need that is in all of us, if we don’t merge with LOVE we feel as though something is missing in our lives, we shut down and become numb from others feelings. Fear keeps us from feeling and the treadmill of survival mode: Numbs us out of happiness and joy.   The emotion ‘Fear’ will affect us emotionally and psychologically imposing health restrictions and health decline. Fear creates internal peptide and chemical responses that affects our health and emotions. Fear causes adrenal onslaught from emotions, overwhelming feelings that will eventually cause mental burn out. Some believe that fear is normal.  Fear is not a normal state to live. Some believe that we cannot live life without fear…. Indeed NOT normal thinking. Individuals who live harsh lives are full of fear, LACK and live survival, existing instead of living and enjoying the Joy’s of life. Leading to chronic illness and mental illness such as depression. Recently scans were put on the internet (pictures showing emotions) the different emotions were for instance anger was shown as fire i.e.: upper body and head response, yellow, orange, red, burning up - responding to burn out in the physical.   Other emotions showed cut off areas of extremities, hands, feet, limbs, emotion as feelings turned to ice. These particular areas were blue, dark, dark blue. Some of the pictures were mostly blue and ice. An interesting vision on emotions. The pictures were taken after people watched films, videos and reading books. From my point of view this is showing what I have been talking about for over ten years. Fear is a passionate emotion that is detrimental to us especially when we are consumed by this daily. Adrenal response will cause digestive issues, kidney decline, internal stress and body system malfunction. Fear can be at the root of chronic disease.   
  • Fear comes from shock
  • Fear comes from birth and unexpected
  • Fear comes from lack of bonding
  • We can absorb fear from others around us, as well as parents.
In an animation film of a stone family called CRUDZ – daddy Crudz held fear and taught this to his children.  His fear held back his children in life - of what they could explore and learn. Keeping them in a narrow world of limitation and capping. His daughter did not listen and climbed mountains (without fear) – this made daddy Crudz even more fearful for her. Fear ruled daddy Crudz  - Dad liked to stay in his cave because it was safe.  His children wanted to explore.  Daddy Crudz told his children they could not strive without fear….! The children on their journeys of exploration met a man who had no fear…. And told their daddy – he could not believe that was possible.  He disbelieved due to the conditioning and culture living be had been born into.  Generations passed down their fear to daddy Crudz. We can look at that children’s film and acknowledge backward thinking we had in the Stone Age…. Did it stay in the Stone Age? NO it followed us through generations and still rules today.   Absorbed and passed down through the ages from family, lineage and culture – emotional fear can rule lives from conditioning… even absorbed from the womb if mum is emotional and fearful!! Meaning individuals start off living a foundation that is not ours, but lived. Resent studies at Belfast Queens University, are correlating the high level of suicide with the atrocities their parents and grandparents lived.  Another professor in Israel is also talking about the holocaust and how present day generations are suffering from something they did not live… the memories go on, with the emotional and mental state, passed down for us to live again. Something I have found to be true through ten years of antidotal evidence in therapy of Dissolve and Resolve Emotions® (D.A.R.E™) When we live on survival living we live in emotional behaviour, feelings of LACK keep us in status quo living, nothing changes, all is very prevalent even today.   When we live in fear and limitation our lives are capped and shrink to what we can receive.   We feel fear when we feel unsafe. It comes in different packages. Lack of self-esteem and self worth will both have an element of fear.  Practitioner level training CPD Approved with cutting edge radical approaches.  In my quest I have found clinical ways to removing these memories and imprints from individuals, so they can live their own lives instead of living via someone else’s experiences.   I teach personal development giving education upon some of our influences we live but are unaware of.   I train practitioners how to continue the jettisoning in Therapy session – a Practitioners accelerator vision on new approaches to health.  As from my experience and training, cognitive is not enough in major health and mental health issues. Ditch it don’t live with it  Don’t let FEAR rule your life.    Find out how to avoid fear… how to become fearless and make choices that count. How to remove the inherited thinking and behaviour that is not yours, but others ideas of how to live, that may have weaved into your culture and lineage, from the Stone Age and Daddy Crudz!! For fear can be a default we live with daily – shrinking our lives and expectations of what we can receive in life….think about it. How does it affect you, even a small percentage will limit.     Find Out how – Why, and what to do about it Open and embrace to living ZEST of LIFE®.  REAL life changing education, learning and opportunity to jettison old, outdated ways of life. Learn how to re-live, how to open up to receive.  LIVE without being entrapped in limited emotions  - i.e.: fear. Don’t be a SLAVE to your past. Want to make a difference to others - Make more of an impact upon peoples lives join us for Practitioners accelerator training - Dissolve & Resolve Emotions® (D.A.R.E) New accelerator on birth psychology, clinical bodywork, mental health and emotional therapy.      Foundation D.A.R.E™ training   D.A.R.E™ foundation practitioner is a 25-day training programme. CPD approved.  Be a first stage foundation practitioner earning a living within 3 months. Case studies apply. A clinical professional programme; Insurable therapy with highly trained specialist areas of choice.   Testimonial D.A.R.E™ induction and self-development I just spent the last 6 days training with Allonus Zest for life programme, founder Joy Wisdom.  Secrets of life, well I finally found what I had been looking for, tools for life for myself and others, these workshops do what it says on the tin gets to the core of the issue, and makes a massive difference in peoples lives, this week for me personally has been profound experiential and life changing. A workshop like no other, and I have been to many over the years, and I got benefit, but not like I have with this one, I've come home with a set of empowering and life enhancing tools, that I have searched for, over the years I have learned to become solution focused where there is a will there is a way and this mindset has brought me to meet Joy Wisdom, her name says it all.  We covered so much ground in 6 days it was amazing and further enhanced my learning to date it was a real education. There are so many people struggling and barely getting by, the workshop showed us we can heal and make change in our lives, with a set of powerful tools techniques and healing modalities the programme has to offer. Denise Ireland 2016  
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  Read more in ‘Shell of Soul’ book by Joy Wisdom
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