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I would like to applaud and congratulate Dr. Chris and Raw TV who made the BBC programme shown last night on drugs and children’s health. A subject I am passionate about. Thank goodness someone has the initiative to bring this to the public domain. Governments and NICE are in La, La land as far as health is concerned and needs good shake up re-educating professionals. Dr. Chris, challenged the myths of marketing and emotional manipulating through marketing, essentially a psychological dominant approach we have today. Last night’s programme highlighted ADHD and the emotional marketing myths of using drugs on our children. Dr. Chris van Tulleken stated that drug use had gone up by 40% over the last ten years. It seems the cash cow of the pharmaceuticals goes on at any cost.  What is concerning to me was that Calpoll the universal cure all for babies and children (or so the marketing would like us to think) is continually advised via our GPs, Health visitors etc., And yet Dr. Chris highlighted the consumption is mammoth, with thousands of bottles bought daily!  Pointing out that it is normal for our children to fight disease with raising their temperature as it is the body’s way to kill off viruses etc., From my personal experience of seeing distressed parents and children some children use this method more than others. As set by their endocrine system and hormonal action and reaction. Endocrine Imbalances can occur from womb formation individually blue printed and can be helped to correction with specialist D.A.R.E therapy. I recently had a two-year-old who had high temperatures were common for him and his mum gave him Calpoll to help, but it didn’t, temperatures just continued. Upon seeing him for therapy I found his pituitary to be out of balance. This child was an IVF conceived child and I saw his mum for D.A.R.E therapy while she went through the process of conception. Mum reacted badly to the drugs given at the time and her own pituitary was affected adversely. Conception was made of this and consequently her son was formed with her adverse effects hormonally. Hence his overactive pituitary function. He also had a very high metabolism and burnt out quickly. All endocrine symptoms and transferred from mum. Looking at the parental and youngsters birth history is paramount to get the full picture to find the core issues that are causing the distress and disorders. Common sense to do so. As a grandmother myself and seeing young children in PTS and birth trauma no wonder children are distressed. We seem to be missing the point when it comes to drugs. We no longer look at the real core issues in health or psychological issues, happy to plaster over the ill health cracks with drugs and cognitive approach. Which over long term seems to do little. Dr. Chris pointed out that the drugs for ADHD do not cure and only effective in the short term.  As I pointed out in 2010 in my previous book Pregnancy and Birth A New Generation. Drugs do not work with depression and psychological issues either. And with increased numbers of children as young as four and five being diagnosed with depression, it has to be flagged as we are doing something wrong! Essentially if we are giving drugs to suppress a developing child or teen we are firstly turning them into drug addicts. Secondly suppressing their internal systems and brain from functioning. Long term biological damage is unknown. As trials are proving to be shorter than anticipated and leaves a lot to be desired as was the case with MMR. Biological and endocrine (hormonal) development becomes impaired and skewed at such tender ages, where delicately balanced systems are suppressed and blocked, foggy brain etc., converted internally into something they are not. Unfortunately, our children live the outcome of drug misuse socially and prescribed as we are all different internally and our biological make up is designed differently from womb formation, lineage and culture genetic transference and conditioning. Individual inner conversion reaction and action biologically is not taken into account. Something Fraud tried to prove all of his life, logically we continually convert internally from ingestion, emotions and brain function and/or biological chemical, peptide bombardment. Something that is a 24/7 subconscious activation without conscious awareness. Happening with or without awareness. We need to wake up to the cause and effect of drugs.  Otherwise we are part of the problem, keep our children stuck in old ways of thinking and same outcomes. Recognise and deal with the core issues in a drug free alternative way to health. While we keep taking drugs we become less of who we are. As one child commented, without his ADHD prescription drugs even for one day he felt different. He was able to eat his lunch, he had hunger, where on his prescription drugs he had no appetite. Additionally, it was pointed out suppression comes in stature too… children are smaller while on ADHD drugs. Dr. Chris explored the use of mindfulness and meditation in schools and results were mixed but showed response from some children over a period of 6-8 weeks. A bonus of a calmer child with a two-minute meditation recorded on mum’s phone. I advocate that meditation is a beginning of learning about ourselves. I also advocate parents need to be seen when I have distressed, and ADHD children brought to me as children absorb their parent’s depression, stress and frustration, giving additions to their child’s plight. I offer several options to assist parents and children. One to One D.A.R.E sessions and SECRETS workshop (self-development with a twist) a mixed concept of health with self-help inspirational tools and education with group emotional clearing and mental revamping. We need to acknowledge that parents have picked up from their parents and grandparents and the transference goes on and on. Passing on through the ages, responsible for continued taste for addiction, emotional impacts such as anger, frustration, abuse and abnormal behaviour. I often find in therapy and workshops that what people live is mostly not theirs. It is what they have been conditioned to, which can be changed fast, jettisoning what is not theirs so they can live their lives instead of the cocktail we have been given!  As written about in several of my books including Mirror Image – Facts and solutions to Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption. A bigger picture view of what we live and don’t have to live, with education and understanding we can make our children’s future look bright. See blog about how the HeARt is affected by emotions and how D.A.R.E and Allonus training helps to change people’s lives and reduce physical HeARt and mental health issues, a non-invasive alternative to main stream objectives. 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