Award of Excellence in Holistic Therapy 2019 To founder Joy Wisdom

I am so excited to receive this trophy. A great surprise to be chosen at the end of 2018. To be recognised for excellence in training is heartfelt and recognises the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to deliver excellence is appreciated by those who train with Allonus. Allonus training does not stand still and new and advanced progressive skills ongoing for both client and practitioner. Exciting and transformational times we live. As we kick out old thinking and embrace new ways of living. When advancing pioneering programmes, books and new visions being acknowledged for revolutionary concepts in health and especially in emotional and mental health, is very welcome. Having been through many training processes as a Professional Practitioner it is not easy to balance work, home and training. And although Dissolve and Resolve Emotions Therapy training is very different and more advanced, I have successfully been able to create a programme that is revolutionary and easy on the practitioner. Dovetails easily with other modalities bringing a bigger picture view on health disorders. Some alternative therapies are mechanical and puts strain on the body, becoming stressful to apply. With D.A.R.E there is a relaxed state and gentle applications for both client and practitioner. With transmuting abilities factored in, the practitioner is safe in their environment and it stops absorption. I am honoured to pioneer this work and thank all involved. Iknow, it is the pioneering students that step up who are also carrying it forward, excellence in professional confidence and support. Allonus training gives new levels of awareness and commitment. Championing new approaches for emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Joy has also been previously awarded - Inspirational Woman & Commitment to Excellence 2015.  Therapist of the year 2018 Joy Wisdom Founder of Allonus
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