Avoid Christmas stress

We can become overwhelmed with the addition of fitting in Christmas planning and arrangements to an already full life. Going to bed late and/or up early to fit in the extra shopping, cleaning, card writing and wrapping that is squeezed into our busy days. With pressured lives stress and feeling overwhelmed can occur at any time. I have been hosting Christmas for family for over forty years, I appreciate my children taking turns hosting and helping in the kitchen of latter years however, I don’t get away with too much, as my close family live in distant parts of UK, our home becomes a hotel over the festive season. I try to start to organise early, starting from November. Don’t succeed some years, with a mad dash to facilitate before arrival. I know people who do their Christmas shopping in January sales, I am not that driven after Christmas preferring a break and leave another year before the hustle and bustle tread mill we can find ourselves on. One of the things that helps me is flower remedies, often known as Bach flower remedies. I use ‘Star of Bethlehem’ aptly named for this time of year for stress, anxiety and over burdens. Star of Bethlehem is better than Rescue remedy, which is fairly well known on the high street. I use an aid in my therapy practice for clients who are grieving, stressed and in training workshops, where realisations and emotional clearing can make some feel a little vulnerable. SOB soon takes off the edge and helps to bring the client or student back to their new self. SoB can be used for shock, panic attacks, trauma and exhaustion, helps take the edge off vulnerability, feeling overwhelmed and irrational anxiety. Obviously mental health disorders need extra attention such as Dissolve and Resolve Emotions which has a fantastic turn around for psychological impacts, PTS, irrational anxiety and stress disorders. Good health shops and Boots sell a range of Bach flower remedies. On line, I found a good source through Crystal Herbs, their essence purity works well in training, advocacy and highly recommended. Crystal Herbs methods are more concentrated than Bach flower, only needing a small amount in water to assist. Can be repeated several times a day, giving gentle relaxation and ‘ah’ moment. Please note: Flower remedies include an alcoholic preservative, if unsuited to alcohol Crystal Herbs can provide with glycerine or vinegar alternative. Joy Wisdom Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015 Author; Inspirational Tutor and teacher; One-to-one therapy and guidance A leading LIGHT for new ways in evolution Founder of Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) www.allonus.co.uk info@llonus.co.uk
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