Your invitation to a VIP evening with Joy Wisdom

Your invitation to a VIP evening with Joy Wisdom

Throughout the next three months January to March Joy will be offering spiritual VIP evenings. Online digital experiences with a free gift coming your way.


We are certainly living transformational times, literally! Moved beyond the olde concept of spirituality advancements. Urgent clarion calls are felt/heard to make change and upgrade to the real you.


December brought the aculmination of new frequencies that peaked in December 2022 a life changing event as humanities advancement accelerated. We are living and transcending  a 20-year progression. Interaction programmes surging, over laying, shifting in motion and acceleration. Started as long ago in 2008 and 2012. Unlimited progressive interactive programmes in motion bringing ups and downs as all shifts and changes like a rubix cube. Long and short term processes implemented for man/cultures to change, improve consciousness and move forward into the Aquarian age.


My latest article simply titled ‘2023’, and article round up ‘2022 Divine Feminine codes’, gives more insights, details regarding what has gone before and what we can expect in 2023/24.

I am sure you will have lots of questions regarding the above and it is your special time to ask and be mentored on many different subjects of spiritual advancement.


VIP evenings are small groups of 6 to your special time with Joy, to ensure you have her full attention for discussion and interaction.

Theme for January is Atlantis.  People are still fascinated with Atlantis. And people are constantly intrigued by those fabled times. Did you know there was more than one Atlantis and we can hold many aspects from those times that continues to hinder now. Find out more on the VIP January evening.


Please feel free to make suggestions on the topic you may like to be included for 27th February and 27thMarch 2023.

Book early to reserve your place. Receive a special £45.00 discount when all 3 booked.

Cost per VIP module is £125.00 with free gift


Book online:


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