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Through the ages we have followed stages of ritual and initiation, a tribal outlook and shamanic structure, adhered through time and served generations and cultures. A stepping stone, with rites of passage, a sign of age and maturity (childhood to adult) and initiation in life. An initiation where boys became men and girls ,women.


Rites of passage were classified into five groups. 

  1. Birthright
  2. Adulthood
  3. Marriage
  4. Eldership
  5. Ancestor ship


Cultures and religion continue the practice of initiation and rites of passage around the world.

Initiation commonly initiated with coming-of-age. Age of 7: 12-13 years old. Marking the passage to maturity or full membership. Christian rites include Baptism and Confirmation practiced today. (A ‘sacrament’ in Roman Catholic and Anglican churches. Equivalent to Eastern Orthodox sacrament of chrismation). 


Long traditions of initiation considered necessary for an individual to be regarded as a full member of the tribe. In many African tribes, initiation involves physical actions, circumcision for boys, genital multination for girls. (Jewish religious tradition includes circumcision for males after birth).  For girls tribal initiation starts at puberty; menstrual age ready for relationships, marriage and partners; various cultures, tribes, practice genital mutilation. Continuing Elder and ancient beliefs.  


  • Central and South America, young girls celebrate ‘Quinceanera’ when 15. Tradition includes Catholic mass where a girl renews baptismal vows and solidifies commitment to family and faith. Followed by fiesta, celebrations eating and dancing.


  • In Malaysia, girls aged 11. Muslim celebration of Khatam Al Koran, a prestigious ritual, demonstrating growing maturity at their mosque. Girls spend years preparing, reviewing Koran, reciting the final chapter at ceremony.


  • The Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania have several rites of passage carry boys into manhood. Boys between ages 10-20 come together as the new “warrior class” of the tribe. Night before ceremony, boys sleep outside in the forest, at dawn return for a day of singing and dancing. Circumcision takes place as part of the initiation. Seen as the official transformation into a man, warrior, and protector.


Piscean Shamanic practices with ancient traditions, followed globally.

Brazilian amazon indigenous tribes mark their coming of age when 13, with hunting etc. The Satere-Mawe tribe send their boys to look for Bullet Ants for their initiation. Boys search the Amazon for ants. Sedated by a leader in a herbal solution. The ants are weaved into gloves with stingers pointed inwards. The boys have to wear the gloves for 10 min, without showing emotions. 


  • Inuit boys go out hunting with their fathers aged 11-12. As tradition dictates a shaman would open lines of communication between men and animals. Building, boy’s intuition and spatial awareness. Today, tradition includes girls with ‘out camps’ for traditional skills to be passed down and practiced.


Modern initiation are around celebrations of groups, university, parties, dancing qualifications etc, moving to careers and maturity. (representing the hunter gatherer). The different acknowledged stages of maturity are being lost from traditions and some would say missing out on inner-empowerment-of-self, the real message of initiation of old. Passing on knowledge and confidence because education was part of the initiation. Spatial awareness, Honour and Respect for self, others involved. Traditions become initiations, setting standards for society in the process.


  • In Japan the coming of age is 20; A 1200 year tradition, known as Seijin-no-Hi ceremony, officially matured, allowed to vote and drink.


In Egyptian times giving your son or daughter over to a temple of education was seen as a privilege.  For the parent, an emotional sacrifice, losing your child at the age of 5-7, giving them away for a better life. Results in a rare occasion to see their child again, bonding lost, parent and child became strangers. Memories go deep and wide at initiation events.


Memories brought back to me when I visited Edfu and Kom Ombo temples in Egypt, other members of my group cried when they entered; tears streaming down their faces. Men and women. Memories of losing family ties deeply buried with trauma. From young eyes, ‘abandonment’, who wouldn’t understand the sacrifice of parent giving their child away for education and elite standing of those times.   


Same scenarios and themes happens today via boarding schools.

Met individuals in 1-2-1 sessions and workshop environments, educated in boarding schools their stories are full of living shock and trauma. Wanting to go home. Explaining their shock, adverse trauma, grief at being left in an environment unknown. Isolated; belonged nowhere, home was strange, and felt ostracised in/out of school. Harsh times at young ages continues with the initiation of age and societies beliefs of the time. With no understanding of the emotional trauma delivered and lived into adulthood. Often explaining to me they are emotionally inept. They may be able to make a living, however relationships are challenging and often end up in divorce. Didn’t receive the grounding of nurturing and home safety, leaving its mark, heartfelt and emotionally impacted.

Why Catherine Princess of Wales has concern for her son, (Prince George) being sent to boarding school.


What we don’t realise internal initiation also takes place much earlier in life.

The first initiation is womb formation, the beginning of life. Birth is the ‘official first initiation’ for every human and animal. A hormonal and internal change that takes place at age seven, twelve, thirteen. Hormonal influences are linked to formation and birth. The easy formation and birth or the challenging. Why some children sail through puberty and others don’t. Having a challenging formation and birth can certainly mess up our spiritual and zodiac alignment, puts us out of kilter physically, emotionally and mentally in various ways and can affecting for life and lifetimes.

Missing opportunities and powerful zodiac advances. Missing the pick-up from UPS, no one at home to receive.


Teaching spiritual and mental liberation practices Some people are convinced nothing changes without initiation or ritual. And ask if there is an initiation in workshop or training. Memories of old, dominant and defaulting to ancient and tribal ways remain.. Feeding a longing or need of initiation; yearning, recognition of acceptance, belonging to tribe. No doubt that rituals and initiation made a big impression upon us, weaved with spiritual enlightenment and understanding.


Energetically, Root chakra is involved in iniation.

Involves belonging, acceptance in tribe, (‘Tribe’ described as culture, lineage, family). As we grow in learning and consciousness our root evolves, learning, more confidence to leave the tribe. Evolve instead of being stoic kept in tribal outdated ways. Move out of survival and become more independent. Gaining growth and internal expansion.

Stoicism is often found in energetics, caged in ancient and old tribal ways that have no place in our lives or society today.  However, it does not stop people reliving tribes, intolerances, expectations, old thinking and actions. Holds up society, global consciousness gets stuck in ancient ways.


Progressing out of the Piscean age, we have become more independent of initiation, control and ritual. Moved away from outdated practices, to evolve consciously, spiritually.  Perhaps this is what some are afraid of, taking that step to individual progression without tribe structure. Thinking for self. No rule book to follow only internal instinct, 6th sense and Soul life guidance.


The full elder original objectives, wisdom, understanding and knowledge, lost through ages.

Parts remain, diluted out of date, missing the full spectrum of original idea and reason of those times. Some teachings and thinking has been upgraded to the times we live today, for our future consciousness growth. Invariably new thinking moves with evolving times and circumcision and genital practices are looked upon as abuse and unnecessary today. Reasons ‘why’ practiced long forgotten, however still practiced!

We need to question if carrying on with outdated thinking is actually holding us back instead of evolving our future selves on different spectrums of Aquarian growth.


I have met those who long to return to Atlantis, live their ways.

A lot of water under the bridge since then…disappointment would reign. That was then this is NOW!

Frankly, would not fit our ways today. Atlantis, lemurian living was of a time, dimension, not compatible with today’s situations and Aquarian consciousness of future advancement of internal awakening. While continuing to live ancient ways we live mixed results.  Etheric chains hold us back from evolved Aquarian acceleration of life.


Learning Wisdom from our past, transitioning to new perspectives and Aquarian living.

Today, all about a perspective of engaging in consciousness, spiritual advancement. Initiation is more about the internal state of evolvement awakening energetic and alchemical internal states. Switching on rites of passage opening higher states of cosmic and Galactic consciousness, to live super consciousness.


Bringing our body and mind, working with spatial awareness, higher energetics in Unity and Oneness. The internal state is the key. Initiation through HeART. Wonders of HeART acceleration, instead of feeding mind with ritual. Ritual is outside of self, for mind and will hold us back, limit our potential.


Embrace future evolvement with Aquarian age ZEST of Life, Soul guidance.

Joy Wisdom offers designed to be different ‘ZEST of LIFE’ training programmes, advancements and liberation, pioneering New Era Universal approaches to health, wellbeing and spiritual advancement. New ways of embracing profound future horizons for new you.   


Joy Wisdom                      


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