Do you live intolerance, criticism OCD or Mind control ? by Joy Wisdom

Do you live from constant mind chatter?

Do you want a quiet mind?


There is no accounting for how the mind works! Unique to each of us from what we have experienced and lived. I AM thrilled to announce NEW bit sized programmes about Mind and Emotions. With deep dive understanding, practical skills for change in your life.


Ditch it Don’t live it …Get back into the seat of self-management.

Mind & Emotion sensitivities and vulnerabilities leads to behaviour changes, intolerance, OCD and critism. Challenge to life and relationships are experienced. Learn ‘how to’ reduce mind control, perfectionism, OCD, intolerance and critism.


I ran perfectionism 10-week evening training earlier in the year a great success I have been asked to run again. Watch video and listen to feedback testimonials…links below.


Mind control is unique to each of us, no two people live the same intolerance, perfectionist, or OCD restraints limiting happiness and choice within life.  This combination workshop with deep dive education gives individuals and professionals new skills, understanding and various abilities to take charge of their mind, help reduce vulnerabilities and emotional outcomes.



A 10-week pm evening digital course, with deep dive into hidden mental health restraints causing emotional hindrance and mental fatigue. Perfectionism is mind control dominance, overwrought brain, causing skewed thinking that damages and limits life. Causing misery for many with life restrictions and unhappiness. Affects relationships and career prospects.


Empowering self – learn skills for life – Self regulation skills to avoid and prevent issues.
40 hour deep-dive programme:

  1. 10 x 2.5+ weekly evening slots
  2. Plus 2-day weekend workshop Mind & Emotion – (=12-hours)



Joy has 2-decades specialist background, with extensive knowledge and experience, working with Body-Mind-Emotion of all ages. Reality, living experience as well as a professional clinical specialist 1-2-1 sessions, training practitioners and groups. Everyone has unique needs and core trauma experiences. Mental and emotional health is not black and white. Everyone is different and unique in their make-up and carte blanch or talking approach does not work. 


Emotional intelligence and spatial awareness is key to make change. Awareness of self is key as  most people do not recognise or accept self. Mindfulness is a whole body skill, not just the mind, because the mind influences everything else! Body-Mind-Emotion !


People need/want to understand what is happening to them. Important and this is why education is essential in training. If we don’t know what the cause is, we can’t change. When we have understanding we can gain confidence and make personal change accordingly.


There is no accounting for how the mind works and the integrated methods Joy uses, shares and teaches professionals how to use, are effective. 

Changes people’s lives as we get to the core of their issue. Those who have taken the training previously 100% recommend. See feedback videos :


Perfectionism testimonial feedback videos:


See video – Perfectionism and Mind

**Perfection & Mind video: 4min

Perfectionism webinar:


Please do not hesitate to contact if you would like more information or discuss further.

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See website for booking, more information, dates and costs.

I am sooo looking forward to meeting and mentoring, teaching you how to take re calibrate the mind; How to quieten the mind, and enjoy a peaceful, quiet life.  It is BLISS, you can have it too…because that is what I live with ….a quiet mind.


Joy Wisdom  05.24

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