Ancestral Legacies

Legacies, do we really want to step in ancestral shoes?
Ancestral legacies left good and not so good benefits. We are constantly seeking to interpret legacies often with rose coloured glasses. Especially around spiritual development, religion, science and health. Legacy packages, cultural and lineages, a challenge to know what is beneficial or left in the past, literally thrown out.

Traits from ancestral thinking and beliefs continue, passed through the ages, strictly to the letter in religion and ritual.  Conditioned, with little understanding our lives have changed since those times. In 2022, we have evolved and beliefs/ life is very different from thousands of years and generations before. Outdated beliefs from thousands of years ago glitching life now when administered or followed. Same outcomes as ancients had. Standing in their shoes we take on their experiences. And create more of the same.

From my point of view legacies are there to show us what not to do and learn from their experiences. To avoid prevent and embellish in new consciousness.

Evolution slows as we bring more of olde ways back to live. Stimed outcomes, ground-hog-day outcomes from ancient ways. Ancient themes had their own learning and outcomes. Their own fears and hardship. It was not all roses and ease. Yet looking back we don’t see the full picture. Fact is those days have long gone, trying to refit them today won’t benefit. A square into a round hole.. it won’t fit! When we try we slow down our life, divert from who we should be, tainted and limited accordingly.  Life becomes a struggle due to the shoe fit!

Atlantis is a legend and mystery

Fascinated by their heightened state and achievements. Held great consciousness and consciousness is still the goal for greater living and attainment in 2022.  However, their learning brought great tragedies, mixed outcomes. Repeated, same outcome of destruction even in their greatest heightened achievement of self. A benevolent society, where peace once reigned.  Tragedy hit, shock and demise, worsening living state ingrained to live again. As a society they lost their wonderful energy and support systems taken for granted. As consciousness fell, negative feelings, fear and greed took over. Power and control replaced the wonders of heightened state into human suffering. And we have been clawing our way back ever since.

I constantly find Atlantean impacts in clients 1-2-1 sessions and workshops; shocking influences remain, irrational fears and emotional outcomes, driving physical and psychological health issues.  The HeART and energetics severely impacted from those times. It does not matter if your believe in past life influences or not. Reincarnation drives subconsciously we have no say and outcomes remain out of our control.  Believe or not subconscious will continue to influence health, self-esteem and psychological fears.  

Ascended Master Hilarion was an Atlantean

He suffered unholy outcomes from that time. Hilarion recalled, ‘My strength and resolve was tested to the limit and took many of your earth years to heal and clear’. Hilarion reminded me of my Atlantean lives. Memories flooded back a sobering experience. Beautiful harmony and grace lived. Atlantis was magical and Atlanteans left a legacy of knowledge. Many brought knowledge when reincarnated, bringing Atlantean legacy, wisdom, purity, heightened consciousness. Hilarion returned as Pythagoras, taught Greeks Atlantean advancements, we still acknowledge and use to this day.  Bringing  advancement to the fore for improving consciousness, returning harmony in life. 

Legacies are only as good as the learning and what we do with them. Old and ancient ways have value, meant to guide and embellish, build on the firm foundations. Moving on to new ways of living. 

We have many positive legacies to choose from. 

The question is have we seen the benefits and embraced or diverted left and right? 

Do we build in straight lines, as the Romans did, moving upwards in consciousness or go off at a tangent, losing ground and going backwards?  When locked into ancient legacies we stay with ancient conditioned format? Progress is slow, watered down as we add or decline wisdom left for future generations. Losing more of the insights, wisdom and benefits. Compared to ‘Chinese whispers’ skewing the message. Getting mixed up and lost in the telling.  Each generation takes a different view and either advances or reduces accordingly.. If we don’t accelerate the wisdom to what we need now, we can be treading water, instead of pulling forward and gaining ground. Did we rock the boat? Did we stand out to make a difference? What did we gain… what legacies did we skew or originate?

What legacies are made of. Brave in their visions, often taunted and rejected when pioneering. Edgar Cayce, Fraud and Rudolph Stiner, men before their time, brought Atlantean legacies, positive knowledge and wisdom to modern society. 

Edgar Cayce brought new thinking and spiritual advancement in his reincarnation 1877-1945. Developed a photographic memory. Helped countless people heal physical ailments, recommending diet changes, supplements, exercise and unknown forms of treatments. Legacies remain today. Embellished into new formats and perceptions, learning more about body, mind, energetic systems, therapies and healing  they remain normal aspects in life today.

Rudolph Steiner 1861 – 1925: Brought many legacies, best known for his education theories. Even today remains revolutionary. A hundred years later, Steiner schools, education thinking has limited access. Taking a while to catch on. In 2022 we appreciate more of Steiner’s vision than when originally introduced. Conscious of our children’s emotional, energetic and spiritual needs. Having learnt the hard way via own development. 

However, educationalists continue to debate. Has Steiner’s vision been expanded and brought into the twenty first centuary? Or wisdom and evolution watered down? Have we embraced and expanded his questing vision enough in education incorporating psychological improvements?  Are we blinded and locked into Steiner’s original concept, blinkered by ancient consciousness, fearful of rocking the boat? 

It is our consciousness that dictates the expansion. Slowed in concept Steiner’s visons have developed sideways into home schooling, more choice of diverting away from old concepts and main stream education.  UK is slow to adjust. Other countries have embraced, better at advancing Steiner’s theories in education.

Sigmund Freud 1856 -1939:

An Austrian neurologist, the founder of psychoanalysis. Psychopathology through dialogue. Freud identified “Unconscious” patterns more than one hundred years ago, termed Traumatic re-enactment or repetition compulsion. Our unconscious drive relives past events. Freuds insights continually used and taught today.  At the forefront of psychology. Still unravelling brain/mind, catching up with Freud and Jung in 2022.

Freud and Jung worked together. Carl Gustav Jung, 1875 -1961 a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. Influential in the fields of psychiatry, anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, psychology and religious studies. Carl Jung believed what remains unconscious does not dissolve but rather resurfaces in our lives as fate or fortune. Jung believed ‘Whatever does not emerge as consciousness, returns as destiny’.  

Acknowledged as brilliant men in their time. Science and psychology is still catching up. And only recently acknowledging Transgenerational dysfunctions, imbalances, physical, emotional, psychological fear and anxiety pass on to future generations. Shock and adverse traumas passed on to innocents. Having recognised in survivor holocaust generations. Yet disregard the bigger picture of ancient transgenerational influences, and reincarnation traumas.  

A much ‘Bigger’ picture to consider.

A massive turning point in psychoanalysis. Yet cherry picking remains, not all of the picture is recognised blind spots continue. In sessions and workshops D.A.R.E helped to bring solutions to adverse scenarios on both sides of the coin, reincarnation and inherited generational trauma, absorbed into this life. Via (IGTA). Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) we deal with all sides of the coin, birth trauma, adverse trauma, PTSD, PND; Individual and inheritance from parents, lineage, culture and reincarnation, all have an influence on health, emotionally driven with psychological outcomes.  Not fully on our radar, however exists.

Ancient legacies continue with closer ties, in family, culture as we hang on tight to previous thinking and behaviour conditioning so…. Continue to keep in line and status quo. 

Unable or unwilling to change. Stuck in a rut from generation to generation. Blind to outcomes, used to the abnormal living, accept as out lot!

Religion has a long history of legacies, good in concept, yet skewed in application, crushed and conditioned, holds us locked into times of olde. Entrapping legacies linger closer than we think, we embellish, renew on a daily basis good and not so good.  It is not the good we need to deal with. Time to ‘break out’ of merry-go-round entrapment we globally find ourselves in. 

Discernment and intuition serves us well when used. 

Think about the legacies you are producing and continuing are they serving you/us today? 

Are you stuck in a rut of ancient legacies and conditioning others to do the same? 

Read more in my book ‘Mirror Image’. Bigger picture discusses the ancient and modern legacies to humanity, environment and longevity. I.T. is a modern legacy. Will it demolish the brain of thousands of years development through I.T conditioning?  Eradicating the brain as we turn to phones, computers and A.I. thinking for us? Time will tell, but our historical legacies show the writing on the wall… have we learnt.. Are we exchanging ancient legacies for newer models of decline. Can you see it or are you stuck in the ancient marketing of the ‘Kings new clothes’… The illusion, following like sheep! 

Joy Wisdom 

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