AI and Buddhist replacements ?

ONE profession AI wont dominate!


A 2023 study at Kyoto Buddhist temple listened to a sermon delivered by a monk or a million dollar (android human like face) robot priest.


People were asked who was more credible?

The conclusion: people said the robot was less believable. 


Further tests arranged with Christians and Taoist groups produced similar results.

The Buddhist priests etc. keep their jobs for now…


‘Scientific American’ also speculated that Robot teachers and journalists could suffer similar lack of credibility. Time will tell, how robotised population becomes, as cultures and society accepts with discernment as above or being forced/pushed into the robot human faced addiction.


What is not acknowledged is that we as humans, have an energy vibration that attracts us to certain people, instantly knowing or feeling safe of not in our environment.

Robots with imitation human face masks will not resonate at all at a heart level of trust.

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