Age of abuse by Joy Wisdom

At last women’s voices are heard regarding rape and unsafe world we live in. Change is required from eons of conditioning and disrespect of men and women. 

Nothing new of course and been around for eons of time. 

The predator, bullying, control and abusive behaviour is mirrored in the home, through religion and culture.  Rages globally, and it is the tip of the iceberg of the ingrained cross of female gender of taught in female lines…to ignore, our lot with the expectation we need to look away and accept. As women have through the ages, put up with abuse and neglect, living in fear and terror. 

It is a cancer in our society and needs to be wiped out.

Lack of honour and respect for females has been around for eons, preached, far reaching crossing all religious groups and in taught from the bible! Disrespect openly started with Mary Madeline. In two thousand years not a lot has changed seeing women as whores, infidels and objects to fulfil males sexual appetite for possession and ownership. 

 A global issue and as we migrate to other parts of the world we bring our beliefs on abuse with us. Tribal and ancient ways continue in cultures. Young girls continue to be married off at young ages, beaten, abused, kept pregnant with large families. In some cultures it is the norm to rape new females v marriage and employed, by male family members. Females become an outcast to their own family due cultural ways adhered to. India and Africa is famous for it.  When individuals move continents, they bring their views and behaviour with them, cultural dictatorship continues. The shocking grooming of girls for ‘certain male culture pleasure’ in Rochdale. Intimidation lives on for victims from these groups, with little help or support. The psychological or emotional damage lasts for life for victims.  Internal damage leads to psychical organ, systems and womb issues later in life. Undermines our female status and we need more than education to eradicate the core beliefs and behaviour of males. 

A woman who was captured and gang raped over several months escaped from Africa to the UK. Her internal damage was astonishing. Bladder incontinence, numb, fearful and a physical wreck from her experience. Broken to the core, adverse trauma, PTSD, terrorised.  The victim had been medically treated for four-years and quite frankly consultants had exhausted all help available. They had tried, but it did not penetrate the horrors she lived.  One D.A.R.E practitioner was given the opportunity to work with the victim twice. Language was a barrier, and it was the D.A.R.E methods showed the improvement. Shock was off the scale, even after four-years, bladder still held fear, she was living survival, all on red alert. Adrenal burn out. Sleep and rest was a thing of the past. Posture was stooped, with no self-esteem, after her first session she stood taller. Second session arrival, smiled for the first time. Her wellbeing had improved in those two sessions. The victim was being moved to another area. Obviously a severe case, the victim would need more sessions to help her to get her life back without the adverse trauma. Working with the body brings instant improvements as trauma is eradicated with Dissolve and Resolve Emotions. The experience was enlightening and positive.

The Therapy can help individuals with present day issues as well as historical. Don’t suffer, move on with the help of D.A.R.E

Pornography is addictive and paves the way for abuse with women. Three in a bed is normal practice from pornography perspectives and young boys of nine, ten or eleven watch and see it as sexual prowess.  It is not love. It is sex at its worst, cold, brutal, suggestive that girls/women are there for their gratification needs.. only for the taking.   It produces sexual urges and promotes predator behaviour, bulling, physical and mental abuse with rape actions.

From my perspective brainwashing males into thinking that all women are like the films they watch.  Gagging for it!  Virgins are the prize and certainly the film ‘50 shades of grey’ was promoting the exciting predator ownership… the stalking, exciting conquest is the prize! The goal to conquer the woman, seed and move on!

Still living the impacts of the Romans, Vikings, of rape and pillage of both sexes. Not a lot has changed on the male power control, siege, dominance thinking ! 

We still live with the abuse of ages past; nothing has changed in thousands of years… we go around and around with the same notion of inequality. The Catholic churches stand around abortion have to be made by a man. For a woman would not put the woman or foetus through an unwanted pregnancy.  The foetus knows it is not wanted and is born with so many hang ups, their lives are a misery… due to church rules.  Rules made by someone with no idea of what they are putting the female through because some man could not keep his pepper in his pants!

Church has blamed females for rape from time immemorial. Jezebel’s and taunting man. In Ireland it became an epidemic, a long history of believing churches doctrine. Catholic church has been exposed and carried out sexual abuse on many contents. So called ‘Magdalene’ homes were seen as refuges, yet outrageous practices no better than the Nazis took place (from evident history): 

Science is no better,  women were classed as hysterical, out of their mind for reporting abuse in the home; mothers tried to protect their children from sexual harm. … Fathers, grandfathers, uncles and brothers sexual abuse happening behind closed doors. Predators were pillars of the community! When abusers… all hidden from view, sworn to secrecy!

We had the technicolour media version with Woody Allen. Harvey Weinstein, Jimmy Saville.. too numerous to mention.  Indelible within communities, culture and continues today behind doors.  Even in 2021 women are not believed, often seen as the perpetrator rather than the victim.  Compromised Judicial processes.   Because of the lack of prosecution and judgement that men feel safe in what they do. If we had a better approach to judicial and police protection there would be less gung hoe approaches. 

We have a big problem on our hands, epidemic in nature and stealth practices going on.  

As I wrote in my book ‘Mirror Image’ boys copy fathers, uncles in their disrespect for females young and old. We mirror what we are shown, cultural teaching continues in this vain, we need to step off the treadmill of old and start new trends. Radical changes are required. Starting at the home and school. Culture and religion is a giant issue and eradicating their teachings and beliefs is a much bigger subject. We believe what we are told from religion as they know best…. When they don’t and are very much part of the problem. The cancer resides within the best of homes and church status beliefs!

I have first-hand knowledge of the long-term emotional and psychological impacts for victims. They live varying degrees of Post-Traumatic-Stress, adverse trauma that overshadows their life. Living a shell of self, retreating and living effects of abuse. Physical disorders follow from their experiences and go on to live disorders such as incontinence, bladder issues and adverse trauma has a long arm of following on with chronic disorders, such as ME, MS, heart issues, Diabetes and Cancer. From the ongoing fear, terror converting into long term biological disorders with negativity fuelling stress hormones, causing inflammation inside in side. The long-term effects are unique, unimaginable for the victim. 

I teach practitioners new approaches on to help women of abuse. Pioneering new approaches to mental and emotional disorders, including PSD, PND, anxiety, depression and stress. Happy to share my knowledge and understanding of this subject in interviews, talks, seminars and tutorials. 

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