Acceptance by Joy Wisdom

Life can get in the way of acknowledging our authentic self.

We can talk about the wonders of spirituality, yet action on self remains limited and stoic.

Lulled into a false sense of security. Mind and emotion gets, in the way of living our authentic self.


In a recent webinar, on spiritual advancement, at Q&A afterwards a member said, I thought I was going OK until I heard what you explained…!


The mind can block us from seeing the bigger picture of spirituality. In essence we can be living the plaster approach… mind thinks that’s it … we are there, no need to do more.

‘I am OK’ ‘I like where I am’, a mindset of oblivion to the real meaning of spiritual acceptance. A lot more to receive and live, the quiet mind, grace and ease living an internal space without stress, suffering and depression. BLISS can be yours.


Our authentic spiritual self (once aligned/connected) is meant to reduce suffering.

Over time lost the understanding of the complexities involved. Essentially, it is the lack of acceptance of self that causes anxiety and separation, fragmentation in life! Don’t see or understand the importance of ONE-UNIT action and function that includes physical and energetic systems, 4-selves is a critical part, entwined, involved with spiritual advancement, many alignments are required physically to achieve enhanced spiritually. 


Fragmentation and separation causes pain and anxiety… the stress of lack of connection. The pain from the heart, living from a lower energetic perspectives gives us pain. Emotional and physical pain. In this situation we cannot accept fully. Fear keeps us on lower levels of energetics. With lower levels the disparity a leap too far, too great to reach the high frequencies waiting for us. Our body-mind-energy keeps us on the treadmill of striving instead of achievement.


Logically, paramount to engage physical and energetic correction for less fragmentation. Internal spiritual advancements need both, physical, energetic interface alignment to function as ONE UNIT. 4-selves to work as ONE UNIT, to open self for spiritual attainment. When achieved 4th HeART Chakra, 3-fold-flame comes on line, and it is the HeART that is the HeART of the matter. Taking us above the parapet of pain and stress, when living as ONE UNIT, without separation of self.  


The long ancient thinking has been to live from the mind instead of the heart. Ancient teachings from ritual and dogma has clouded the mind and left out the heart. Jesus spoke about living from the heart in his teachings. And if we had followed his wisdom of the heart, we would have a very different society and world today.


With no energetic heart action, fragmentation of self was the outcome and compared to our computer or phone became off line. The more off line, more diversion and disconnected to heart. Mind ruled and with the mind in control karma was created. Due to ignoring self.

The cycle and circle continues and further from our goal of unity and oneness. Ground-Hog-Day all over again. It is a simple equation, yet most are blind to the point of spirituality and easier living.  Mad in concept and result.


Did you realise we have 3 HEARTS, 3 Crown Chakras and 2 Third eyes? Knowing this gives us a realisation we have a way to go to realise our full potential.


Awakening comes in all sorts of packages and universe is giving us more realisations.

Since 21st September Equinox powerful energies have been cascading upon us. A longer period of high frequencies continues until 7th October. The powerhouse is focusing on aligning our 4-selves (Physical interfacing with energetic). Auric fields, Etheric, Emotional, Mental bodies interlinking with physical... the 4-selves unit has been battered and bruised through the ages, and auric malaise remains from trauma lived.


The impacts of mind and emotion hits all 4-bodies. Fine gossamer web of energies can support us to greater degrees. In clients and students I find great holes and gaps from emotional trauma and shock lived. In this situation, auric bodies lose action and function daily, tiredness, low energy is felt, fatigued and out of kilter. Factors undermining many physical disorders.


Our spiritual journey is unity of self. And the acceptance of self… UNITY and ONEness of all parts of self, internally and externally. Including 4-selves. Themes I have been teaching and mentoring students on since 2005.


The first step is to acknowledge our existence. Become aware of our internal HeART needs. Acceptance intertwines with acknowledgement of self, love yourself, honour and respect ourselves.

Learning we count. Pleaser traits, putting ourselves last is diversion on our spiritual journey to unity. Ignoring ourselves produces karma. Our HeART requires nurturing and tolerance for self, LOVE. 


When diverted and ignore constantly, we lose connection to our heart and 3-fold-flame. The flame dims to embers, as disconnection and disassociation takes place. Instead of the flames of aliveness and heat internally, giving us aliveness. Instead numbness and la, la, land of ungroundedness and fantasy from the mind. It can take lifetimes to put right the barriers accumulated and lived.

Majority of society is only partially living from 4th Heart Chakra… Off line, out of sync with the amazing attributes waiting for you.


I would spare you the time and effort. Accepting all of you can be a challenge to achieve.

I can help you to accept all of you. Faster track attainment is here!

Anyone and everyone can achieve. Step forward for an enhanced journey and ultimate spiritual makeover. Correcting, aligning all of you. Without much effort from you.


Transformational programmes to connect and live 3 HEARTS, 3 Crown Chakras and 2 Third eyes.

Achieving more than we realise, all singing Tri HeART centre a marvellous way to live with UNITY and Oneness… All can be achieved Sacred, Cosmic and Galactic heart function… a dormancy to awakening, learning expansive new ways of being and living. with personal skills for a better life and wellbeing. Be Wisdom Wise, enjoy personal growth inside you.


Joy has been teaching professional, personal growth, and spiritual advancement for two decades. Shares advanced knowledge and vast experience with personal/professional health packages, and makeover programmes of transformation. Do you D.A.R.E to step off the treadmill to enhanced horizons and improved MIND-BODY-SPIRT action and function.


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Joy Wisdom

Inspirational, mentor and teacher.

Leading Light pioneering new advancements for the Aquarian age.

Founder of new radical whole body therapy Dissolve and Resolve Emotions  (D.A.R.E) Therapy.

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