A Christmas message from Joy and Allonus

2020 will go down as a year to remember: 

For sure not quite the year that any of us planned:. Some have adapted and have fared well, while others some not so well, stuck in a rut and can’t seem to adapt.

I started the year with two major operations planned in January and March: A reconstruction of my femur correcting 3 years of misery.  I knew I would be out of action for at least six to seven months. Mobility was minimal, no driving or do much for myself. Recovery would follow for another year if all went well otherwise it could be longer! I feel I have been in an elective lock down for three-years since my accident. Adapted to isolation for best part of 2020. Hence when Covid pandemic struck it was normality for my husband and myself.  

However, I did achieve a lot even with the lack of mobility and long recovery. In May I started converting all training programmes to online training.  A great success and the year has been busy adapting the two arms of Allonus to Zoom meetings, mentoring, tutoring and training ; IT learning curves ensued. Digital advancement brought new opportunities, opened many doors to a broader stage, with a global platform.  supporting ‘Zest of Life’ programmes with extraordinary changes. 

My son with bigger picture vision, suggested I adapt to digital three years ago, however, due to many restrictions and lack of wellbeing, not the right time frame to get my head around IT and digital education protocols! 

A pleasure to watch, support and guide all students. Allonus Light Healing programme acelerates advancements to new heights constantly.  In 2020, we made Spiritual History with profound ‘Twin Flame’ interactions, healing on a global scale and global reach projects opened new pathways to humanity and supported advancements for Aquarian age processes. All students excelled with kick starting ‘Soul’ goals and completed agendas that previously limited and held them back for eons! Clearing Quantum fields of ancient/out of date objectives. Personal agendas accelerated, astonishing to receive for all who attended workshops. The abundance of Spiritual advancements and Light bulb moments we could only dream of …yet received.  Thank you for stepping forward for extraordinary mentoring I feel deeply blessed to be part of your Soul journey and advancement.

D.A.R.E continues to move mountains for clients, revolutionary outcomes for one-to-one clients; Pioneering skills for emotional and mental issues. Reducing suffering for all concerned. Practitioner training is continually advancing with accelerator days and new website learning options are in motion for download and home education.  Video and catch up refresher learning will be available in 2021 for practitioners at different stages of development. A support package to assist all students.  

While we have had the horrors of the pandemic globally, there have been many amazing advancements, with positive and profound outcomes. Giving us opportunities to adapt to new ways of living, health awareness has come to the fore and pushing to career changes. With travel restrictions new adaptions to work and putting family first. Parents have found new found pleasure with their children and each other. Time to talk, bond, relax more out of the rat race! Realisations of how precious life is. And highlighting how much we have neglected ourselves and loved ones… it has been a time of catch up and closeness, putting people first instead of materialism.  

Many new realisations of what is most important in lifeNot to sweat the small stuff which is insignificant anyway… in the bigger scheme of things!  Small against loved ones needs/ our own needs and precious living.  Communication has become very important in our lives and keeping in touch with friends, family even more so these days. 

Showing us that life is important, to be aware of everyone, everything and everywhere…. For we all affect one another, and if there is one thing Covid is teaching us, it is about each and every one of us.  What one individual does, will affect another especially in a pandemic. We all need to take stock and have awareness. Highlighting we need more tolerance; less selfish with a new compassion practiced.

ZEST of Life VIP training has a lot to offer in 2021: we are growing fast with our new perspectives on life advanced personal transformation and pioneering new methods for mental illness and physical disorders: Offers new education approaches to individual, Therapist and for life. Education is key to achieving new heights. 

Take stock, retrain in new skills for health and be a pioneer in revolutionary techniques to ease and stop suffering. Don’t carry the baton of suffering into 2021

Free tasters will be offered in 2021 to reduce stress and depression:  Receive discount on follow on full sessions: Contact for dates and availability : Book early to ensure you get a place:

  1. If you are interested in training to be a D.A.R.E specialist Body-Mind-Emotion practitioner: try it out with a free taster let’s talk about the abundance of D.A.R.E methods. Training protocols, block booking etc., 
  • Power of 3 :  Free taster of stage one ‘ONE LOVE- Diamond Inguz LiGht Healing’

Training protocols, block booking etc.,

 See website and You tube for more information. Download talks etc.,

This Christmas is going to be different and we are developing new traditions

Correcting times past and the bad habits of waste accumulated. We are being forced to streamline. Not be wasteful and bring balance back to society. Where there is enough for all.

Bigger picture vision is being applied.  Everyone, everywhere, everything.

We don’t have to spend so much money. We don’t need the materialism. Less purchases, mean less packaging saving the environment. 

Save the environment helps to save the planet. 

Give to Charities, help the homeless and those worse off

Save endangered  species 

Support children in poorer countries 

Stop slavery : Support girls from the atrocities of outdated cultural ways

Do something different and great this Christmas. 

Call a long last friend… your time is more effective than money with friendship, renew lost acquaintances and skype or zoom family.

We can have close contact another way…not the same as a hug. However it can be the second best thing in these times of change. 

Wishing the very best of times during the festive holidays: keep safe, be mindful, remember you matter and we want you to enjoy many more festive times ahead.

Looking forward to seeing more of you in 2021; on the other side of 2021, 2022,2023, to 2030’s…...etc. 

Joy Wisdom 


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