A Body Whisperer attunes to all levels of strains and the stifled cries of ‘HELP’!

It may be surprising to learn that people live flatlining levels of living, dire levels of dysfunction. Living on the edge, high levels of strain and underlying anxiety, depression are more common than we think. The physical body is an amazing piece of engineering and given the right conditions will help itself with internal change. 

A therapeutic interface occurs at many levels including cellular and CNS level through D.A.R.E techniques. Dr. John Upledger, (Cranio Sacral pioneer) considered himself a simplifier of information, using body listening skills to attune to his hands. Having trained in his methods, Joy takes this basic skill to new levels by enhancing 6th senses attributes to attune the student or practitioner to new levels of awareness to the client’s sensitive imbalances, system, organ, cellular, energetic dysfunction with various biochemical actions and reactions. Taking awareness and observations to new unseen heights.

Hidden factors unrecognised in major clinical modalities. D.A.R.E methods enable the practitioner to understand and translate body information effectively helping to kick start and engage deeply embedded system change required.  Many different corrections and realignments may be required from years of dysfunction and out of kilter living to bring the body back to equilibrium. The method of core issue finds, picking apart to the smallest of nuances is also used for the mind as well as body. Resulting in fast and effective response.

Hidden depths are present and unique to each individual unseen by camera or X Ray. However, with 6th sense, intuition and 3rd eye enhancements we use our natural abilities to identify what technology cannot.  Homeostasis and wellbeing is all about balance.

Balance occurs in the smallest of ways, at cellular, DNA and tissue level. Uniquely attributed to the individual from formation and conditioning in life. Physical, Psychological, Spirit and Emotions are all part of that package. All working as a unit. Everything is connected nothing is separate. Yet we treat separately… with no apparent understanding of the consequences to the rest of the systems…madness to me.  And we wonder why other problems/issues occur!

Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) is a clinical method that works with body, mind, spirit and emotions in a new revolutionary way. Tapping into the bodies own self corrective processes, a biochemical route, D.A.R.E and body systems working together as one for the effective client response to therapy.

The physical body is an amazing piece of engineering, designed to correct itself, given the right conditions it can do this.  Every physical body whispers its own story … we need to listen to help to correct, nothing is black and white. Every colour of the spectrum is involved in D.A.R.E therapy. Become a body whisperer attune, identify all levels of strains and stifled cries of ‘HELP’ held within body and mind… living on the edge, body/mind flatlining are found every day in D.A.R.E therapy.  

As dedicated professionals, with enhanced listening skills, following up with exploration through D.A.R.E training allows profound change for each individual. The new logical cutting-edge Therapy to recovery and wellbeing.

Joy Wisdom 

Award winning founder 


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