2023 easier life opportunities

2023 is a year full of opportunities and improvements for an easier life.

We are in the midst of a twenty-year cycle of change that started in 2012 and completes in 2032. A twenty-year cycle, all is progressing well. Although it may not feel like it, having been bumpy in places. Living transition is tricky in human life. There are those who do not want or like change and resisting change with fearmongering as we see around the world. Like a naughty child or teenager having a strop, drama ensues because they don’t want to do it! Don’t see the point… when there is a point and bigger viewing, more knowledge and experience of life knows better. We are going through the biggest accelerated and widest change known to man. And the weather reflects the enormity of the transition.  We, as individuals can make it easier. The more of us on the same page the better and smoother it will be. 

We will continue the fast moving changes seen since 2020. However, the upshift in pace will be more demanding and bigger picture viewing and grounding is going to be the key to keeping pace with ongoing advancement. Purity is the key to ride the waves of incoming Aquarian age frequencies.


The energies of January are fiery and will set the pace for the whole of 2023.

The planets Aquarius and Uranus on 20th January bring themes of human rights, freedom, collaboration, community, and radical change. Feelings are going to be intense. The real beginning of Aquarian dynamics being felt. Clashes may be felt as others around us are out of sync with change and perception. We become more aware of the mismatch lived. With people stuck in ancient ways.

Where more than ever grounding is key to handling these situations.

 Since 2008 we have been on a journey to overhauling old structures, establishing new ways of evolving, from governing, NHS, and big corporations to services. Pluto will increase the pressure to evolve at a faster pace, pushing society globally for another two years into 2024. We are at a fork in the road.  Is society going to forge ahead or divert sideways, prolonging the agony of inevitable change. We all have a part to play, this applies individually as well as culturally.

The collapse of old systems continues. Anything of low element, out of date systems, olde thinking, will go, providing faster outcomes in positive consciousness. That means each individual / lineage / culture holding on to ancient ways will be challenged. However, big, or small, ancient karma and karmic links will be highlighted (i.e.: Russia).  The transitional goal is a new paradigm of daily life with smoother humanitarian systems and bigger picture paradigms giving less stress in living.  We are learning that people matter, every life matters, because life is precious. Truth matters. Those who are deceitful, and lie will be shame, held accountable.Integrating compassion and bigger picture view in all things is involved in our new compassionate Aquarian paradigms.

The new frequencies of 2021/2022 reached a pivotal moment in December that is why it is more encompassing. As new paradigms of living come online while old fades further. A transitional and transformational time felt. Unique to each of us depending upon the wiring and internal alignment held. It will feel up and down one moment moving forward on an escalator the next all slowed down. Each experiencing different stop start. Depending upon how ready we are to embrace and integrate, running with acceleration. To some extent it is a parting of the ways as those who determinately hang on to ancient out of sync ways, will fall away. Realities based on fear and separation are not compatible to new energy frequencies and this will cause discontent to those who live this way.

December Solstice energies were very powerful, brought the biggest shift yet in the scheme of aquarian interfacing.  December acceleration energies were anchored within Gaia, and as earth radiates, we are receiving a double whammy. From above, below and centre. With the addition of full moon/s enhancing the solstice frequencies to greater performances at every turn.

The ripple effect is being felt by all of us.  Over the Christmas period with sickness and disease around. Reports of feeling tired and exhausted. Sleeping more. Unable to stay awake in the evening etc. Enlightened elders would say that feeling unwell and sickness is the purging of old.  The tiredness due to the body integrating the new frequencies.  Time is required to receive the re-set. And something I forewarned to my students to incorporate in December.

For decades we have received opportunities to re-set and realign to the internal dormant state. Unfortunately, individual internal state and energies have held us back, unaware of the global prizes given. The seeds of enlightenment blown away from fallow ground.

The new frequencies are compared to the hosting of your mobile phone. Old phone technology is not compatible. The two don’t interface. Therefore, response is sparodic or zero use.

We are each on a process of re-programming and re-setting on an energetic level to the new Aquarian frequencies being received. Receiving to all of us, by interfacing into physical. Switching on dormant states, programmes of upshifts. Looking for compatible alignment in physical to receive in our reality. If physical interface is absent, we live a mismatch of functions and systems unable to interface with the frequencies. Out of sync with frequencies.

The more we align and correct internal states and wiring to interface we are given greater clarity and guidance in our soul’s agenda. Consciousness upgrades are received.

Energetically we can receive, yet the physical body must interface with all of us.  If there are dysfunctions in the aura, chakras and physical then contraindicators can follow.  A natural conclusion. Realisations that the frequencies need to integrate physically is maybe a new concept for some. However it is primary change through the physical that is key to enhancement and/or decline.  Physicality takes time to integrate, slower than energetics to make changes, a unique process to each one of us.  Where weakness on all levels can and will be prevalent.  Historical and ancestral influences continue to be highlighted, being primary reasons, holding us back.

However, there are ways to correct the misalignment, speed up the process with a more relaxed integration. 1-2-1 D.A.R.E Therapy the unimaginable accelerated wand of change. 

Understanding how we tick is paramount to advancing. We are one unit and everything about us feels the domino effect of change. Grounding and removing karma remain key for new frequency transitions and Joy Wisdom ‘ZEST of Life’ training offers a range of solution and support packages to help personal advancement without contraindicators.

In 2023 we are on the cusp of a new reality, something many LiGHtworkers, Crystal’s, Indigo’s, and Comic’s, have been waiting patiently for this time. Grab with both hands and accelerate your life, enjoy the mind-blowing programmes and paradigms that await you.  Ensure you have the interface equipment to take you there, all held internally awaiting switch on. Focus, move into the driving seat, honouring and respecting self, determination, morality, and mindful discernment. Grace and ease are the buzz words of 2023.

Save yourself, Save your Soul, and your agenda together.

Personal online training advances with ‘ZEST of Life’, Soul & Soul Psychology, Induction and Allonus LIGHT Healing ‘Power of 3’ accelerating programmes.


Joy Wisdom


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