2022 Divine Feminine codes

2022 the year of the Divine Feminine – Mary Magdalene, Athena expanding the womb of Gaia.

Another year of transition where high goals were achieved by Universe and Soul Groups. Through the turbulence of 2022, there were many positive moments. Perhaps unseen by masses as society/globally we felt held to ransom by Russia’s war with Ukraine. Instigating food and fuel restrictions. Globally restricting everyone’s pockets. Economically, society struggled after two years of pandemic as economic strife hit harder globally, highlighting outdated thinking and olde structures needing upgrading!  Needing an upgrade on all fronts. Previous generations learnt from enduring pandemics; the ongoing ripples continue beyond peoples’ expectations. It was time to ditch old and instigate new thinking.

The pandemic has and continues to highlight the flaws in all of us, medically, mentally, as a society and governmentally. We have become a mismatch of generations of poor choice outcomes. Live by outdated laws and poor management of time and money. The throw away days of waste and neglect must stop. Pandemic has shown us LIFE is PRECIOUS and we must preserve life, including avoidance and prevention. Stop firefighting, sweating the small stuff and switch on to a better life with self-responsibility.  It is ALL ON US from now on.


Helping in these turbulent times

New Divine Feminine codes cascaded on earth 26th April 2022 and continued to make change throughout the year. A ripple effect compared to an atom bomb within Gaia took place as codes were delivered and expansion took place. Sacred HeART activation was targeted by the Divine Feminine, new Solar Chakra codes actioned in every heart awakening. Received in one heart and one mind the switch on to different frequencies. Activating consciousness and sub consciousness, initiating dormant brain pathways of living.

As ever it all depended upon the awakening of society as to how long it would take to accumulate and arrange key critical mass occurrences.

Gaia started to shake off the ancient chains of man. Time spirals of time changed for equality of gender, tolerance, hearing and seeing truth of life, the outcomes of reality. Shocking tactics some would say. The veils of life were being removed as illuminated truth integrated into humanity removing the blindfolds accumulated from fear, neglect and numbness of previous generations passed down through the ranks.  The cleansing frequencies of the Divine Feminine washed away the dross of ages and penetrated to hearts and minds, as we became aware of everyone, everywhere, everything our spacial awareness expanded to bigger picture living… AWARENESS was entering into our world.

The blindfolds were coming off. Ear defenders removed, awakening to reality and our place presence in the world. Each one of us makes a difference, the question is what is ours? good or not so good? The drama playing out shows one man can make a difference. Tolerance or intolerance, craving old control or equality. What is your choice in our new world? Because we do need to stand up and be counted in the positive new Aquarian age.

Stage one 17th June, the initial ignition went out to every aspect of humanity, environment, and sky. Baby pink and blue clouds of high energy penetrated Gaia like lava, filtered up and out into Gaia chakra points, portals and vortexes.  Serpent ley lines fed sacred geometry lines of Gia as it was re-scribed. Awakening dormant areas of sacred geometry supporting our planet.

Stage 2 19th June shooting stars were seen as floating streams of lilac, pink, purple streamed into Gaia. Serpent rivers spread the codes around the planet awakening initiating sacred geometry programmes for purity and advancement in consciousness.

Angelic trumpets sounded around the universe, as sacred geometry weaves applied with sacred agenda applications. Source LOVE flooded the planet, penetrating, everywhere, everyone, everything, at the very core of human and animal, environmental, seas and oceans, as Gaia womb opened deeper wider to Athena bliss and LOVE.

As Soul Groups instigated their new first stage agenda for Gaia.  A multidimensional ripple and tidal wave of change, closing doors on poverty, suffering, abuse consciousness/subconsciousness, inequality and negative thinking.  It felt as though all was being blown out of the water!

Gaia supporting programmes of ley lines, chakras, sacred geometry was being updated to the Soul agenda of operation… long awaited and exhilarating to be happening. What transitional times we live. honoured to be involved and here to receive. Those who were with me were given very special gifts and upgrades. They could not stop smiling, laughing, the experience was immense, the self-empowerment was enormous, words could not convey the magical new beginnings encountered.  So, so sacred and humbling for all.

Through digital tracing from satellites science now understands that sacred places are aligned around the globe. Peru, Egypt, Stone Henge etc. aligned in a straight line, in other words they join up, connected invisibly why sacred sites are important, not so much what is built upon the site, it is what lies beneath which is important.  It is the same internally, it is not what you can see, what is more important is what frequencies we live in or by. What we are rippling out to the world…. good or not so good.

Environmentally and human, the main key is the same. Frequencies and energies produced, a wise choice or a negative choice. What was profound about the new codes to humanity from the Divine Feminine was the purity that was given. The delicate balance given to dilute the old fearful ways of living to embrace fullness of the heart and peace. Peace of mind, peace of heart. For we can live this 24/7 when we embody the right frequencies – All ON US – for when we live the higher frequencies, we go above the parapet of sweating the small stuff. We embrace and align to the inner world of us which holds millions of lottery wins, without having to lift a finger. It is presented and lived with the right alignment.

Ours for the receiving. Living everything, everyone, everywhere the explosion of spacal awareness…. What a difference it would make if we did embrace…. Divine Feminine have provided. Up to us to get with the programme and open to receive. Moving away from the agony ages of shut down.

More would unfold as different stages of divine agendas were actioned throughout 2022, August Lions gate, October, November, December with the crescendo 21.12.2022!


Power of 3 are empowering and aligning programmes to the adventures of the divine agenda…A Day without is a grey day!


Joy Wisdom 


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