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Take any course route

Select one of the courses on this page to read more about it and see when the course is being taught.

Secrets of Life

Start with a grounding before optionally advancing into Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E.) Foundational courses.

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D.A.R.E. Foundation 1&2

Learn about the influences of reincarnation and health plus protection, removing objects and veils we have encountered and collected previously. Learn 33 techniques.

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D.A.R.E. Foundation 3&4

Learn about trauma and emotional impacts on an energetic and cellular level. Discover techniques for negotiation and removal of attachments that alter people's behaviour, health and psychology.

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D.A.R.E. Specialist

Specialise in one or more specific topics you want to practice in, from Atlas regeneration to women's health and more.

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Diamond Inguz

Clear negativity from within yourself and learn to shine as your body realigns mentally, spiritually and physically.

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Open and receive the gifts of the Solar Chakras from the 15th going up to the 20th level (Opalescence™).

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The Omni Heart works with Galactic Consciousness. A high vibrational resonance. Step towards thriving instead of surviving.

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Atlantean New Kids

Atlantean New Kids is still a new concept to many. This course helps to complete the rebirthing process, allowing the individual to attain their souls goal of Ascension.

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Lotus Path

Zero Point is about understanding the percentage of negativity, improper or dark behaviour patterns and emotional influences we hold. Learn new ways of living and being, with ease and grace.

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Earth Work and Angel Day

Earth Work training to understand the earth and receive skills to be more practical in your daily interactions and helping to clear the planet. Angel Day training provides celestial connections to awaken the Three Fold Flame; this will awaken deeply buried memories of Human/Angelic agendas.

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Global Reach

Global Reach events may be run once or twice a year in locations around the world. Training in DILH and Opalescence is required.

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  • Light Healing


    LiGHt Healing is a new support programme and healing modality that helps to protect, reduce negative emotion and provide new skills for the Aquarian Age. It is the new high vibrational healing tool for the Aquarian age.

    The programme focuses on intensive and interactive healing training from Quan Yin & Hilarion where Diamond lnguz Light healing techniques are learnt and practiced.

    Training starts with Diamond lnguz Light healing providing a two-part healing technique for the New Kids generation (Indigos, Crystals and LiGHtworkers), sensitive people who embody high vibrational gossamer energy on the planet. Subtle and powerful tools are learnt to help rebalance spiritual, physical, mental and emotional issues and disorders. The programme includes new skills on protection, grounding and how to use new system approaches to healing, including Selenite techniques.

    Learn about and enjoy the Golden light bodywork techniques - with reconnection and healing tools for all ages and disorders.

    Further training is available in the Opalescence, Omni and Atlantean New Kids courses, for those students that complete the Diamond Inguz level.

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  • Diamond Inguz

    Level 1

    Diamond Inguz focuses on bringing Diamond LiGHt from the Cosmic Heart to earth through the activation in 2009 of Ascension portals, activating Crystal Grids and seeds of consciousness that carry Cosmic Christ Consciousness.  This creates energies of Harmony, Unity and Oneness with energies of Joy, Peace and Unconditional Love,  and manifests support for the New Aquarian Earth age and creation of the Cosmic Bridge or Star Fields of LiGHt.

    It carries the energy of the Bodhisattva or ‘Yin’ energy, transcending into pure compassion and unconditional love. The ‘Yin’ energy has been carried by deities through the ages such as Mother Mary and Quan Yin.

    The Diamond LiGHT Flame connects individuals to the fantastic energies of Diamond Inguz LiGHt Energy (DILH). This clears negativity from within. In workshops, we empty the student's emotional baggage held within, allowing space to receive new positive emotions and feelings of Joy and Peace, residing within at a deeper level than before. A sense of wellbeing and feelings of being Alive follows, as the Heart is aligned to new rhythms from the DILH connections.

    On a physical level individuals start to shine as they integrate the new energies on all levels, where biochemical changes do take place as the nervous and endocrine system are realigned and activated to new levels of working with the LiGHt quotient held within.

    Personal Benefits

    Benefits as a Healer

    1. Living from a Heart and Solar level brings new visions and perceptions of life above the human parapet of suffering. Dilutes anxiety and negative living.
    2. Whole system approach to assist daily life.
    3. Emotional protection around Solar and Sacral plexus helps to ward off negativity and dilute the seas saw emotional living and chaos.
    4. Stability in daily living: Positive making choices: Live the desires of the HeARt. A real asset in meetings and interactions in daily life.
    1. Whole new tool box of skills and techniques that bring new additions to the Healer and/or practitioner practice and increased client base.
    2. Helps to protect the Therapist or Healer from absorbing clients, family and/or others environmental negativity.
    3. Gives energy to Healer and/or practitioner instead of old modalities that take away. Helps to keep practitioner or healer safe in all they do what ever modality used ( i.e. Healing, Reflexology or Massage)
    4. Selenite practice skills bring new tools for Reflexology, Acupuncture Meridian practices.

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  • Opalescence

    Level 2

    Three months after DILH training and use of this spectacular energy, students are qualified to attend the second level of the programme - Opalescence™. Opalescence™ connects students to the 5th & 6th Dimensions. Personal development continues, as the changes brought about with Diamond Inguz focus on The Opalescence™ flame, under the guardianship of The Divine Feminine and Goddess or Master Chohan, Quan Yin.

    In this course individuals will open and receive the gifts of the Solar Chakras from the 15th to the 20th levels (Opalescence™).  The gifts, wisdom, knowledge and abundance is integrated at a physical level. Allowing the individual to receive and awaken dormant levels not used previously. Spectacular and profound Twin Flame alignment is also included. We are a treasure trove of unused skills, knowledge and wisdom, with Opalescence™ we open each student to their amazing qualities and unconditional love held within. 

    Opalescencere™ LiGht Healing™ calibrates and rebalances the body to attain the original blueprint we held when the soul was formed, the healing energy works on a cellular level.

    Personal Benefits

    Benefits as a Healer

    1. Opening the Cosmic HeARt and living from a Tri Heart Chakra Centre.
    2. Receiving and embodying the abundance from Solar Chakra Living from 15th-20th Chakras. Life changing on all fronts.
    3. Opens our perspective to higher levels of consciousness
    4. Spiritual journey advancement and fast track changes.
    1. Enhanced energy to heal others
    2. New Tool box and Techniques for individual and Gaia clearing
    3. Psychic Surgery techniques to find blockages and limiters in clients and self.
    4. Living from a higher level of compassion and consciousness to help clients in a profound way.

    This course can be commenced 3 months after Diamond Inguz to allow time to better integrate the learnings.

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  • Omni Heart

    Level 3

    Launched in Autumn 2016, Omniverse Energies and Omni Heart Connection continues the development of humanity to greater degrees, as we move into the Aquarian Age.  Joy is honoured to bring in the ultimate connection for the Energetic Heart.   Due to consciousness changes it is now possible to receive the Omniverse energies and Omni Heart opening.

    The Omni Heart works with Galactic Consciousness. A high vibrational resonance. The new App for the Heart and Aquarian Age living.  A million, trillion miles away from the 4th heart chakra and 3D Consciousness. The 4th Heart Chakra linked to Piscean age living – duality and 3D living, a base line to lower levels of being and suffering consciousness.  

    The comparison? There is none… this is brand new, as Earth has not been ready for Galactic Consciousness previously. The qualification level is Opalescence LiGht Healing training.

    Personal Benefits

    Benefits as a Healer

    1. OMNI is all about personal benefits - Living from Galactic Consciousness, will be profound and unimaginable. Expansion shifts that will jettison into Aquarian Age living.
    2. OMNI Heart connection will bring enhanced presence and spiritual development to new heights.
    3. Whole internal and energetic remodeling integrated into physical living.
    4. Be pioneering for Aquarian Age and anchoring GC on Gaia.
    1. Routing Galactic Consciousness will bring many profound moments to those who you are around and will give Healing to.
    2. Techniques are the same as Opalescence and DILH but will be driven from GC level of energy.
    3. Enhanced Auric energy and chakra development beyond dreams.
    4. Healing will take on a whole new approach when GC driven.

    Step towards thriving instead of surviving. It is time to move into the Omniverse energies, the start of the exciting levels of Aquarian Age.

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  • Atlantean New Kids

    Level 4

    Channelled the concept in 2007 via Hilarion, launched in 2012 when consciousness shifts were ready to start this amazing new approach to finding ONEness. Atlantean New Kids (ANK) is still a new concept to many. A great gift to humanity and the 'new kids' on the planet who hold higher vibrations. It is the last process of the nine month rebirthing process. Which started with Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing, Opalescence LiGHt Healing connection and Omni Heart.

    What we offer with Atlantean New Kids teaching is a whole new Auric Template to live and awaken Atlantean gifts that have been held dormant. This course helps to complete the rebirthing process, allowing the individual to attain their soul's goal of the path of Ascension.

    The nine month process within and allows changes on all levels, stepping stones were required to help the student to hold and integrate the energy on a physical level.

    Personal Benefits

    Benefits as a Healer

    1. Removal of the Shock and trauma from Atlantean living and past life limitation.
    2. Through Template opening up and tapping into dormant areas of skills lost through time.
    3. Heart expansion and retaining levels of living lost and brought into focus once more.
    4. The Love and gifts we once knew are returned reconnecting to our Atlantean selves. Atlantean group bonding.
    1. Living ANK skills brings higher Consciousness response to those who you are around and will give Healing to.
    2. Techniques are the same as Opalescence and DILH but will be driven from ANK level of energy, which is super faster at transmuting and clearing.
    3. Enhanced Auric energy and chakra development beyond dreams with New Template driven and 21st Chakra living.
    4. Healing will take on a whole new approach with ANK enhancement.

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  • Lotus Path - Zero Point

    Level 5

    Spiritually, Zero Point has been a goal of the Soul and the ultimate Ascension process - the agenda for eons. Zero Point it is a level of understanding the percentage of negativity, improper or dark behaviour patterns and emotional influences we hold. Often described as our shadow side.

    The Allonus ‘ZEST of Life’® and ‘Light Healing’ programme has an Alpha to Omega structure for individuals to release their buried and hidden areas of shadow. The time has come for an easy way to jettison the past. Learn new ways of living and being, with ease and grace. ZERO point is achievable with this programme with additional measures for Ascension attainment, realisation through Lotus Path guidance and the Souls long awaited goal.

    Long awaited consciousness has dictated we now have the opportunity that is presented. For those who are ready and hold the higher consciousness to move and achieve the Souls goal.

    Personal Benefits

    Benefits as a Healer

    1. ZERO point and Lotus Path is all about personal development. Insurmountable in both perspective and physical integration for each individual. The living Soul perspective and agenda.
    2. Getting to Zero is the PURITY we once lived. Due to negativity through the ages we have become a Shell of Soul. This programme allows chipping away and dilute the cargo carried and inherited limitation received.
    3. Getting back to once we knew in Atlantis when we embodied the soul. Now we can achieve that once more.
    4. Living life from a profound and awesome living perspective that knows no bounds. Can generate change and guidance at the same time.
    1. Personal benefits will enhance all Practitioners and Healers applications or any modality involved with.
    2. Energy enhancements are insurmountable and unable to quantify as different to each individual.
    3. New perspectives and 6th Sense living shows the reality instead of the veiling from life. Allows the individual to identify the flaws and lack in others. Living from the complete Heart centre, compassion and Galactic Consciousness heights.
    4. Allows Healer and/or practitioner to use LiGHt Healing skills to new heights with enormous advantages for client.

    The time frame is dependent upon the amount of shadow carried and amassed. Different for each individual that will dictate the time span.  For some it will be achievable over 12 months - a year of your time to achieve – for others it will take a little longer.

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