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Lotus Path

Lotus Path


Spiritually, Zero Point has been a goal of the Soul and the ultimate Ascension process the agenda for eons. Through the ages we have had many attempts to reach zero point, a purity internal state. In the middle ages we had the alchemists turning Lead (negativity) into Gold (positivity) trying to find the elixir of change from materials, spells and various experiments. Only to find it was a metaphor for the internal state.

When we speak of Zero Point it is a level of understanding the percentage of negativity, improper or dark behaviour patterns and emotional influences we hold.   Often described as our shadow side.

The Allonus ‘ZEST of Life’® and ‘Light Healing’ programme has an Alpha to Omega structure for individuals to release their buried and hidden areas of shadow. The time has come for an easy way to jettison the past.  Learn new ways of living and being, with ease and grace.   ZERO point is achievable with this programme with additional measures for Ascension attainment, realisation through Lotus Path guidance and the Souls long awaited goal.  Never before have we had the opportunity that is presented to us now.  For those who are ready and hold the consciousness to move and achieve the Souls goal.

A programme of progression, learning, integration, awakening and connecting internal states that have been dormant and unrecognised. The opportunity of blending clinical release, with training.   From scratch it will take time to integrate physically, the internal changes required to assist deeper understanding, advances beyond measure or dreamt of achieving.

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Lotus Path - 2019, Dates and Venue TBC

Lotus Path - 2019, Dates and Venue TBC

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