Empty the sludge

Empty the vessel … Is Detox enough ?   by Joy Wisdom 

The vessel we live with is our physical body. Made up of many parts and parameters. Often unknown and automatic, working with us 24/7

The world turns and evolution is in transition, pushing us forward for a better way of living and enhanced development. This is not new we have been on this path since the mid 1990s it is just things are accelerating and there is an urgency in the air.

I am so excited to receive this trophy. A great surprise to be chosen at the end of 2018. To be recognised for excellence in training is heartfelt and recognises the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to deliver excellence is appreciated by those who train with Allonus.

Cosmic push 2019

In the last two months we have experienced upshifted energetics in consciousness and advances in spiritual development. We moved into toddler mode for Aquarian Age development over December and early January 2019.

Soul Psychology comes from Esoteric psychology a blend of understanding and clearing on all aspects that helps to get us to the goal of ascension. This means on a physical, psychological and emotional level that brings us to self-realisation. Bringing balance and harmony back into life and spirit.