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  • DARE Intermediate - New D.A.R.E Mental Health module, 5-9 August, Dolywern (N. Wales)

DARE - New D.A.R.E Mental Health module 

Dates: 5th - 9th August 2019

Duration: 5 Days

Overview: Intermediate level workshop

Mental health is a big subject and numbers of those suffering from various levels of psychological disorders are at unprecedented levels. Headlines in October 2016, Guardian News, stateda ‘Quarter of a million children receiving mental health care in England’ and the numbers are growing. From a D.A.R.E specialist therapy perspective many reasons are to blame. Mental health is a big subject and D.A.R.E is championing new approaches and skills to highlight, eradicate and remove many of the core influences and detrimental living outcomes; essentially present day response (from a D.A.R.E point of view is ignoring individual unique situations and individual needs. Approaches to mental health are lacking and under supportive: D.A.R.E is nurturing and helps the individual to find answers to their issues. Not Hypnotherapy or regression. Where we look at the bigger picture for promotion of improved psychological and emotional health and wellbeing. Essentially lack of cognitive function is detrimental to life on many levels, including physical outcomes. Emotionally overwhelmed and unable to function.

This module will investigate with facts and solutions to various influences:

  1. Womb creations and Frontal cortex malfunctions including ADHD
  2. Early years conditioning i.e. Mother baby relationship
  3. NEGLECT is part of the problem in mental health
  4. Past life defaults and reincarnation over veiling causing cognitive dysfunction
  5. IGTA and brain pathway transference

80% of brain cells that a person will ever have are manufactured during the first two years after birth. If the process of building brain cells and connections between them goes wrong, the deficits can be permanent.

An intensive 5-days where we will add to specialist skills and enhanced compassionate understanding to clients and their unique individual needs.

With fast outcomes, allowing improved health, happiness and future destiny.


Venue: Oliver Jones Memorial Hall, 7BA, Dolywern, Glyn Ceiriog, N.Wales


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DARE Intermediate - New D.A.R.E Mental Health module, 5-9 August, Dolywern (N. Wales)

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